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  1. I used everything except Kansan.  At $45 you are not getting anything special.  Nanofill and power pro have similar diameters for their pound test.  My fingerlakes line is nanofill.  I fish perch in clear water and need to cast as far as possible.  The problem is wind knots.  Just going to happen. For blade baits  in Oneida, I’ll use power pro or fire line.  10 lb seaguar  leader. Works great for laker jigging too.

  2. I am not going to offer a solution because I don't know what you are doing exactly on your boat. All I can say is that I "play" around with the exact same boards on Erie this time of year. I did manage to get them out around the 50' mark with four colors on them last Friday. I don't thing putting the pin in is the problem because the first time I set them, I forgot to put the pin in on the starboard side and did not notice a difference. Maybe you should ask on LEU or walleye central. A lot of guys in the western basin use them all the time.  As for me, as soon as the eyes move a little deeper, I'll salmon fish for them using the riggers and dipseys. Just a whole lot easier and, I think, more effective.

  3. There is a private pay launch at the north end of February Oatka st, rat 10.  They do have a ramp.  You would have to paddle down the creek a ways before getting to the lake. I would google it to check if you would like to paddle that distance first.  Other than that, south end, state launch.

  4. I know specifically of a good Crappie bite at a location in Keuka that occurs the third week in April yearly. This year, they had a smaller bite fully two weeks later than normal.  The smallies will be on their beds for the opener if this keeps up.  I’ll try again later this week

  5. I fished yesterday and looked at temps from Morgan marine in Penn Yan south to a couple miles past the college.  Temps ranged from 53 at Morgan to 56 south.  The lake is about two weeks late. Only a few smaller male sunfish in the shallows, a couple rock bass and no smallies yet.  There is no green growth to speak of. 

  6. Doing the same thing Kevin. 40 yrs in classroom for me though.  I read that sea bass stocks are up and the season was extended. Still a 5 fish limit though.  It opens the 19th. I might be there in early June..

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  7. It seems to me that you are drifting too fast. Get a minn kota and spot lock or if you don’t have spot lock, I used to keep a smaller minn kota in reverse heading up current.  As far as jigging goes, 1 oz. round jig, white plastic, braided line, fleurocarbon leader.  

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  8. I use the dragonfly 5 and Jig lakers in Keuka. You can easily see the lakers and jig on it. I bought the 5" screen because I have a smaller 16.5' boat. The good, the Navionics or C chip is included in the price. Your choice.  The bad, The transducer looks like a giant bird beak back there and I am in constant fear of breaking it off when launching or retrieving. I have just replaced the bracket holding it on. but got it for free from raytheon. It was a $20 part if I had to pay.

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