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  1. SmartSelectImage_2017-08-02-18-30-35.thumb.png.9474842cc1dfc446152dfb8eb3c42acc.png



    Not sure if pix #2 and #3 are the same deer the pix were taken a few weeks apart.

    Three wild pear trees that i cleared around and pruned up five years ago are now loaded and slowly dropping small green pears.   my battery went dead on my camera there is so much action. 


    The saying "the best time to plant apple trees is 15 years ago and now! "  couldint be more true.


     All the box stores just received shipments of fall fruirt trees for $22 You can get a 6' tree that will be 12' and loaded in a few years. There is a reason apple farmers have to get nuance permits every year ..deer come from miles away and when you kill 50 doe in one year 50 more take their place the next year.  



  2. I would hit it with WTI arrest. Wait 2 weeks then mow just the top just to kill the annual then hit it with some 0-20-20 (never nitrogen on clover)


    I have been in this situation and have made costly mistakes. Like mowing it low in August and getting a week long dry heat wave the clover never recovers. 

    2nd would be just trying to bring it back with a heavy dose of 10-10-10 the grass will triple and your clover be severely choked out within a few weeks .


    If you can't mow high then just spay and leave it.

  3. I know there might be other reasons to drive hundreds of mi to get a dog but we got our WPG right in in WNY and I couldn't be happier  still 5 yrs later. 






    Scout is now 5.5 and with no training he is a all around great hunting partner and family dog. He has never seen a leash or crate and I would bet any thing with the right training he would be top dog. 


    Marshoy kennel is wornder family thay proved to be more than just dog sellers.  I had a great experince and hope that you might consider staying local if you are looking to get one of these amazing dogs 







  4. You must be referring to the December downs ,


    The clinical term - Deerpression

    1. 1.
      feelings of severe despondency and dejection, when the rut comes and goes and your phone is blowing up with BBD pictures and you still have a buck tag
      "self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to deepression"
  5. Check this guy out, big body with triangular head.. he looks like he should have a lot more bone on his head.


    Clover is still drawing deer they are digging for it. I had 3 small bucks and a pile of doe feeding by 3:30pm.

    I have seen two limppers hobbling around most likely from my careless neighbors that shoot at tails. I will never understand that strategy.

    Hope I can capitalize on this cold snap coming up.

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