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  1. hairybumcrack

    2016 210 Fishmaster

    Plus 1 year newer, more items included, and less hours. Quit spamming this thread Steelbird. You should have bought that 2015 back then, or maybe you offered them $29K saying that $41K was too much.
  2. hairybumcrack

    2016 210 Fishmaster

    Steelbird, do you have any idea of what the replacement cost is? I suspect not. You'd be better off finding a 2004 for your budget or buy that minus both motors for $40K. Great boat. Don't let dreamers discourage you.
  3. Might as well bring your surfboard for this weekend. If you are going out, your kids certainly won't be up for 4 - 5' waves and a crappy east wind which will shut down the fish.
  4. hairybumcrack

    for sale : usa Flea Removal Tool

    I'd like to work in a booby shop too....
  5. Kijiji is Canada's Craigslist.
  6. I bet that boat is a scam. No way is someone selling a boat at that price from Nova Scotia and listing it in Toronto, especially on Craiglist when Kijiji is the big mover in Canada.
  7. Try 4 rods, one rigger out of a tiller 13' Smokercraft Alaskan.
  8. Must be using rubber hooks. 3/12 would make me sharpen every hook I have.
  9. Related - good job. Unrelated - does anyone ever practice catch and release anymore?
  10. https://albany.craigslist.org/boa/d/2003-starcraft-with-trailer/6577542913.html
  11. Not sure if I completely agree with the above statement regarding preyfish trends relative to phosphorous levels. Lake O has been fairly stable over the past 2 decades as per the graph. There is no point in looking at pre-1998 data as that was pre-zebra and quagga infestation. The lake cleared up significantly at that time and fishing was still excellent in the early 2000's.
  12. Zebra and quagga mussel populations are declining rapidly. The lake may return to its natural state if we are lucky if these lake filters die off.
  13. hairybumcrack

    Wanted Starcraft superfisherman 196

    I have a 2003 that I may let go if the price is right. Boat is mint, always stored indoors, will sell with 2003 Yami T9.9 and all gunnel tracks (no downriggers or rod holders). PM for details.
  14. Agreed. That MFG is worth less than half what he's asking per NADA. Yet people were polite and kept their comments to themselves. To the OP, your price is fine given how it is equipped. Those are great boats.