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  1. Dropped kids at inlaws, got out around 1:30 pm. Put in @ North launch ( very close to home ). Went dowmn on West side, worming away anywhere from 1 to 3 ft. off bottom in 15 - 25 fow. Hooked a bunch of little gills, kept moving. Put a Gulp Alive minnow on the 2 ft. up hook, nailed a 3 lb., 5 oz. Smallie. Biggest on the new boat so far. A bit further South, birthday girl hooks a 2 lb., 11 oz. Largemouth. Only had a 2 hour window for the trip, so called it quits and headed home. All that mattered is wife had a good time ( and I caught the bigger fish! Ha ha ha - glad she doesnt read LOU!!!)



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  2. Had sonar, very few marks showing all day. Fishing was very slow that day. :(

    Hitting Hemlock again tomorrow with the wife, she actually wants to go fishing for her birthday! :party: (Probably because her mother is going to watch the little ones for us, and she will actually be able to keep a rod in the water for more than 15 seconds without a child trying to go into the lake!)

  3. In 20 +/- FOW, dropped a large yellow Foxee jig tipped with a little crawler, down within 1 foot of the bottom. Bounce, bounce, WHAM! Measured probably around 13" +/-. Unfortunately, not much to tell, and as I said, he was alone.

  4. Very late start @900 am, but got out by myself to finally give the new ride a try. Trolled from N. launch to a couple miles down with riggers @ 45 & 55 ft. over 70 ft. Nada. Really a shakedown cruise to see what needs changed or modified on boat, no big deal. Fid get personal brst perch on West side in 25 fow, but he was alone....... Cant wait to get rest of boat rigged up so I can hit it hard this summer.

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  5. Nice! I have had some success casting from that dock, before I met FLXTroutman and started catching lakers from his boat. :D

    Also, I found that a slip bobber with a big shiner down about 15' or so, on a fluorocarbon leader of 2 - 3 feet length works pretty good in mid-March. Caught some nice, eater-sized Browns there .

  6. Mike,

    Thanks again for the great trip! My personal best 'bow, actually the first legal Rainbow ever in New York!! Next year, I hope to have the ability to get out on my new lake (Hemlock) other than in the Otter Stealth duck boat, and trips will be on me over here!!

    tcon: Nice meeting you and Dustin. Great to see a kid who likes to fish (and sleep :o ) I hope to keep Maxon intetested in the outdoors like that! Give me a shout sometime, now that we know we are almost neighbors, let's go fish!!!

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