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  1. How many hours and do you have the title/registration for the trailer? Any soft spots on the floor and is the transom solid?
  2. Very mature response - just because you are a catcher doesn't mean others here are. Let the guy sell his boat and quit pretending you are interested with your "dose" it come with downriggers.
  3. Who had a 17' boat? Not this guy. He will sell his boat for that price but if he didn't think his initial price was bad, then why did he drop it $3K? Because of the comments from here. I don't need a boat as I have three. I sell them so I know a thing or two about selling boats.
  4. What you guys all missed was his first asking price of $18.5K. You showed up late to this game and now that the price is $15.5K, that is not so bad. So, do you all think $18.5K is a fair price as that is what prompted the discussion. If so, you should all buy it. I think the OP realized that and dropped his price to something realistic.
  5. I bought a 2001 equipped with a 125 and 9.9 kicker, 2 Mag 20 DT riggers, full canvas (like new), cover, rod holders, older electronics, 4 rods and a bunch of tackle 7 years ago in Buffalo for $10500. That boat was mint. Anyone can ask anything but if you are serious on selling, $13K is realistic. Check NADA. Picture enclosed....
  6. https://longisland.craigslist.org/boa/d/seaford-28-baha-cruiser/6870924893.html
  7. And to think you could have bought my Wailer which I would have hand delivered to your house for $500. No trailer but she, I mean the Wailer, has been known to hang out in trailers.
  8. How is this not sold yet? Smoking deal.
  9. He's stating the truth. Your comment is certainly misdirected. The last two characters in your hull ID are the year.
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