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  1. Yes they are like a piece of fine furniture apb. Mine is Cherry and Birdseye Maple and it's gorgeous. I didn't want to even put it in the boat, until I started catching fish with it.


    Good suggestion trouthunter9. I'll have to give that a try. Watching that brute "swim" out of the net twice was enough to make me realize I've gotta do something!

  2. Fished Friday out in front of Belhurst and did fairly well with Stinger's on 5 color core and a Sutton 35, 40 down on the rigger with a 44 for a slider. Ran east and west as that seemed to be the most productive. Went down this morning to repeat the program. Got a late start and didn't get set up till about 9:00. In the first 2 hours of trolling, I only managed one Laker about 25" on the Sutton 35, down 40. I did notice a lot of hooks hugging the bottom so at about 11:00 I pulled out the Joe Kane Victrolla and attached a variety of Twin Minnows. I started with a couple of black and switched to a yellow which I had a hit on, but dropped it immediately. Changed over to an F7 Silver Flatfish because I can feel them better, and started digging bottom. Didn't take long! For the next hour (had to leave) I managed 5 Lakers. I don't think it was on bottom more than 5 minutes before I was into another. One dink about 12 inches, and three were in the 23 to 28 inch range. Then there was the last one. I'd love to tell you how big he was and include a picture but unfortunately, I never got there. He was in the net twice before the hooks pulled and he bid me farewell! I fish out of a 14 footer so the big net takes up too much room in the boat and takes up residence in the garage. I think I need to find a way to make it fit! Great day none the less!

  3. Ed, I made it out this morning. Launched out of Geneva, set up above Belhurst and headed south. Picked up a small Laker as soon as I set the rods. and continued south. Shouldn't have! Trolled to south of Roy's without marking much, so I headed back north and hit my second Laker just below Belhurst. Spent the rest of my day trolling east and west in that area and ended up with 6 Lakers and a Rainbow. Pretty even mix between a 5 color core and downrigger set to 40. Everything came on spoons. Pink and Blue Stinger early and Suttons 35 and 44 later. The last two Lakers were a double. Sutton 35 at 40 feet and a 44 for a slider. All in all a GREAT day, especially when compared to what I've been doing on Hemlock!

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