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  1. Those dark ones look like tasty eaters.
  2. Poach much?
  3. Mine is an Alpha 1.
  4. Oh man, if that would only fit my Alpha 1 I would buy it.
  5. for sale : usa

    I see them for $60 on Ebay.
  6. 40lb king caught on north shore. Check out spoonpullers for picture.
  7. Just imagine if those were Lyman's!!
  8. Yum. Looks tasty.
  9. for sale : usa

    Only $60K above my budget.
  10. Wow that fish is almost 5' in size and its head is larger than yours.
  11. Better check the specs on your boat. It certainly is not 5000lbs and the beam is 8' 1". The specs you referenced are for the 2452.
  12. for sale : usa

    Bump for a good boat. I have a 2003 with a 150 on it and I love it.