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  1. Just noticed your post Grady. I found the exact same pattern on Sunday. Found my best action right on the dropoffs. Hope we can get out tomorrow and Sunday

  2. Well I know that Steve and Keith and many others wil probably disagree with me but I have to say that I will never shoot Rage 2 blades again. First, I am a re learning archer. I started 40 yrs ago and gave it up until three years ago. I also am a bit of a wimp, and only draw 55lbs . My first experience with Rage three years ago was great. It did everything it was supposed to. Massive hole, buck went down within 20 yds (broadside shot). Two yrs. ago, I had some doubts. Hit a doe, shot looked good, and found the arrow but no doe. Searched for her most of the next day. I did, however, take another doe later in that season, but had some lingering doubts. Last season, was the clincher. Hit a nice 8pt. at 22yds. and watched it trot away with the arrow in the shoulder blade. This was a slight quartering away shot and the initial penetration was at a small angle. The rage never penetrated! Thinking back, the doe I lost the previous year also was hit at an small angle. Broadside shots, they work as advertized, but I have zero confidence in them with any other shot. I went back to Muzzy's last season and took two does with no problem. This year, I am experimenting with the Slick Tricks. They seem to fly straight so far.

  3. They were in about a week and a half ago, but on ly for a few days. The last time I heard, there were some in last week Wed. This time of year, it is all luck. There are plenty of gills and silver bass and largemouths to keep you busy.

  4. I have a digi troll II that I have not used in a least 8 yrs. Everything works fine ( I can run it for you when you see it). I comes with a canon deck plate, swivel base, 24" boom and the three rod holders which add to the price but you don't have to buy them and we can negotiate a new price. I would much rather see this rigger on someones boat than sitting in my attick for another 8 yrs. :) Asking price $225. or B.O.


  5. 12' Sportspal Canoe is a very wide stable canoe that I have used for duck hunting and fishing. This canoe is so steady that I have stood up in it while fishing and shooting fish arrows without feeling that I was going to tip. It comes with everything you see in the pict. I just don't use it anymore and it deserves to have a younger owner who will enjoy it as I have. Asking $400 or B.O. New, it sells for around $850.


  6. Thank you Jimski. My pride is almost healed. I can't believe after chartering for close to 30 yrs. in the ocean and Lake O. walleyes are the hardest fish for me to target. I probably will hire a charter and blame thed captain next time :)

  7. Just got back from my 270mi round trip journey to catch a walleye. As usual, I caught everything other than a walleye. One nice 10lb steelhead, sheepshead, perch and a gobie when I tried to catch a bass inshore later. Trolled from 70-90' from the water towers to the east with dipseys set at #3 200' back and riggers set at 55-65. Tried various colored worm harnesses and chattersticks. Back at the dock, the next two boats had only one waldo a piece. What gives?

  8. Nice job. Jigging is rather addictive isn't it! We caught two at around 22lbs. in the Spring derby and a whole bunch more around 12 to 18lbs. We also caught two kings while we were jigging so it can be done. Now try some of the other finger lakes. Seneca and Cayuga have some nice size lakers and you mught even jig up a salmon there too.

  9. Good post, and I would ad that the saltwater experience helped a great deal.(L.I.) I watched Bulletbob hit quite a lot of lakers last year on Seneca one day,and his advise is right on. I even tried it on Ontario in the spring derby and finished in 7th place with a 21lb.12oz laker useing the same Seneca lake jigs.

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