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  1. THANKS! Everyone has been helpful, greatly appreciate the time and responses. Thanks again, Dave
  2. Thanks guys for the responses. B&B no need for pics as yours is a Crestliner. The head support is a must.
  3. Frogger, thanks for the response. Yes, I will be using it mostly for steering, as I troll mostly alone.
  4. Good Day, I have searched and found split opinions with which shaft length to use. I thought I would post with specifics and try to better understand any issues or concerns. I have not picked up the FM as of yet, so am unable to do any measurements myself. I will be trolling the majority of the time in the Fingers. Mostly on Keuka, Canadaigue and Cayuga. Have had communications with with Fat Trout (thanks!) and his recommendation is the 72 inch. My concerns are when the 72 is stowed, I have heard there may be issues with closing the windshield and sometimes with docking. Also, I will be doing some cast fishing out of the bow, and think the 72 may get in way. On the other hand, the 60 may be a better fit out of the water. But, can't go wrong with the 72 in the water. FM has a 150 w 9.9. Anyone that has experience with a GM 60/72 I appreciate your thoughts and guidance. Dave
  5. Kinghunter - how long do you usually get on those Lithium batteries?
  6. I am starting to get the picture. Just don't touch the darn connection!...... Thanks guys, appreciate the response.
  7. Good Day, Has anyone found a better solution to their FishHawk battery wire connector? The connection from the battery pack to the three prong connector on mine just keeps breaking off. I get a few weeks out of it and then repair it. I have replaced the unit once so far, and do not want to keep purchasing a new battery pack every season. The wires are very brittle and do not last. Anyone else having issues? I do unplug the batteries after each use. Thanks for the feedback, Dave
  8. All, I have two Cannon HS10's that are 13-14 years old. They are mounted on swivel mounts. A friend of mine just lost his, only 4 years old, broke under trolling and lost it all. I have the same set up and would like to prevent, fix and upgrade my pair. I have searched and came up with the SS mounts from cannon but these are a bit pricey I think. My question is, has Cannon addressed this with their new composit swivel mounts? Are they any improvement? Just get the SS version? Is there a second manufacturer? What works? Thanks for your response, Dave
  9. Good Day, water level is low, has anyone used the PY launch and the channel to the lake lately? Hoping to launch Friday. Thanks, Dave
  10. Good Day, I have a 2008 Merc 115EFI. I have been trying to better understand the VesselView App and its connectivity. Do I need a module in the engine (bluetooth)? If so, anyone use one? I would think that the App download and bluetooth device on the engine is all that is required. Part number for bluetooth, if that is required (plug and play?). Is it worth it? Thanks for your responses. Dave
  11. Good Day, I am spooling my LC reels using PP Moss Green. I have used this for the past 4-5 years and have had no issues. I am more curious then looking for advise, what is your opinion on color of backing for LC? I believe it really doesn't matter as long as you are using a leader. In line boards, LC, leader is the set up. Discussion for a snowy day. Thanks, Dave
  12. +1 trout hunter - invest in the DR's. You will use them overtime you are out. If not, you may find it difficult to get down where you need to be on a constant basis.
  13. Good Day, I am looking for some guidance on what the best electric spooler would be for spooling 300/500 size reels with mono/fc. Is SCT a good product? If so, what size has anyone used? If there are other recommendations, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help. Dave
  14. Thanks Jason, was thinking along those lines as well. I would end up with very long leaders I think. I just can't see dragging six planner boards with 20lb mono through the very clear water. Got to scare the fish a bit I would think. That is the main reason I went with the thin FC when I originally spooled.
  15. Good Day, I have been very lucky with 7 years of trolling with the same line on my Tekota 300 and 500 reels. I have them spooled 100% with fluorocarbon line, no backer. I know, I know, why no backer? I did this to allow for long break offs if fishing and having the ability to continue fishing with the same rod/reel without having to address the issue until back at the dock. Also got a break for the large spool when purchased. It was costly, but more then once the idea has kept me fishing non-stop. Time to change the lines. I was hoping to get some guidance and recommendations on line set up options and manufacturers. It has been 7 years since my bulk line purchase of FC and know there are many choices now. . I fish the Fingers only, so have been running 12- 14lb, with no issues. It seems there are better set ups available now? I am using 3/5/7 colors on three inline boards (good there). So the new line and setup would be for the DR's and the remaining inline boards. I am good with my Dipsey setup. And still have some of the original FF line for my 500's late in the Summer. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Dave
  16. Good Day, I am looking into the new Lund Fisherman boats. One spec I can not seem to find is the draft of this boat. Any aluminum boat for that matter. Does anyone know what the minimum amount of water required to float the Fisherman is? I don't want to open a debate on draft vs min water, not my intent. I have a dock that is in a shallow bay in the Fingers, and need to know if this hull will make it on my lift. I also have looked at the Crestliner 2050 Authority. Any info on that boat would also be welcome. Currently my Crestliner Superhawk 1800 has no issues. I have contacted several dealerships and have gotten different answers from each. I would think Lund manufacturing/Engineering would have some specs on this. I can appreciate that motor weight, equipment, people on board all add up, but I would hope a general answer with specific criteria is out there some place. Thanks in advance for any feedback, Dave
  17. Thanks......that is a large event.....good for them.
  18. Hoping to get in this year! Any idea of how many entries where in the last derby? Looks like a good time for great causes. Dave
  19. I have used Cisco Systems for years, they do everything you need. They do require a hex wrench. No big deal. Have several on board all ready. Cisco will fit your track.
  20. I have the screen set at 75' for SI for best detail.
  21. Good Day, I have the same but in the 9 inch size. I troll Keuka mostly as we have a cottage there. I have two seasons on the Bird, mostly have not used the SI/DI when trolling. I will sometimes split the screen to verify bottom structure or humps with the DI. Mostly end up using SI when fishing for other warm water species. The unit is great. Very clear and super picture. I came from a Furuno and was hesitant, but glad I changed. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  22. ++! Mr Mann is the best in the business.
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