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  1. After spending countless hours in the woods since Oct 1 with nothing but bad luck to show for it, I finally connected on a medium size doe yesterday morning. It was getting close to desperation time but when this girl tried to run past me, I nailed her. Thanks to Gator for allowing me to hunt his property and for all the encouragement he offered. I even appreciate the "buck on a rope" he left us the evening before - long story!

  2. post-141557-0-12303100-1481037010_thumb.jpgpost-141557-0-88544600-1481036827_thumb.jpgI have a 2hp Jiffy Legend Lightning gas auger for sale it is an 8" cut and has a brand new never used ripper blade. Did not use it last season because of the ice conditions but have used it for the past 8 yrs. It works great with no issues and starts right up. I am asking $175 for it or if you have a spare  vex or marcum sitting around we can work out a trade. 

  3. Nice buck. I am finally back in the woods after a too long a trip to LA. Haven't seen a thing since I have been back. Now there is a storm watch out for Wyoming county of up to 2' Thursday and Friday. That should make it interesting.

    A friend sent me a picture that I shared with two other LOU members that I have never seen before. It is too graphic to post here but it was of a doe a friend shot in the Utica area. When he gutted it, it had two completely developed fawns in her. I have never heard or seen this before. Anyone else ever see this? Kind of gross.

  4. I used their blade swap service last year. Got the new blades right away. I also have a similar model Jiffy with an 8" chipper blade. Never had a problem. Just have someone like Fish 307 sharpen them every year. It makes a big difference.

  5. Omg yes!

    Lake Ontario salmon fishing charters

    Same story. I hunt the east bordering property. A couple years ago, he walked through his lanes randomly shooting opening day archery. When I confronted him, he said he was hunting "rabbits" Too bad rabbit season didn't start until the 20th. I should have called the DEC. I have other stories about this guy that I will not share on this forum. This guy is a real loser
  6. I never write on the hunting forum but I want to share this story that happened today to me. Firstly, those of you that know me, know I am a fisherman first and a hunter second but I have been putzing around at it for 50 yrs. 

    Last eve. I shot a nice doe. Since the arrow indicated liver shot I decided to wait and track her in the morn. After close to four hours without a blood trail I came across a narrow grassy path through a thicket and into a small clearing of tall dried up grass. I looked to my left and there she was lying down - so I thought. I walked up to about 6' and "he" lifted his head showing one 3 pt. antler and one broke off. I thought well it was late and I just didn't see the antler when I shot. Next thing I know, he stands up and stares at me, rotates around so I could look for any holes in him ( none) and doesn't move. All of 6' I decided to back out of the opening and sure enough he circles around and parallels my walk, and  only 20' . I stop, he stops, - I walk , he walks. Finally he stares at me and gave a light stomp of his foot. I thought, holy ****, he is going to charge.  I took my pack off and got my weapon out, a 5" knife! For some dumb reason, I gave a doe yelp. That was stupid. Now he is in love with me and follows again. (I wonder what the autopsy report would have been when they found a three pt. antler up my you know what) I continued walking quickly away and finally he gave up. 

      This lasted at least 15 min and I did get two quick pictures with the phone.

    Tomorrow, I am going perch fishing again. A hell of a lot safer. 

  7. That happens to us a lot there Les, but I have seen a lot worse in other bodies of water so I guess I am used to it. Unfortunately, a lot of boaters are just not aware of what they are doing. Both of those boating scenarios you mentioned did happen to us the last time we were out. 

    Just hope this is not a trend.  

  8. Launched at Canandaigua again today and it seems to be getting lower. Drove the boat less than 50' a little left (east) of center and hit a rock. Dinged the prop a little bit. In another helpful note. When launching a boat at the ramp and your buddy is walking down the dock holding the rope, make sure he doesn't walk off the end of the dock.  :o - No not wasn't me.

  9. My boat is a 16.5' alumacraft. When we retrieved it yesterday, I could not winch the boat all the way up to the front roller because the water was so low and the angle so steep that the bow dipped below the roller. I had to leave about a foot distance between the roller and the point of the bow, drive the car up slowly  and then winch it all the way up.  I have done this before with this boat at the Penn Yann launch and it works because the boat is light. If I was by myself and had an 18' or larger boat, I would not use this ramp. The state ramp on the other branch would be a much better choice.

  10. I was just down there today. I launched my boat and my friends got in it at the dock. After I parked and walked to the boat I was shocked at how much the water level had dropped. Anytime you have to climb down a couple of feet to get in the boat, you better make alternate plans. We decided to put the boat back on the trailer and drove to Canandaigua.  It might be safe, but I wasn't going to try it.

  11. Took my son in law to Canandaigua today looking for some panfish. His first trip fishing so I didn't expect much. The perch and sunfish are widely scattered in 13-18' and they are not big. We got off the lake early because of all the pleasure crafts and the wind.  Looks like we will have to wait until late Sept.

  12. Pretty good article on the perch population in Erie in today's Buffalo outdoors by Will Elliott. I don't know how to copy and paste on my I pad but google it. Essentially, there is a drop in the perch population and no one knows why. It also went on to say that the New York harvest of Erie perch is below the sustainable levels and the DEC discussion of lowering the 50 fish limit was "off the table"

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