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  1. hairybumcrack

    Advise on 1999 Evinrude 225HP

    I'd get a newer used motor.
  2. I've seen this boat in action. No other boat throws up a 3' wake in the no wake zone like this one. Really makes the smaller tin boats bounce off the breakwalls like no other.
  3. hairybumcrack

    2016 210 Fishmaster

    Plus 1 year newer, more items included, and less hours. Quit spamming this thread Steelbird. You should have bought that 2015 back then, or maybe you offered them $29K saying that $41K was too much.
  4. hairybumcrack

    2016 210 Fishmaster

    Steelbird, do you have any idea of what the replacement cost is? I suspect not. You'd be better off finding a 2004 for your budget or buy that minus both motors for $40K. Great boat. Don't let dreamers discourage you.
  5. Might as well bring your surfboard for this weekend. If you are going out, your kids certainly won't be up for 4 - 5' waves and a crappy east wind which will shut down the fish.
  6. hairybumcrack

    for sale : usa Flea Removal Tool

    I'd like to work in a booby shop too....
  7. Kijiji is Canada's Craigslist.
  8. I bet that boat is a scam. No way is someone selling a boat at that price from Nova Scotia and listing it in Toronto, especially on Craiglist when Kijiji is the big mover in Canada.
  9. Try 4 rods, one rigger out of a tiller 13' Smokercraft Alaskan.
  10. Must be using rubber hooks. 3/12 would make me sharpen every hook I have.
  11. Related - good job. Unrelated - does anyone ever practice catch and release anymore?
  12. https://albany.craigslist.org/boa/d/2003-starcraft-with-trailer/6577542913.html
  13. Not sure if I completely agree with the above statement regarding preyfish trends relative to phosphorous levels. Lake O has been fairly stable over the past 2 decades as per the graph. There is no point in looking at pre-1998 data as that was pre-zebra and quagga infestation. The lake cleared up significantly at that time and fishing was still excellent in the early 2000's.