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  1. You might want to look at Simrad GO Series- they will network with your Lowrance.  I’m using one as a chart plotter with Navionics chip and very happy with it.

  2. Last season I went with a Rivers West Bass Jacket and Bibs.  Stayed warm and dry last spring in the rain and cold weather. Little heavier gear than their Kokanee suits.  I went with Rivers West after using their hunting clothing and having that hold well.  Not a big name brand, but my experience is that it is good stuff.

  3. Saw a video on you tube where a guy boiled some water in a big pot then rotated the rod to even the heat from the steam.  After a couple minutes the epoxy was loose enough to remove handle and seat.  Used welding gloves to protect hands.  A heat gun would probably work as well.  Careful even heat is the key.

  4. Used to be that many 15’s shared same block as a 9.9 - just were setup and rated at different specs.  So you can definitely use a 15 on an 18 footer.  To get under 1 mph you’ll need a trolling bag or buckets.  I use a bag on my Lund to get to .9 mph on my 17 foot Lund with an 8 hp.

  5. Another option could be Chautauqua-not as remote as Adirondacks but closer to Rochester.  You could use some of the saved travel dollars toward fishing boat rentals and the boys could catch a variety of fish.  Plenty of panfish along with good walleye, bass and musky fishing. There is some shore fishing, but is limited especially in July and August.  If you have access to a dock the kids could wear themselves out with worms under a bobber for panfish.

  6. Also think a vertical lift bracket tucked closer to transom would be a better choice.  Likely would save weight and give better geometry plus get kicker deeper.  From the picture looks like quite a lot of weight added up high and to the rear of this boat- could effect handling and capacity.

  7. X2 on Legacy’s comment on washing off scent products.  When I was playing around with scent and Smelly Jelly was the worst, you had to get the scent off or you had a mess in your boxes.  After I had some lures get discolored from left on scent, I would have a tray with Dawn dish soap and water to throw lures in when they were swapped out.  Scent probably helped catch fish, but I quit using it because of the mess it made in the boat and the extra work cleaning lures.

  8. Tuf-Line does offer two types of lead core.  One is Tuf-Line Lead Core which has a polyester sheath which I would put in the traditional lead core category where a Willis will work fine.  The other choice which this topic relates to is the Tuf-Line Micro Lead with a Spectra sheath and is advertised as 30% thinner and stronger.  Allows for use on smaller reels and is supposed to have similar sink rate by being smaller diameter.  That thinner diameter makes it harder to do the Willis for me.  I use the Micro Lead on Saltist 50’s with 10 colors and have been happy with it.  I use back to back uni knots to tie it.  For shorter cores I use Stealth Core and use the Willis.  To me the Micro Lead has an advantage in a longer lengths- not so much especially 5 colors or less. I have no interest in any lead core company by the way.

  9. For someone looking to tie in a section of mono to use in a release into lead core, they probably should look at using a traditional nylon sheathed lead core like Mason or Stealth Core.  I say this as the nylon sheathed cores are easier to tie with a Willis knot which likely would be the best choice to go through the rod guides easily.  I use the Tufline micro lead on my 10 colors and have never had much luck with the thinner line and the Willis knot.  Putting a number of sections of mono in a lead core means a lot of knots so they have to slide through the guides and be strong.  I’m not a fan of having lots of knots so I’d run a straight 5 color if I could only have one lead core rod and was after eyes on Erie.

  10. Have One lot of Spoons-44 total with 15 plated spoons, 24 painted backs, and 5 shoehorn style.  Mixed group of used spoons-includes 3 diamond king,9 slammers, 2 Sammy packs and a couple flutter chucks. Spoons are used and may have some tape and paint modifications.  Price is $43.00 including shipping in US.

    Have One lot of Rebel Stickbaits along with 3 Rebel Arrowhead Spoons-10 shallow divers, and 6 fastracs.  Used lot that may have some tape on spoons.  Price is $43.00 including shipping in US.



  11. I updated an older Minn Kota to a I Pilot Terrova with Universal Sonar last season on my Lund.  Real happy with it- remote works great and the jog feature on spot lock is very nice.  Put a Helix 7 in bow and that is very clear and is great for vertical jigging.  I thought the Terrova’s stowing by hand might tend to be more trouble free than the Ulterra self stow feature.  Wish I had updated sooner now.

  12. I had a conversation with an out of state angler while waiting for clients at the DEC Launch in Bemus last spring and he summed it pretty well.  He finished the discussion by saying “ another case where the little guy loses” as he shrugged his shoulder and walked away.  Uphill battle for sure.

  13. Glad to see you guys posting this info.  Fishermen need to read that Racine Johnson study as it confirms what we saw on our fish finders last year in the south basin with almost total lack of vegetation.  I normally fish the south basin for walleye until late June and last year even with our cold May weather had to go North by May 25th to find a weed line to fish.  It will be interesting to see what CLP plans for 2020, but will likely be another large request for acreage to be sprayed.  It seems the people pushing the herbicide are both well funded and politically connected which is a tough combination for the fishing community as we are fairly few in numbers and have few dollars.  Make it more important to voice our opinions.



    Lot Two of Rebel baits has 10 shallow divers, 6 Fastracs, and 3 Arrowhead Spoons.  Price is $55.00 including shipping is US

    Lot of 19 Original NK Spoons- 8 NK Mags and 11 NK 28's -all with painted backs.  Price is $65.00 including shipping to US

    Lot of 24 Evil Eye Spoons-Qty of 14 of  3 3/4" Painted and Plated, Qty of 10 of  2 1/4" Painted and Plated, and Qty of 2 of 2 1/4" Painted.  Price is $60.00 including shipping to US








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