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  1. Hey Mike.

    I had the same results at the north end last week :( . It can only get better from here. If your looking for a couple of extra lines, and some gas money, give me a shout some time. Or I can teach you how to run the Seth Green rig in my boat.

    Take care.

    LTtroller (Bob)


    Same goes here. If you want company, or extra rods/gas $$, shoot me a note. Weekends are wide open until I close on my new house.

  2. Launched late, around 11:15 am from Cayuga SP and headed about 5 miles South. Fished near the bottom with crawlers and minnows for Perch and Panfish. Pulled up around 1:00 due to storm coming in.

    Ended up catching probably close to 40 pannies (Bluegill and Pumpkinseed); keeping 13 frying pan sized ones. Christopher, our Fresh Air Fund visitor from Brooklyn, caught and landed this nice chunky Largemouth. Had a great time, may have to come back to this location again and try for some Pike and/or Pickerel.


  3. Took my little fishing buddy and wife out for a quick trip last night. Launched out of Woodville and motored up to south of Vine Valley. 25 - 35 FOW using worms just off the bottom. Caught a bunch of pannies, kept 4 of the biggest as well as 4 nice, large Perch. Nice to get back on the lake again.

    Maxon made sure we were legal by reading the regulations to us!


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