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  1. Anyone see any of the stocked Cisco’s in any trout belly’s yet? Dave Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Thanks.....sounds encouraging.
  3. Very impressive batteries here..........6-8 hours straight through on my single minnkota.
  4. +1 for mr 580.... different lc set ups, 3,5,7,10 color...or any combo, and snap weights have worked well for me with inlines.
  5. Good Day, I sit here with my 200 plus sticks and spoons, organizing repairing and cleaning. I have been using Big Water Bait Box's for years. Clear see through heavy boxes from Duluth. I have three of them. Was hoping to hear back from everyone around the old topic "lure storage". I really am happy with the my Big Water boxes, other then I now have three of them, And there seems to be a more then a few at the bottom of the box due to dropage. My question......Special Mate or is there something newer folks have been using and are happy with? Thanks, Dave
  6. Fishhawk well sell direct. I just got one. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Not just the new ones! Mine is the same and has been for years, hard to see. Nice product other then that. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. That sounds like a good choice. Let us know which one you end up with and how it works once installed.
  9. Might be helpful.....from Humminbird. Just a visual of DI. Hum - transducer info.pdf
  10. Jig, I have only used my Si_Di on two trips now down here trolling in the Fingers. I am coming from a 50/200 Furuno. I am with you on some of your thinking. I may keep both as the transducers are both mounted on the boat currently. Unclear of what is best as of yet, but hear your side.
  11. +1 lower a bit and angle rear down about 5 degrees, (mounted when on trailer) so level when trolling at 2.5mph, is what I have found to work. Dave
  12. Thanks for the quick replies. I do not think it is the auto cart, as I am just trying to get a more accurate contour line depth under normal usage. Do I require autochart for one foot readings? I will take a closer look at the menu's as YT suggests, but I believe I have gone through rather thoroughly. I must be missing something, or I would get 1 foot markings instead of only 10, correct? Maybe it was lack of zoom?
  13. Yankee Troller, Thanks for the tips, I have loaded Lakemaster Plus v2 in my Helix g3. I seem to be having difficulty with the contour depth readings. I only get 10 foot increments instead of lower more 1-2' detail readings. I believe I may not understand or have the base layer setting correct. Would you be willing to share some wisdom in this area? Appreciate the help. Dave
  14. Good Day, Navionics Hot Maps Plantiun vs Lakemaster plus v2. The above video is showing exactly what I am trying to achieve with my Hummingbird 3gn SI_DI. I currently have a Lakemaster 2 installed and working, BUT I can not get anything other then 10' increments on the depth sonar. How can I get better readings? Does Lakemaster 2 have this capability? I am hoping so, for $150 ,10' depth increments will not work for me. Thanks, Dave
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