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  1. Thankfully there is a ton of natural reproduction taking place on the eastern north shore tribs. And I'm all for a 2 fish limit on rainbows in the lake because it gets raped on the north shore by out of province anglers. The upper sections of the north shore tribs close for fishing on Sept 30 so it is only open for essentially a few miles at best. The upper reaches are the best waters for spawning and that is what has helped out the fishery for many years. And egg shortfalls on either side of the lake were always supported by the other side when limits were not attained or if there were elevated temps compromising eye-up.
  2. I've imported quite a few into Ontario as I used to have a small business selling fishing boats many years ago. The boat in my avatar came from Lake George. It is a very simple process for coming from the US to Canada and it cannot be too complicated the other way. It is as simple as claiming an item you bought in the US along with having the titles/registration from the owner, a bill of sale, a copy of the ad, and you have to ensure that there are no recalls on the trailer prior to importation. Also the trailer label must be legible such that the VIN and month/year the trailer was built is readable. Sounds like a lot? Not really, it is all basic stuff. There is some stuff behind the scenes that is required for someone to ensure that there are no liens owing but beyond that, simple. For someone who has not done this before, it may seem a bit daunting but it truly is not. I get it - too complicated for some. That is fine. For those willing to take on this task, I'd be willing to better the price just before I store it. Only selling because of personal matters otherwise it would be slipped on the north shore next year.
  3. Where do you think this boat came from? The US and importing is very easy. As easy as buying pants but I get those who get hung up on the tax part. I'm assuming that you still need to pay taxes on a boat purchased in the US when you change over the ownership/title.
  4. Only a 3.5hr drive and I would be willing to meet part way as well if that was a problem for some. also comes with lots of extra oil (including lower unit lube and pump), spare parts, has washdown system, manuals, etc.
  5. Model year 2000 Parker 2110 with 2000 Yamaha OX66 200hp outboard (630 hrs). Comes with a tandem axle EZ-Loader trailer with 3 new tires + 1 new spare. Comes with a newer Garmin FF/GPS, VHF radio with 8' antenna, built in charger, canvas top and plastic (+$2000) with drop curtain. Comes with 2 chairs and 2 seats at the stern. Boat is in excellent condition and I can provide winter storage. $23000 CDN - shop and compare. Parker's are top tier boats.
  6. I'm interested in this trailer and I'm near Toronto ON so Watertown is a walk in the park.
  7. Great boats. Solid, finish is better than Tier 2 boats, and this is a great price for such a roomy boat. I own a 2110 and I love it. My previous Wellcraft Coastal, Striper 2600, and Trophy boats do not hold a candle to a Parker. GLWS.
  8. I commend you sir - these women are amazing and so are you. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and after watching what she went through for 9 months, I don't wish any type of cancer on anyone. To see them cherish life daily is beyond words for what we take granted.
  9. What size smaller boat are you looking for and do you prefer aluminum or fiberglass? Minimum hp for the smaller boat you will consider?
  10. They have to be the smartest flies ever. Once you get up to reel in a fish or just change up lures, those damn things know your hands are full and they just go to town on your legs. They are savage.
  11. New firm price. Will not find another 620 in this condition at this price anywhere.
  12. 1999 Ranger 620VS Fisherman, 1999 Johnson 225hp (500 hrs), and matching 1999 Ranger Trail tandem axle bunk trailer all in excellent condition. Low use and two owners (initial owner was from Pa). Always stored indoors and one look at the boat will validate this as it is super clean. Everything works and boat can be put in a showroom as it doesn't look like a 20 year boat. NADA on this boat is just over $19K USD. Comes with; 4 Ranger seats 4 rod holders 4 blade SS prop 82lb Evinrude bow mount trolling motor Lowrance LMS 320 with GPS on console Humminbird Wide Panorama on bow 2 bank charger New lift assist shocks for storage areas Safety equipment/life jackets 4 new tires Video link of walk around on boat; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dwtNxrBi-Q Boat is turn key ready with no issues. Never been tourney fished but is ready to start. Price is $20000 CDN Firm or $15000 USD Firm Located approx 3.5hrs from Watertown NY, 2.25 hrs from Buffalo. Can skype to allow you a close up view of the boat.
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