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  1. Boat is in excellent condition. Fully equipped and ready to fish. Single owner.


    Motor Volva 5.0, 220HP, Dual batteries with switch, Bimini Top and cockpit cover, 100 qt livewell, 72 qt cooler, 2 infloor fishboxes, Washdown system, Bennet Trim Tabs, Porti Potty, Swim platform, Dansforth compass, Pulpit anchor and Owners Manual.


    Accessories : 2001 Honda 9.9 HP 4 stroke, Lowrance LCX 27C sonar/gps, 8 rod GL Planners Rocker Launcher with 6 rod manual planner board reel system, 2 Scotty Electric Downriggers with 6ft booms, 2 Penn 835 Electric Downriggers with extensions, Moor Subtroll 900 speed/temp, VHF Radio, 2 Vector double rod holders, 2 Stinger rod holders, 2 drift bags, 4 Life Jackets and other Misc items.


    Trailer: 1999 Eagle Bunkboard Dual Axle with Surge brakes, Power wench. Spare manual wench.


    Complete Service Records Available.


    Asking 25,000  Phone 585-289-3494, Cell 585-435-2082











  2. Here is the coordinates I have marked on my graph for the snag. N43*20.252, W78*59.453. I was trolling west at the time and it took a few seconds to hit the waypoint. I would say the snag would be a couple hundred feet east of this.

  3. I have been hung up in that area twice. It is in 206ft of water. First time a dipsy was caught causing us to break the wire and losing everything. The second time a downrigger was hung up down 80ft. Lost the ball and attachments and almost the downrigger. I have the spot marked on my graph and no longer go in that area. Lost the dipsy 3 yrs ago and lost the downrigger ball 2 years ago. There is something definitely there. 

  4. In the last few posts on this thread I saw talk about these tournaments putting money into the communities. Then, for the life of me why did they do away with the AM division. Even a minimum of 20 AM boats brings approximately 60 to 70 extra individuals spending money in that community. I don't see why the county tourisum heads can't comprehend this. This mysterious super committee lost participation last year, you would think they would try to improve it this year. But who am I to say.

  5. As for the WEST end Pro-Ams, they are ON. It's business as usual. The Niagara will be held June 1st and 2nd, Orleans County June 8th and 9th. I contacted county employees from both Niagara and Orleans and they confirmed this.

    If you enjoyed the way those two were formatted, it sounded like it will be the same for you this season, but no other details were available.

    Vince, am I reading you right. The format is the same as this past year with no AM division.

  6. After reading the new format changes and the above statements I would like to share my feelings. For years I fished all of the ProAm's in the Amateur division to see how I stacked up against some of the best Amature teams on the lake. When we placed and and received prize money that was secondary to the fact we were competitive to our fellow Amature teams. That has all been taken away. I have a good feeling as to where we stack up against the Pro's. And it ain't a good feeling. Oh on a certain day, when the stars are aligned right, we may place and receive some prize money but it won't be in the same competitive spirit I had before.

    I don't want to be perceived as being negative, just disappointed. We will get into some of these ProAm's (need to change the name) and I'm hoping some of the rules will be set to satisfy the Amatures thinking of entering.

    One rule would be is to set a 6 rod limit. This is the main reason we get into the Invitationals in Wilson and am hoping for an invite to the Oswego one. A 6 rod limit does level the playing field. More than 6 rods gives an advantage to the larger boats (my feeling but I'm not alone).

    Another rule is NO COMMUNICATION. I need not say more here.

    Another rule would be no shotgun starts. We go from a flat lake to 5 footers before we're out of the starting gate.

    I'm also hoping to get one of the survey forms being handed to help give an Amatures perspective to this new format.

    In closing, I'm 70 years old and feel fortunate that I had many years of competition against my fellow Amature teams. I was hoping to get another 5 -6 years of the old format but its not to be. See you all at the Wilson Invite.

  7. I've been going into this site now for a month wondering what these proposed changes are. I even called a few fellow fishermen to no avail. It seems to me that quite a few know but aren't saying. I'm on my annual snowbird trip to Florida so won't be able to make the LOTSA meeting this Sunday. I agree with tangleweed1. Publish the proposed changes so folks can preview them ahead of the meeting.

  8. The Dodger Team needs an observer for the Niagara ProAm. Our original observer has backed out thus putting us in need. We pay $100.00 for the 2 day event and you would be invited to prefish with us on the Friday before. Also need to be present for the Captian's meeting on Fri nite at 6:00PM. If interested, either PM me or call at 1-585-289-3494. Thanks.

  9. I've learned 2 things from this post. (1) I shouldn't have posted it. Instead I should have brought it up at the next Captians meeting in Oswego. I apologize to Paul for putting him in a situation where he had to explain this rule. (2) When out on the lake and a situation like this arises, call someone knowledgeable. Their are a number of folks who would have given me the correct ruling. Soooo, lets let this post die.

  10. Last weekend fishing the Orlean's ProAm we boated a fish that was "foul hooked". It was hooked in the stomach. I figured it was illegally hooked and threw it back in. Later at the weigh in I found out it would have counted as a good catch. The reasoning is that the fish was going for the lure but missed and got caught by the hook. By throwing the fish back in I cost the team 2 places on the board, we finished 5th and would have been 3rd. Not sure everyone fishing the proAm's is aware of this rule.

  11. Our team has been in the ProAm's for quite a few years now and we have always stated that we prefer a "NO COMMUNICATION" tournament. We feel it gives certain teams that are in "CLICKS' so to speak, a big advantage. This would help in putting all teams on a level playing field.

    Tom, you have our support on this and we appreciate your bringing it up, lets hope the commitee will open their ears to this.

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