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  1. Went to White Lake Provincial Park camping. It’s between Marathon and White River Ont. I’ve never caught so many fish. Mostly pike and a few pickerel. Minimum 3 a day or for 3-4 hours. I caught a larger one than this but I didn’t have a landing net. I went and bought one the next day.  I kept this one but mostly catch and release. 


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  2. Thanks for the reply. I doubt it that they're small mouth. These things were pretty lazy. I had some bread with me and I threw small pieces of it in when I was feeding some ducklings. These things had no interest in anything I was throwing in. It's like they were too lazy to swim 1 foot to investigate. At first I thought the white fish was dead. It just floated in the same spot for a few minutes then barely moved. If I had to guess I'd say that they were about 15" long. I have to go and get my licence so I can drop a line in and open a can of corn.

  3. Hi folks:

    I live in Port Credit (Mississauga, Ont.) I went for a walk today along Cooksville creek which ends in Lake Ontario. I saw so many fish in the creek I almost wet my pants. Problem is. I have no idea what type of fish they are. They were schooled together in a cpl feet of water. They were dark in colour with the exception of two that were white. I'm guessing 2 - 5 pounds. They were quite big. My thought was carp. They were barely moving. Kinda just hovering in the shadows.

    I don't own a boat so most of my fishing. Well okay. ALL of my fishing is done from shore. I'm a catch and release guy.

    This place is about a 5 min walk from my place. I want to go get some barbless hooks and have some fun!

    Anybody have any idea what else might be in that creek?


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