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  1. Name: Richard Bullen

    Location: Ilion NY

    Home Port: Oswego if I ever get up there

    Boat: LIL HONEY 16 1/2 Starcraft Blue w/ blue lakes bimini and wrap around

    I fish for: used to do bass Northerns But then caught a Salmon rests well known


    Observed 2 Pro Am's Been on Oswego Waters where i got bite by Salmon fever. Way I see it once your on the big water catching Big Fish WEEEEELLLL

  2. PqMCdwS.jpg

    The pix is 9 Salmon caught during 2 day prefish.

    Ray Koz??? is far right Ray's trying hard to not see my faults

    Musky bob is Left Trying hard not to say anything in My Defence

    I'm stuck in the middle Me Hell I'm covering my bloddy ears from two days of Ray's Yellin

    Turn faster Speed Speed Speed Turn Turn

    Don't YOU Know how to Drive

    Can anyone tell me how to work this THING???? Where's the manual BOB!!!!!!!! What you mean you don't have IT????

  3. TrebleMaker cuz Bob aka Muskybob rented me out to 5 More Minutes Capt Tony Gary and Don made me feel at home on board.This is additionional info for those reading Ray'show do you spell his name KOZ?????

    Got the pix sent em to those I thought might like to see em. Also saw rays post in the forum sent a correction and addition it should read lightning fast Catlike reflexes and we caught the biggest fish when Ray was drivin

    Shoulda said ray was drivin and we could think clearly without someone yellin to watch the speed turn turn faster faster you don't know how to drive

  4. Congrats

    Good Team Effort and acknowlidging you didn't do it alone speaks well for the Capt

    Almost silent observer Team 5 more Minutes they were great to be around learned a lot. Just hope I can remember

    Richard Bullen

  5. I was an Observer on 5 more minutes team the initial mayday was one mayday only Capt Tony looked at me and versa that was 0812.We heard from Coast Gueard call at 0836 Olympia and somethih Choice and incident ID's gave all I had I copied it down to Pro Am after she said the Sherrifs should have that info pointin to the station I said Lady I got a bad back and my legs killin me she took it over and then just left it wih the Sherriffs Glad I didn't have a Hundred paperclipped to it. Good News is Everyones OK

  6. Jason and Ray woulda no doubt had a Great time Musky can have a slightly differant way of lookin at it. Tell anyone the best time is catchin fish and friendly banter between the Capt and crew to onlookers it would seem like a fight was fixin to break out, it's just guys bein fisherman i suppose

    Public acknowledgement of the GREAT TIME I had Wid Cuz Bob aka best buddy and the Unstoppable Ray how do you spell his last name


  7. Nick

    Still got those combo's??? Will be wid Cuz Bob (Treble Maker) at orleans Pro Am. If combos still available bring em I got cash we'll have to sit and dicker a bit. So Bob said you bought Mikes boat (we looked at) out from under Him Snooze you loose. Bob also said Mike Won 100$ recent tournement, so everything levels out.

    Dick ( I do believe he pulled that fishes mouth off)

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