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  1. What year is the boat? Do you have the titles for the boat and trailer?
  2. He has a craigslist ad up so you may get him there sooner.
  3. What year is the boat?
  4. What year is the boat/motor? How many hours on the motor? Any pictures?
  5. Great reels - I have 3 of them myself which replaced my original Zebco Cardinal 3's from Sweden.
  6. Trailer might be a 2004 but as noted above, those are graphics that were on 1994 - 1996 Islanders.
  7. Wanted

    And I drove from Bowmanville to Watertown for mine......
  8. for sale : usa

    25" shaft is xl, not a long shaft.
  9. Sold / Closed

    That is a great deal for someone moving up to a larger boat. The kicker, autopilot, and fishhawk unit is worth almost half the asking price. Nice clean rig. GLWS.
  10. Nice looking boat. What year is it?
  11. Were you successful in your search for a new boat and if so, what did you get?
  12. for sale : usa

    The only catch they allow me to clean are the fish they claim, not the 3 other coolers they leave below deck until it is dark out. Hey, a guys got to make a living and I charge them $25/fish. Almost the same price your buddy wanted to charge you for each spoon.
  13. for sale : usa

    The bottom, sides, and top of the lake out here has been wiped clean with a big sheet of Quebec toilet paper. There is not a s@#t stain to be found out this way, never mind some 20 year old relic spoons.
  14. for sale : usa

    With all the coin you have, you still are one cheap SOB. How is the Polish ball and chain treating you these days???
  15. Another one left behind.....G.W. Bush lied.