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  1. Tell me about the gas! Luckily, there is a reservation gas station close to Lewiston on 104 that we fill up at. Still $ 3.93 though. I am pretty sure the low water, lack of an ice boom that triggered the run, and the summer we had two weeks ago is responsible for the weak run this year. I just need to get a few more for fluke bait this summer. Great bait.

  2. Well, it was not good. There was very little current when I got there around 8:30 and the water was low and clear. The few I saw moved in small schools of only a handfull and were very smooky. Only two people (rufishin2?) had a good catch but the rest of the 50 or so people at Lewiston probably got zip. I came home with about 3 dozen and they were the smallest smelt I ever got in Niagara. Should have gone to Wegmans!

  3. That is the most impressive catch I have ever seen for Oneida. I know you guys work hard at it. Congrats!

    In my limited experience, I would recommend a good flasher for Oneida. The few times that we have gone there, the eyes I caught showed up on the unit and I had to move the jig to their level. And, even though it is not safe now, the snowmobile and Atv helped us locate some nice perch last season.

  4. The one thing I would add to Gators' advise is to go to the CAnoe launch area on the NE side of Canadice real early, use tiny jigs with a mousie and catch some smelt for tip up bait. You should easily get the smelt in 20-30' of water. You can probably walk out from there, set up you tipups an do the jigging thing. Also, keep an ear open for ice conditions at Keuka lake. Lots of lakers there, but you will need a good hard freeze to be safe.

  5. Ray, I am sorry you had to join the "rage club". I had just about the same experience with a big buck two yrs. ago. Watching him trot away with the rage in his shoulder blade was it for me. Went back to the muzzy and now trying slick tricks. Not a single lost deer since I switched back.

  6. I finally got out at red creek/sodus area last eve. I watched a nice 7pt. for 20 min rubbing branches and placing scent everywhere. He was only 18 yds. away but in heavy brush. The doe estrus, I had out had no effect on him and when he walked off, I could not call him in with either the grunt or the bleat. A little later when walking back, I came across two does in the food plot. They were calmly eating and were not even disturbed by me. I kind of figure, they are not quite ready in this area yet.

  7. Looks like a good day for Monday. I have been at Silver creek a dozen times. Sometimes it is very good, and other times just fair. Interesting how the perch hand in 5-10' here around Sodus. It is more a stalk and fish thing. Got to be very quiet and use the electric motor. The water is usually clear and they spook easily, but you can watch them as they swim around.

  8. Thanks for the updates on the perch. I am planning a trip out of Silver Creek Monday but the info I get out of Jeromes Bait store isn't the best. If anyone goes out before that please post an update. A hundred miles is a lot of driving if they are not there. Thanks.

  9. Who are you kidding. You caught it at Taft Bay in 30' of water on a sonar :D B ye the way, the "finders Fee" will be two clams casinos for me and Ange at T.J's first ice!!

  10. The more I fish for perch, the more I find that they all have differnt techniques on different waters. Lake Ontario bay fish are easy pickens on just about anything although I prefer fin s plasticks on a small jig head. When they move out to the lake, you have to use a drop shot at least two feet off the bottom with a fathead to keep away from the gobies. Erie perch are deep, and Jimski knows what they like there. As far as Seneca is concerned, get a camo blanket and hide under it in Lund's boat! He is a Seneca magnet. As far as hooks go, I always use Gamos #6. In Lake O., it doesn't seem to make a difference.

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