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  1. Not quite that easy on Erie lately. Fished Seneca shoals Friday and only managed 10 bass on the small side. A little later in the summer the deep water shoals and rock piles will load up. The two areas of Lake Ontario that still have bass are the fort Niagara drift out of the Niagara and also from around port bay east. Last year I discovered the upper Niagara. Liked it. A lot of bass and even a bonus 41" Muskie.

  2. Excellent RD. That is the #1 way to go. The larger perch just suck that minnow down without you knowing it. A reel sensitive rod helps too. I use custom rods built by another member here, and the lightest set up I can get away with. 

  3. Plenty of perch still not spawned out at Sturgeon yesterday. caught as many as we wanted. Some people did not do as well and watching them it seems to come down to two big problems they have. First, they need plenty of road, chain and a good anchor. Can't catch fish if you can't hold bottom and constantly move out of the hot spot. The second thing I noticed was their set ups. My God, what is this the 50's? Get rid of those giant spreader bars, stiff short rods and 10 lb+ mono. Keep it long, light and simple and you might just get more perch.

  4. They have been spawning, , but you will be able to catch them through May and many times up to mid June. A few guys have mentioned it and I agree, don't restrict yourself to the pack. Move around and find your own fish. You will do better.

  5. Chas, I also just purchased a raymarine dragonfly pro. I am a perch, bass, walleye guy. I have used the unit now six times and love it. The biggest plus is that it is " idiot proof" The first unit I have ever had that you don't have to go through the manual to figure out how to use it. I am not too sure about the effectiveness of the down imaging though. On Erie the past two trips, the sonar mode was great for spotting those bottom hugging perch and the fly by lakers, but I can't seem to see the detail when I use the down imaging, I guess I should play with the sensitivity a little. The other great plus, is it didn't break the bank, about $350 on sale with rebates, and it included a Navionics North America chip that works great in Erie and the Fingerlakes.

  6. Took a drive around Honeoye and Canadice yesterday. Sad! Open water from Trident all the way down to the first point north of launch. What appeared to be ice was nothing more than a thin layer of shush. 40 deg there yesterday didn't help. Canadice looked much better - if you had a boat! Below freezing temps supposedly begin Wednesday. Maybe next Saturday for the south end gills. 

  7. Hold on guys. This was just the two week primer season. Beginning this Thursday we get down to normal temps but after that, looks like a deep freeze. We might just be on new ice in 10-14 days.

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