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  1. I got to admit the thrill of seeing a Salmon dancing over the water coupla hundred feet behind the boat and hearing drag pulled out the reel it just makes me smile and the great feeling of accomplishment of getting it in the boat makes my mouth dry and gives these old bones the shakes.

    great to see guys again Congratulations I am guessing many have tales to speak of from last weekend see you guys in Olcott

  2. Come ON Get Over IT she's put up with you because she Loves ya not because your a caveman get out in the sun fish hunt be happy then she'll be happy for you as well she knows you worked hard to become the fisher and hunter of world renown so relax fish and be happy buying a nice retirement gift will go a long way though

  3. Yes The Wind shifted to position of the stach rain most of day Sunday was a washout. Sat We caught some nice fish Yes indeed I was thinking (only time) about getting it mounted still when cost was estimated I relinquished to being Happy with nice photo. Capt Glenn got US on fish we picked away all day about 12 hours of fishing, good times bantering and catching fish with visions of sugarplums nowhere in the mix.

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