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  1. try for walleye in front of fox and grenadier at the 20' drop off trolling stick baits 1-2 mph. Great bass fishing all along this area but season isn't open yet. Look for browns off the north side of galloo island in the 15-36' depth. Use planer boards or in line boards 150'-200' back for both the walleyes and trout. 5am isn't too early to leave port as the bite has been best at low light levels.

  2. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:




    Date(s): 4/22/10

    Time on Water: 6-10:30

    Weather/Temp: cold 45-49

    Wind Speed/Direction: nw 10-15

    Waves: 2-4

    Surface Temp: 45-47

    Location: 10 min east of oswego

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 6

    Total Boated: 6

    Species Breakdown: 5 Browns, 1 Atlantic

    Hot Lure: lime green Flutterdevle and MS Chicken Wing

    Trolling Speed: 2-3 mph

    Down Speed: '

    Boat Depth: 15-25'

    Lure Depth: 3-6'


    SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Left port at 6:00 only to return 30 min later due to wave height. Trolled harbor area for 2 hrs when a break in weather occured wind died and wave height diminished. We headed back east out of the port and managed 1 hour of fishing before weather took a turn for the worse. 6 fish in a hour is not bad. Mostly 3-4 pounders and we released them all. Atlantic was very fresh and healthy. The lime green/ silver Flutterdevle was the ticket today. Yesterday it was the blue/ silver Flutterdevle and MS in blue/silver. Most fish caught in the 20' depth level. More cloud cover today. Fish are there when you can get to them. Tight lines

    ==================== :)

  3. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:





    Time on Water:0630-1030

    Weather/Temp:bright skies 49-58

    Wind Speed/Direction:SSW 5mph turning to N at 5mph

    Waves: 0-1

    Surface Temp: 47-49

    Location:East of Oswego

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 11

    Total Boated:9

    Species Breakdown:Browns 2# with largest 11#

    Hot Lure: blue silver Stinger, lime green Flutterdevle

    Trolling Speed: 2mph

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth: 8-34

    Lure Depth: 0-11' down


    SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Good morning with the bite starting early and ending at 9:30am. 6of 9 browns came off down riggers down anywhere from 3' early to 11' 75-125' back as morning progressed. Color progression was blue/silver then lime green/silver chicken wing to tuxedo as light became brighter. Fished mostly in 15-20' of water. Stomach contents included large Moon eyes, 2" Gobies, 1" flat head minnows.

    PS fish cleaning station at wrights marina is open on weekends, but check w/ attendant during week as we were told she will call and see if cleaner will come down. He works evenings so you need to call by 11:00am. Tight lines! :)

  4. leave port at 4:30 or 5am. Fish in 134-240' on a NW troll. I've been picking up down speed to 2.8-3.1 and taking kings, although not as many as we all would like. I believe these kings are dropping back to 200-300' as light levels increase. Change colors until something works. Change your lure depth and don't hesitate to fish the 48 degree mark as the day progresses. 200'-300 ' where the USA/Canada border meets in the shipping lane. check w/ Henchens Marina for the latest weekly update before heading out. These fish are moving east daily, we just need more of them.

  5. leave port at 4:30 or 5am. Fish in 134-240' on a NW troll. I've been picking up down speed to 2.8-3.1 and taking kings, although not as many as we all would like. I believe these kings are dropping back to 200-300' as light levels increase. Change colors until something works. Change your lure depth and don't hesitate to fish the 48 degree mark as the day progresses. 200'-300 ' where the USA/Canada border meets in the shipping lane.

  6. not much happening in the trench this past weekend. Most charters fishing for salmon headed on a nw course fishing from 134' to over 200-240' further out in the shipping lanes. You will mark more fish in the deeper water than in 130' range, however my wife took a 30# in 134' heading nw. We did mark quite a few steelies in 120' off calf island down 20-60' towards dark. Use lite tackle on these. Best time to leave the dock is 5am as the bite ends early unless you head out to 200+ range, down 120-135'. Check with Henchen Marina for this weeks update. Gas up the nite before as the pumps open 5:30 or 6am. The fish are moving east. Good luck!

