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  1. Whoa that a beauty!  I must be hunting a different state..:) clearly shows what age can do.  It's a tough game getting attached to free range bucks. Iv been there.  Hope the guy worked as hard as you did to get him.   I lost one to a weekend Wally that spends 3 days a year in the woods and 0 time practicing he took a hell mary on a push and hit it in the ass.  That's a tough one to swallow knowing how much time i put in and obsessed over him. 

      No doubt another one will fill his tracks.  AndI'm sure we are all guilty of shooting someone elses buck. 



  2. #dreamseason! 


    Just when you think it's never going to happen. I have been hunting hard and not seeing anything near a shooter .. a lot of 4 -6 hr sit with 0 deer . It gets discouraging and will break you if you let it.  Well tonight with heavy wind I decided to sit low on my clover plot 4 doe came out at 3:30 and ate there way to the top,  they got spooked and darted figured the caught my wind then I look up and see a buck nose to the ground backtracking the doe. He gave me a 60yd broadside shot and I dropped him dead in his tracks.  I dont feel so stupid for wasting time in a stand anymore.  I run 6 trail cams and never seen this buck. 

    Got a 10 with bow and a 10 with the gun not breaking records books but by far my best season.  


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