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  1. According to Senator Galavan's office, as of yesterday at 10:00 am, the crossbow legislation was still included in the budget proposal. This is further than it has gone before. The resistance to part GGG comes from Long Island and Catskill area bowhunters. That is a formidable group with a lot of money to overcome. We will all know soon.

  2. I have a raytheon dragonfly 5 with a down scan. All last year, I would switch back and forth between the traditional color sonar and the down scan.  I never saw a single fish on the down scan even while seeing and catching schools of them with the regular sonar. This includes fishing big schools of perch in Erie over 60'  I had a chance to complain to a raytheon rep at the Niagara show and he said I had to slow the chart speed down to the slowest setting and they would turn up. Even had some video loops of the difference between fast and slow chart speeds.  Don't get confused, not boat speed - chart speed.  Obviously, I

     have not tried this yet, but I will in the next couple of weeks. I will report back.

  3. Looked for a Keuka lake tournament on google.  I found a website called " fish 4 you". The site did not load on my I pad properly but I think it said April 8.  Not sure though.  I also tried looking at Avon anglers and did not see a schedule out yet.  Can you clarify yellow gold?

    Not that I ever perch fish.

  4. Glad your ok but now you scared the crap out of me for my first ever planned trip up there Friday.  The more we icefish, the more we live on borrowed time. Eventually, something like this or worse seems to happen and sometimes it happens to the most experienced of us.  I went through once in deep water and another time one of my legs found a hole and I went down to my hip. I still go a couple of times a week though. Just always have that healthy respect in the back of my mind.

  5. I was there yesterday. Not going today! Way to sketchy. One minute 4" and take a couple steps and the spud goes through in 1".

    Not only is there a contest, but the motor cycle guys showed up in the afternoon. All this on just a small fishable area. 

    I hope I am wrong, but conditions the way they are is a recipe for a swim.

  6. Drove by yesterday at about noon. That ice looked a little wet. Almost looked like you guys were walking on water from the road. I did watch someone drill a hole and the ice looked ok where he was. Not going to last much longer so enjoy while it is there.

  7.  am actually in that picture. Should have called. I did  see those guys just south of Trident along with a nice crack the north of them and open water just to the south of them. ?????

    The weather looks horrible for the next two weeks of the forecast, so Honeoye might be the only place around close to Roch. to fish.

    That will only make the crowds worse.

  8. Thanks Longspurs. So far, where I have been fishing, the best setting seems to be normal mode,AZ and a gain setting of 1. Tried messing with LP and high gain,but in 9-10 and no weeds, normal mode worked for me.

    We were out today. Not much to report. Got a few nice gills and a short eye early and after that it was a dink fest. Roamed out to 17' for dink perch and a pickerel. Went back shallow and got another pickerel.  I had to leave early. I bet it got better in the afternoon.

  9. I forgot to mention that I played with my vex fl18 out there for the first time that I bought from a member here a couple weeks ago. In comparing it with my hummingbird ice 55, it excels in water under 12' I know the newer ones have an illuminated dial or a digital read out that tells you the depth. This one doesn' t and that is a minus. Over 12', I will use my hummingbird. Much bigger adjustable zoom and bright clear marks. Easy for an older guy  like me to read.

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