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  1. Excellant Cuz Landshark and Bottomfeeder Congrats Nice pix'z for sure Ray your the comeback kid great. Still got an antique ten dollar bill for those flies???? think it over get back to me. Great to see all those fisherman who did their damndest to fill the box. Great Bunch of guys and gals. Just remember Musky Started the whole thing for me anways. Like I said Catching first Salmon or did the Salmon catch me??

  2. Richard Bullen Friday prefish on SPOONFED Capt Glen (he's easy going) and Chris Yard 32lb + Oswego. after we boat released a bunch o fish on thursday and friday then Glen suggests (I so many words) we see if we can locate a laker with some size setup went down and glen says there's a fish on there Chrissays it just hit bottom Glen proceeds and chris hands the rod saying here Richard first thought it was stuck on bottom then felt a head shake and said so then glen and chris proceed to inform me on how to bring him in. ( Never caught One Before) slow and easy was followed by when the hell you gonna get that fish in the boat Richard Chris constantly encouraged and checked drag didn't over power the drag just kept contant tension pumped him to the top the result was presonnal best Laker 22.07 lb which gave Spoonfed two top finishes in Derby. Glen toped that during the tourney with a 1st place finish in Brown Trout division.Thru the summer season I have had the pleasure to pick up some excellant info and learned many things I shouldn't do WE will talk when given the chance. WARNING Glen says I could talk the ears off a dead dog and he's easygoing???????

    Spoonfed team Oswego fish


    Chris Yards 1st Place King Oswego


    Glen holding me down so photograpgher can take a shot




    EDIT - moved post from Fall topic mb

  3. Name: Richard Bullen

    Location:Ilion, NY

    Home Port:Mexico Bay

    Boat Name/Type: LIL HONEY 16 1/2 ft Starcraft

    I fish for:Anything that will bite what I am giving them

    MuskyBob started the whole thing after finally catching a salmon still wonder who caught what there??

    Prefished and observed for team L.O.U.S.E.R.S.

    Recently Prefished with Spoonfed and then observed also.

    Most noteably recently brought in a Laker placed 2nd wayne County LOC Derby weighed 22.07lbs


    (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).



  4. Glen is Easy Going as rodtender for the prefishing this summer I had the privelige of fishing with Chris Yard, 1st place Salmon. Glen's 1st place brown Trout I also was very Pleased at getting the lake trout in the boat, with that I would say Chris's checking my progress and constant encouragement will always be appreciated. We did get her in da boat. Let's not forget that Glen's BIL Chris's participantion, nor rod hog Rodey and Nick's part in Spoonfeds outstanding fishing, Glen while working with others not normally in team managed to pull together the season.

    Thanks Glen


  5. Glen and Chris tried their best to teach an ole dog new tricks getting a fish in the Boat not just on the line. Well apparently I won't raise the rod high above my head to set the hook nor will i reel inlike a " madman" Nick schools out knows how I can be also. Well slow and steady were the matra of Spoonfed Glen a Fairly easy going guy he says he's easy going you guys make the call. Chris was rod tending and keeping a close eye on the ole guy, made some changes in my positioning in the boat while bringing fish in as well as retrieving lines and setups thru the summer I believe I picked up enough info, sure Hope it isn't forgotten in upcoming winter.

    Well the skinney is this friday last day of prefishin Glen says I'm going to go out and see if we can pick up a laker incase the Salmon aren't biting weight is always good. So he has his setup set tells Chris to set it on the bottom Slow troll then pick her up, no sooner is it down glen says there's a fish on the chris says I just set it down pulls it out of the cradle hands it to me, here richard so I hold it for a bit and theres a slight side to side pull. You guys whov'e caught lakers know it is nothing like salmon. So I hear slow steady from some haevenly voice from above get her in the boat richad also, as well as what the hell are you doing. Well she weights in 22 lbs so Glenn says wer'e registering this one. During the prefish Spoonfed got chris and I on fish with many differant setups including copper that wasn't firing til he zoned it in. In short pulling copper one LIL HONEY aint gonna happen.




  6. Best responce IMHO is contacting local food banks and other sourses often times you have to drain and de ice the fishes then theyr'e yours to do whatever something along the lines of donating to locals who want them. i believe it's against dec laws to cast fish carcusses closer than 150 ft from shore??

  7. Captains make the calls, living and reaping both rewards and guilt. Crews setup what how and depth capt states. the crew can be ridiculed by the capt. Good boats have a mutual understanding of these principals, some however remain rigid to accept change and relinquish of command is frought with fustration. before you observe for another boat find out a little about each team.

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