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  1. I was at the cleaning station at the Hanover launch on the Cat yesterday.  A lot of eyes came in. there seems to have been a good bite between the Cat and Dunkirk from 75' on out. We also picked one up dunking minnows on the bottom for perch.

  2. About the only place that I can catch bass is Lake Erie, Buffalo or Fort Niagara area in Ontario. Just don't waste my time anywhere else these days.

  3. I agree. I was out the past two days and only marked a few eyes on the screen. I did see more surface bait and a few pods of what I think were perch on the bottom.  Actually hit 75 deg yesterday afternoon. 

  4. Just got back from buffalo. The eyes that were on the border took off. The water temp hit 74. We did not move a rod and did not see anyone netting any fish. We moved in to Seneca shoal and played with the bass.

  5. Went back again yesterday and decided to try the Canada side of the roundhouse. Not a single bass! But, if you looked down over the gravel areas surrounded by weeds, you could see them all over.  This was in 15-17'  They seemed to have lockjaw in that area.  Fortunately, I still had a few more honey holes that paid off.

  6. We were at Seneca shoals the same day and found a small area that held a few bass. Tried earlier for eyes in front of the windmills for eyes but never hit one. What depth of water were you in. I worked the area from 30 -45 without seeing much.

  7. Kind of disappointing.  I noticed a lack of emerelds out there the last time we went. Could be a reason they scattered. Also, there was a big temp change in the lake last Thursday that did not help. Did you notice any boats out there anchored up?  Looks like it finally will settle down enough for me to try by Thursday. See what I can find.

  8. Nice catch again.  I hate it when I drive 100 miles only to find that Millers has no bait. The goldens work, but I think that I lack confidence in them.  Does anyone know if the cleaning station is operational at the Hanover launch?  How about the SBH? Thanks

  9. We did well yesterday with a lot over 12". I noticed that about 2/3 of them were spawned out. Very light bite even for Erie perch. A dead stick approach or a very slow drag and stop along the bottom worked best. If you are not using some sort of braid for your main line, you probably are missing most of your fish.

  10. To answer your question about abrasion resistance, in my experience, you are much better off using a braid. Gator finally convinced me to try it and he is right about casting a country mile. Great for Seneca. I thought this would be the ticket drifting and drop shotting on Erie for bass too but the first time I tried it, I lost two or three rigs dragging across the mussels and rocks. Not good. Thankfully, my other rods had power pro and I did not lose any more fish or rigs to abrasion.

  11. Since I am home and not fishing, I posted the regs. However, the part I did not post said that you can sell certain fish - including crappie and walleye - if legally caught in another state and you get the appropriate permits from a regional DEC office. I would imagine that those permits are not free and are not easy to obtain. 



    Purchase and Sale of Fish

    Fish that are salable at any time include:

    • Those species in the STATEWIDE ANGLING REGULATIONS table for which there is no closed season and no minimum length.

  13. When you get the lazer, make sure you get a new set of blades for them early in the season next year.  I waited too long and found the last ones at Mitchels the other day. Tried on line, but everyone was out. I put a nice Ridged drill on mine and it works pretty good. Compared it to Gator's Nils, and the Nils does cut better, but all I do is pull the trigger on the drill. 

    Anything new at Honeoye Scott. Getting tired of the Keuka mudchickens.

  14.  I waas there yesterday around the college and you can double the amount of slush and snow in some areas but not all.  One minute you would be walking along fine and the next, right through at least a foot with water.  I would think that the slight thaw today followed by the cold temps afterwards will harden it up again by the weekend. 

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