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  1. Took a drive down to the north launch this evening with the kiddos.  On one hand, I think your boat should float off the trailer. On the other hand, you may need a tow to get your car and trailer back on the roadway.... :P


  2. Fished Honeoye last evening from 6 to 11 pm. Having my guest from Brooklyn here, we set up for a drift from the boat launch, trying to coax a Walleye to bite. Fished between 14 and 22 ft., caught 2 small LMB, over a dozen humongous bluegills, and my personal best perch. Worms and minnows on drop shot rigs from 12 - 18" off the bottom. All the way to Log Cabin Point, no walleye. Still a good night, and Chris had a blast.

  3. Ever tried any of those battery-powered motion sensor lights for inside a tackle box?  Got a couple of Mr. Beams' lights, they are REALLY bright, didn't know if anyone had experience with them for low light fishing.

  4. Like new, in the box Standard Horizon HX750S portable marine radio. Was a birthday gift when I had a bigger boat, never got out on Lake O with it. Now, I live near Hemlock and Canadice Lakes, don't really need it. Charged it, played with it around house, never even got to see if it was truly waterproof.

    Has home charger, and cigarette lighter adaptor.

    $ 65.00 includes shipping to lower 48 states.

    PM me or e-mail.

    Thanks for looking!


  5. Sorry I missed the trip. On Sunday, we ended up on Hemlock with a full boat (including 2 little ones), bouncing on the waves and catching a bunch of small bluegills. It was a successful "get the little ones out" trip. Give me a shout next time you are heading out on a weekend, maybe I can help with the button problem. :rofl:

  6. Boat sold 08/02/12 - Thanks

    Otter Stealth 1200 Duck Boat. I installed the oar locks, and it also includes trolling motor mount. This boat will float two hunters and their gear, all while floating in less than 12†of water. It has a front and rear (covered) compartments to store extra gear. Gun holder is molded into the side, as well as two cup holders. A safety strap has been added inside to attach to your shotgun sling, should it go into the lake. Includes 2 wooden oars and locks, and two 2) added “D†rings are in the front inside portion for use as tie down straps. I will even throw in the duck foot push pole that I have used in very shallow water. It was painted with green and brown spray paint, kinda flaking off after 12 years of use.

    Great boat for catching the ducks running up the rivers!!

    Specifications are from Otter:

    Twin-hull catamaran style bottom

    100 % Polyethylene construction (UV Resistant)

    Overall: 12'L x 44" W x 17" D

    Cockpit: 8 ' L x 27" W x 13" D

    Weight: 100 Lbs.

    Weight Cap: 550 Lbs.

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