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  1. Do some research on Sportcraft boats first. They look nice but are their stringers in good shape?
  2. Use your cell phone. Just calibrate it on a level surface before you get on board. Still, not sure why this is so critical. Speed and temp is much more critical than what depth the lure is at. A few feet won't make a difference once you find the proper temp. Do you think that the dipsey depths are dialed in? They would be affected by so much more.
  3. The guy selling it is also full of it. My buddy responded to the ad and asked some questions on the repairs and was told the transom repair cost $3500. Not sure why the guy would have to lie about things.
  4. This is the internet. People want someone else to do the work for them.
  5. Wanted Marine Electronics

    Just be honest with your request as you've been "helping your son out with his boat" with reasonably priced electronics for years. Somehow that help includes reselling electronics that you purchased at a cheap price.
  6. Got any lyman's you want to sell?
  7. Why not ask him to deliver this to the West coast while you are at it?
  8. Shhhwwwiiiiiinnnnggggggggggg!!!!!!!!
  9. How many hours? Any repairs to the stringers or transom?
  10. Do you have an Atlas Spawn Egg Tying machine for sale? I will give you $300 for it.
  11. Wanted WTB Boat

    There is a 27' Tiara Continental on craigslist Ithaca for $7K.
  12. Those dark ones look like tasty eaters.