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  1. No advise on that one!  I don't trust the channel and I don't trust the gas holes if you get close to the bridge. That being said, I used to drive in from the gun club but there usually are a couple of big gas holes about 50yds in front that are probably hidden with snow.  I went through here once when I took took a few  steps away from the quad. Never going back.

  2. Seems like the two rigs deal is what a lot of us use including me. Last two trips the eyes alternated between a #5 metallic jigging rap, and a silver pimple of the same size.  I also have found that some days they like a whole fresh small emerald and other days , just the head off a medium size emerald. Oneida can be a tricky lake and it does take some time and exploring to help figure it out. I know it took me a while and some days I win and other days Oneida wins.

  3. If you are tired of walking, this is the machine for you at a good price. It is a '96 Polaris Indy Lite with 2200 miles. I am the second owner and have used it just to go ice fishing. Nice  machine. It is a pull start and does not have reverse. Not a problem because it has always started on the first or second pull and it is light enough that it just slides off my tilt trailer. It is also fan cooled so you don't have to worry about overheating. The sled is in very good condition with no tears in the seat  and no dings. Even has a hitch on it ready for your sled. It is registered for the season too! Asking $ 1100. 




  4. Nice instructive video for a newbie to learn how to filet. Did it similar to this for many years but if you get stuck, as I do, cleaning every ones catch, I found the electric to be a lot easier on the hands and the rist. Yes, you might lose a little meat, but I fish Erie a lot and it doesn't matter much  :)

  5. Have to agree with Sean. Only 60 miles from Portageville which makes the ride doable. I drive 110 and believe me, it is worth it. We limited 5 out of 6 times we went this fall. The big problem is the wind. Got to look for an offshore wind otherwise forget it.

  6. Another unbelievable day out there in front of the Cat. Slowed down and took a real hard look at that 62' range, but no bait and no fish. Moved to a nice location in 72 and found them. At times the scream was completely covered from bottom up to 20'. I switched to all artificial with a 3/4 oz buckshot lure as my "sinker" and a couple of plastics above. Most of the time, it never made it to the bottom.

    The best part though, was we were all alone with the two small fleets over a mile away.

  7. Thats good, I only have the small boat tomorrow and did not really want to head out to 72.  

    I got a call from Cindy at the Hanover launch yesterday.  The scheduled dredging and closing of the launch will not happen this year. I guess they were delayed in Barcelona and also, they are not allowed to interfere with any steelhead run.

  8. The perch have been good to excellent for the past two weeks generally out in about 64'.  I suspect that this hard blow will change that around but when the weather settles, they should be schooled in pretty solid again. Be advised that the Hanover launch and cleaning station will be closed for a few days soon while some dredging takes place. The state launch at the Cat will remain open.

  9. Braid is probably the most important thing as stated above. I tie up some drop shot style rigs of about 3-4' with 6-8 lb fluoro for my terminal tackle. On these I space two gama octopus hooks of size #6 or #4 about 6" apart with the first hook 6" off the bottom. I will also use a rig with 3,  #6 in line spin shot hooks. Each hook with a plastick and jig this fairly hard for a change of pace. I will use the lightest rod I can get away with just because it's fun! 

       Might head out there Friday weather permitting.

  10. Fished there Sat with Gator.  Maybe they show up there at some point in time during the summer/fall but they sure were not there sat. Nothing but gobies. Big reason why I drive 80 miles to Buffalo!

  11. One heck of a shouting match at the sbh yesterday around noon.  One guy launching at retrieval and a half dozen guys trying to get out. 


    Just did a little bass fishing for a change. Not bad, not great. Could not find them on any of the shoals. They were still along the breakwalls.

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