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  1. Two (2) duck butts (resemble a feeding duck), 12 Flambeau Mallard decoys with line and weights (5 drakes 6 hens, 1 painted black for extra visibility). Only used 2 -3 times, as my hunting buddies always had more decoys than I did! Like new Red Head (Bass Pro Shops) mesh decoy bag is also included. Located near Hemlock Lake.


    $ 75.00 on Craigs List - $ 50.00 for any LOU member - not shippable, but I can possibly meet you somewhere.


    Thanks for looking!  PM me if interested.





  2. Seems they have shut down the beach @ Sandy Bottom for my kids' swimming lessons due to the Blue-Green Algae again.  The management of this lake is sad.


    My bad - I was given partially correct information.  There IS an algae problem that caused the swimming beach to close, and the DOH is checking for the Blue-Green.

  3. Nice smallie!  I used to float a small river like you describe in my float tube many lifetimes ago.  Spent half the time walking, rather than bumping my butt on the rocks.  Loved catching them like that.

  4. I understand the walleye aren't easy.  Today, la familia obligations actually made my decisions for me - drove to S. end of Hemlock (10 minute drive) and tried for pickerel, bass and perch.  Pretty sad, but there wasn't much of anything happening there today.  Two (2) small fish, and a dozen teeny-tiny ones.  Oh well - there is next weekend, right???  :doh:

  5. The Tiger Muskie are easier to catch in conesus than the walleye are.

    Fished for and caught big pike and muskellunge before, didn't figure they were that different from Tigers.   Walleye, however....... I know it will be a lot of luck - but that is okay!

  6. Thanks, guys. I missed the first portion of the season due to boat issues and other reasons.  I will try to get out and catch a pike or two, and then switch over to an 'eye attempt for awhile.  I understand how hard they can get, they are on my bucket list for 2014, along with Tiger Muskie - so if it can happen this weekend, Conesus is my best shot at either/both.


    Appreciate the advice, it may just be awhile before it happens. Been fishing over 40 years now, I guess I should have learned patience by now :P  

  7. Thinking of trying to catch some Walleye tomorrow evening, either Conesus or Honeyoe.  Never caught one before, was wondering if you "eye-getters" could point me in the right direction.  Was planning on launching about 6:30 - 7:00 pm; will bring my inline planer rods, slip bobbers/shiners, crawlers and jigs, stick baits, and even downriggers if you think I should try them.  


    Would prefer to head over to fish with Justin, but the 2 hour drive is rough right now with all the work needed @ the Fireplug compound.


    Any help would be appreciated.  

  8. Finally (!!!) got the boat in the water this year.  Did some motor clean up the past couple weeks, thought that it was finally ready, but still took my oars  :P


    Put it in on Canadice (6 minute drive from the house) around 5 pm.  Motor started up quickly and ran like a scalded dog.  Ran up North, caught a super-dink perch and large Rock Bass, both released.  Headed South, fishing along the way. A couple hits, no fish.  Marked some of the drop-offs on the GPS while the fish finder was still working (may need to be replaced - I know the battery is shot) so I can find them easily when the lake is frozen. Didn't mark  lot of fish, but cannot guarantee they weren't there.  Saw a few trollers, and quite a few (I assume) bass fishermen casting to the weeds along the shoreline edges.


    See you all out there!!

  9. Took a few hours from 8 am - 12 noon on Sunday from the South end.  Beautiful day, fishing was a little slow at first.  Then, I hooked into a couple nice Bullhead, a 13 1/2" crappie (couldn't find his friends), and a half dozen nice-sized bluegills.  Also caught a gigantic sucker that looked like a Rainbow trout at first, as the water was pretty cloudy. Always nice to enjoy the beauty on the lake, catching fish is a bonus!post-140539-0-63043700-1402940860_thumb.jpg

  10. Im gonna pray we move a rod! On the water now solo....bet i move a rod tonight!

    Sent from my N9500 using Lake Ontario United mobile app


    Good luck!  Hope I can get together with you sometime soon!!

  11. I was planning on fishing Conesus on Friday evening for tiges and then into the night for Eyes. Would appreciate any reports or tips. Also I was wondering about lake level, debris, and if there is still a 5mph speed limit on the lake.

    Conesus does not have a 5 mph limit from all that run-off. Canandaigua, Honeyoe, Keuka - they had the problems close to us here.

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