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  1. Why wasn't this issue ever visited before? Pretty simple question nobody has answered and you know damn well people have won $$$ fishing in Canada in WI past years. Anyone can sneak on their phone at any point, that's the worst excuse ever. It's the captains choice to weigh risk worth reward. Maybe we could all troll around Wilson boatyard to level the playing field and protect the integrity of the WI.... Give me a break, your bull crap is insulting to me. I bet your the guy who's dog ate his homework in class my goodness

  2. Hey rusty what you are saying is your worried somebody could call a buddy from Canada? That could happen anytime someone uses restroom goes under cabin ect...... This isn't a new law bud, your claims don't hold water. Laws vary based on officer? Your really cracking me up now don't stop now, I will beat you there to boot? What does that matter? another ego maniac with a fast boat, I guess I should just hand you my money because your boat is faster lol? More bull crap, what did I really expect smh....

  3. It was never an issue in previous WI, every year the tournament has gone downhill. Another step in the wrong direction...... Many good points it's seems like you caved into the good ole buddy system, it's a shame, time for a new tournament that cares about the anglers. I remember when it first started the WI was for the fishermen and what they wanted now it's turned into a bunch of political bull crap.. It's not your liability if someone goes to Canada, that's international waters and I doubt Canada cares about the WI. So much bull crap here it's laughable.....protecting your buddies that don't wanna run to Canada and are to cheap to spend money on the fuel? Be honest please......

  4. Tom, your generosity has always been appreciated, I have always thought of you as a very genuine person. I have always felt you as an owner has always gave back to the fisherman, above and beyond what should be expected. I have ordered many things from you, and i always considered you a generous person. I think alot of these tournaments people let $$$ get in the way of their own thinking and wanna try and make it bigger and better with more $$$.I wish could be great, but tossing aside a guy who has supported these events and helped back alot of teams, is wrong. If the tournament is only 50-80 boats total for the weekend with no TV crews,no big pay outs, and no drama who cares. I doubt everyone who fishes these tournaments gets in them to make money, there isnt a lot to be won. Its about friendship,good times, and recognition. So who cares if its 50-80 boats fishing, and everyone has a good time. Thats what fishing is all about to most of us, greedy is the root of all evil :devil:

  5. In the home Port of Erie Pennsylvania,

    June 28th 2008 we will be having a Walleye tournament one day only $100 entry fee with 100% pay back.

    We also have a very large Walleye/Steelhead combined tournament Pro/Am August 2nd and 3rd 2008. Pay outs are $7,500 for pro and $4,500 for Amature for 1st place. We have a website with much more information on these tournaments reguarding the rules and what the EPSFA is and supports please check out our website http://www.epsfa.com. Thank you very much. Any additional questions feel free to contact our Tournament director on the website or myself [email protected]. Hope to see some new faces there this year

  6. When the water goes muddy go with Chartruese,and oranges. I have a stud spoon I use in close when the water is all turned up and it flat out performs. Dreamweaver has some very good dirty water colors. Dirty water=bright colors,clear water=natural colors. If the water temp is colder try trolling a little bit slower 1.8-2.0. I like 2.2-2.4 in summer.

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