    Bandit 49

  7. Try the Madrid area east of Ogdensburg for walleyes. Reports coming in are that fishermen are hammering them. Just remember the river narrows and most of the fish are caught on the Canadian side (eh) so you need a Canadian license. Call TI Bait Store and they will go to Canada and have a license waiting for you. Give them a couple of days, but that's what I call service.

    Bandit 49

  8. Been out on Mexico bay two times so far and went 10-12 and 9-10 mostly 2-5 # but some over 10#. The hottest lure so far has been the Michigan stinger gobie with copper back in the 2.25" size. I fish it with a small split shot on 10# flourocarbon leader 150-200' behind the boat. Fish near shore 6-12' range, small coves, points, and off the creek mouths. Stained water has been very productive. A lot of my fish have been caught between 2-3 pm when the sun is the highest. Perhaps it warms the shallow water that is trapped in the coves. Some fishermen have taken there limits early am in the stained water, but I practice catch and release most of the time. The fish are there and it appears to be another early season. Don't wait!

    Bandit 49 :beer:

  9. On Wednesday Rick Schneider and I launched out of Mexico bay in search of Kings off from the SR. The lake was rolling but we stuck it out and finished 2-2 with the largest King weighing 24 lbs. Both fish came on a glow frog and hammer fly. It was nice to hear that screaming sound again. Both fish came at 120 FOW over 184. There was a strong northerly current down and we took both fish fishing on a north direction. Other boats said the same. Fish were scattered as were the bait fish.

    Good luck this weekend.

    Bandit 49

  10. Hi everyone: Well I am trying to find a dealer that sells the new NK Cowbells. I can't seem to locate them. Any advice is welcomed.

    Thanks and still waiting for the Kings to arrive. I am sure saving on the gas.

    Bandit 49 :roll:

  11. hey Mottoman: I've bought these copper setups from Brett Walker and not only is the price great, he ships extremely fast. Good place to buy products.

    Bandit 49

    "Three fourths of the earth's surface is covered in water and one fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good lord intended us to spend triple the time fishing as taking care of the lawn" Chuck Clark

  12. Hi Fishstix: Black Pond sits between Stoney Point near Henderson and just a few miles north of Southwicks state Park. Its a sandy dunes shoreline much like Sandy Pond. Black Pond is indeed a small pond which when runoff is high cuts a path thru the beach to the lake. Just to the north of the pond lies Stoney Creek boat launch, a NYS free boat launch in very good shape. Good place to launch in a protected creek. Stoney Creek runs thru the small village of Henderson and then to the lake.

    Bandit 49

  13. I started early w/ my first Brown coming at 550 am. What I thought was going to be a great day turned out to be tough going with only one fish for three hours of fishing. I worked hard and covered a lot of water picking up one here and there. Then the skies got brighter and the water came slick calm. On my way into to Stoney Creek boat launch I landed the two largest at 2 pm ( 8 and 10 lb). How lucky is that. It's still tough out there! Oh yeah I took all fish on MS Emerald Shiner Spoon. Best part of the day was when I could finally just wear shorts ( scary). What a beautiful day!

    Bandit 49 :lol:

  14. Today I was fishing off nine mile when one of my inline planer boards broke free while fighting a good size Brown. A boat dropped in behind us and I think they picked up my planer board because when we turned around to retrieve the board it was gone. The name of the boat that was behind us was named The Dutchman and someone said the boat was a charter boat docking in Oswego harbor. If anyone knows of such a boat or a captain named the Dutchman I would appreciate any info on how to contact the captain as the planer boards cost $25 apiece.

    Thanks for any help on the above. Oh yeah Rick Schneider and I went 10/13 on Browns this am with the largest being 7-8 lbs. All were caught on spoons with green/silver being the hot color this am. A lot of bait moved into this area since Tuesday. Give it a try. :)

    Bandit 49[/b]

  15. Fished with Rick and Don today under less than perfect conditions. Not many boats out. We went 2-3 with the only big fish getting off. On 5/01 I fished by myself off Sandy Pond. Not a strike for 4 hours. A big die off of Alewives took place due to cold night time temperatures. Birds were just scooping them up all morning long. Tried to register for the LOC at Mike's Marina on Friday, but no one around. Anybody know if Mike's is still participating in the LOC?

    Bandit 49

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