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  1. I would can the division thing and do $100 and $250 brackets. As you collect $, you'll need to keep track the order the entries came in. Example: if 13 teams get into the $250 brackets, you'll need to refund the last 5 teams that got in because you dont have enough for 2 brackets, just 1i don

    I don't think he would have too refund 5 anglers in your sinariro, why not just pair up 4 of them and give the last draw a bye round. if there is a odd number of players.

  2. I'm not going to get into this conversation about the open division directly, as i have never entered it. When I first decided to fish pro-am's i definitely was out classed and that was in the AM division. Then I decided to get my captains license, not to charter, just to have a better understanding of my boat and proper navigation, so I became a weekend warrior/amateur with a Captains license.   So if I wanted to fish Pro-Am's it would be in the Pro Div.  So on to the pro side i went. And what will happen, as happened to me, is you find out about yourself, your ability to catch fish and make "tournament" decisions and how that stacks up against the best. If you feel you are out of your class, then back out, lesson learned, if not move forward with a plan for next year.

    I like to compare Pro tourny fishing to professional baseball pitching. there are those pitchers, and there are only a few, that go out every fifth day and you could expect to get a good performance out of them. Then there are the rest of the "pro" pitchers who on any given day will throw a gem, and the Cy Young guy will have an "off" day, and the average guy wins. So if you feel you "belong" in the division you fish, and your confident you can "compete", then stick with it, your day will come. For me, I am still waiting for my day in a Pro Am. I've been in the top 5, bottom 5 "comeback award, you name it. Like the lottery says, "You have to be in it to win it"


    well said, if your unsure of what  class too fish use the open class and try and win one or two , we used it for that purpose and it seemed too work.for a stepping stone .for us then we moved up.

  3. Big time or not.......you want to be a big boy, and take money from people to take them fishing, play with the big boys. Leave the open division for the grass roots. I know one guy who jackpotted them for a few years and thought he was so cool winning them. 

    well this statement couldn't be more far from the truth. open class is only 3 fish and can be fished from any port as long as your into the weigh in line on time.  or was when I was fishing them! and I'm probable the captain he's saying I thought I was cool or jackpotted, Not true! Fact is I had a really old boat with single engine and was saving for 3 years for new boat so I was tight with money and eye's on the bigger picture and at the end of the day we pretty much broke even and won a little product. and covered expense and learned a few things along the way.so with that said back on topic I would suggest if its your first go at it pre fish the day before and  try and put a plan together for tournament day. 3 fish and cheap to try out.

  4. ok here is the deal ! have this nice 21ft tompson boat everythings there and she runs boat is late 70s with mercruser v8  we need this boat gone off the trailer to get another boat out of the water so the first person wiith a trailer and $500 can take it also has a subtroll down temp unit and some electric down riggers and rod holders and a first mate auto pilot,  no time too waste 5856150229 and yes paper work too. 

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