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  1. Pretty sure this happens when we drop a fish....but to music.
  2. Yes crime happens everywhere. Using an example where 3 people were killed by two dumb youths in Canada doesn't really substantiate to anything. This debate is stupid and way off topic, but I enjoy facts so here are some for all of us: 2018 Murders Canada - 651 per 37.06m people or 1.76 murders/100000 people 2018 Murders USA - 16214 per 327.2m people or 4.96 murders/100000 people My rebuttal post stated it doesn't happen as often in Canada as in the US and the facts above agree with what I stated. Maybe that was the point that the guy with his very first post ever on LOU wanted to make (or maybe he was a dick). But hey, we are the ugly stepchild to the US with a pansy for a leader. But I won't slander the US because I have numerous US friends and have met a ton of great people that are willing to go the extra mile if needed (plus that is where some of my fishing stuff comes from).
  3. Maybe they are just proud to be Canadian where stuff like that doesn't happen that often. It always isn't about politics. Getting back to the original poster, I couldn't imagine how I'd handle that as I too live in the country. With younger children in our house, I'd be grabbing for the nearest golf club as I'm not a hunter. Glad you were cool under the pressure of what could have been.
  4. I have once back in the early 1980's in the Credit River. It was a spawned out hen and I couldn't believe the length of it until we measured it. Exactly 49" in length. That was easily a 40+lb hen prior to spawning.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I had a look at FishUSA and they don't offer what you purchased from them currently. I've previously owned Berts and both models of the Cannon rod holders but they were sold with the boats.
  6. Looking for 4 rod adjustable rod holders. Prefer Bert's ratchet style, Cannon single or dual axis, or Cisco. Not interested in Traxstech or Tite Lok holders.
  7. It's a 4 stroke. You can get diagnostics on the engine with a simple plug and play at the dealer. Will give you all the info you need.
  8. Agree with the Romo comment. They should just mute him.
  9. Not responding to messages or PM's?

    1. dhm


      A young man was the first to respond to my post and said he could not pay until he got paid later this week. I am waiting for his payment before I mark the item sold. I trust that he will do as he says, however, I am keeping the post open until that happens.

    2. hairybumcrack


      Thanks for the reply.  Assuming he responded through a PM as I was the first to respond to the post.

  10. Two possible reasons on why dealers don't think about this. 1. The salesperson is not smart enough to think about this. 2. The salesperson is smart enough to realize that additional stresses may lead to premature transom failure. It may take years of trailering to cause structural damage. It all depends on the obvious. The condition of the road and distance trailered. If the road is riddled with potholes, dips and bumps, it could cause damage a lot sooner. Do some research on this and you will see that most dealers recommend transom savers to support your motor during trailering. Additionally, the factory lock when the engine is titled in its full up position isn't designed for trailering. That is for use when the boat is stationary. And Rolmops answered your second question. The engine is still supported by the trailer with a transom saver and it follows the load on the trailer. An unsupported engine is not connected to the trailer and therefore will bounce around. Just follow some boats down a rough road and watch how much they bounce around.
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