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  1. Les, I am just getting back to the boat to work on this. More info: 1) Gear oil is coming out the port side drain hole, upon tilting motor down. Small drips 2) The amount seems to increase after motor sits overnight or for a few days 3) When vertical in water a very small amount of oil seems to bubble up. One small bubble every few seconds, then stops. 4) No oil appears to be coming out when running at idle 5) The front "vent" screw was loose about 1/8th of a turn. I tightened. Manuals call this the drain screw as well, though utilized only to receive the pressure when filling. If water had gotten in the vent/drain screw because it was loose, 1) Would this be the possible issue? 2) Is the drain hole above or below any of the internal engine seals? 3) I am thinking if the drain hole is part of the lower unit, then what I am seeing is just the displacement of the oil with the water that had gotten in before I tightened the vent screw. Meaning no new water is going in the lower unit and just changing the oil would be the fix. If the drain hole is above the seals and not part of the lower unit, then oil must be floating in water and after sitting for a bit, comes to the top and when the engine is tilted, coming out the drain hole. 4) I have probably tilted the motor up and down 20 times by now and still seeing oil drip out through the port side drain hole. ***updated 1-Pulled the drain plug for the lower unit, milky white grey with water in it 2- removed the two drain/vent plugs...one appears to have a deteriorated washer/seal, broke off in two parts when removed.The other was loosely fitted. 3- Will fill with new oil tomorrow and test at the ramp and see what happens Thanks for any further thoughts, Dave
  2. Les, I am thinking your first option above may be the cause. I have not had a chance to drain the lower unit to verify milky oil, but, I did find a loose vent hole screw. I was able to turn it tighter by about 1/8 of a turn. I am thinking water may have gotten in. It would make sense that if water got in the lower unit vent hole, the oil would float to the top, then out the drain hole when tilted up. It seems to drip more oil after the motor is sitting in the up position over night. Dave
  3. You really need to measure with a digital meter first, then decide if your variances are really “ hot”. I do not recall the dc voltage range off the top of my head. I am running mag10 older models as well and this was one of the first things I did. There is a black box on the market for around $100 to control. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Brokeoff, what lb balls are you using on the cannon?
  5. Nice boat! Curious, why the move to sell it? Looks like it took some time to get it just like you wanted.
  6. Research suggesting shift rod seal. Closer look next week. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Thanks Len, yes outboard. Looks like it is gathering around the mounting bolt between the lower unit and the engine. There are two on either side and the starboard top bolt/nut is we’re the drip is originating ( from first look). Hoping just worked loose from a bottom scrape or 100 hours of trolling. I did not have a wrench to torque it down to test. I will verify the fluid as well , as you suggest. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Good Day, It appears there is a small amount of oil collecting on and then dripping from one of the lower unit mounting screws. Several drops run off only when the motor is tilted up out of the water. There is no leak when motor position is down, either off or running at idle. I am not sure at this point if it is gear or motor oil. The oil seems to be rather thin as it drips quickly, then stops after a few minutes. I did not have a 15mm wench at the time to try to tighten the lower unit bolts, hoping they just worked themselves loose. Any ideas on what else I should look for? Appreciate any feedback. I am away from the boat currently, but will be addressing the issue next week. Dave
  9. John Mann x3 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Lively, Did the boat look like the one in my profile? Blue Crestliner. Dave
  11. Yes, they perch got hammered last year as well.
  12. Thanks jk1.... not sure the Cisco program is working. Time will tell Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. OK very good......thanks for the follow up!
  14. Very good thanks! I would be looking to get on Keuka Lake...so either Penn Yan or the State Park. Both web sites do not show open, but probably just behind in their notice. Thanks, Dave
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