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  1. No Problem Cuz

    I'll have to Winterize the boat for you when your ready. Hopefully you'll get out before the water freeses over.

    ps I'll winterise the boat for coffee only just have all the stuff you'll need ready See Ya Later

  2. LandShark


    What channel should I monitor to check in?? Mike you have a site already??

    LIL HONEY's just a 16 1/2 ftr Starcraft w/ blue bimini to and wrap around supposedto have my LITTLE brothers with me but we could squeeze one more aboard


    Bob posted that said he was going to be dancing his a-- off

    Walmart requires a Letter written on the Companys Oswego Pro/Am letterhead submit it at local store they'll usually match funds say you buy 10 cases of soda they'll give you ten Good for them Good for the entrants.

    btw I am neither Pro and still a long way from being an ameateur

  4. Ray what type unit you got??? at the right price I'll buy it and sell it too cuz Pops ole Timer He'll forget he even read this in coupla hrs but then again he'll let you have enough rope to hang yerself. Didn't say a word til I showed up fer coffee and then YOU A HOLE THAT'S A 480 FISHHAWK NOT AN 840 DUH Bob said to checkebay for a unit that's what 1/2 price I just worry about getting someones castaways

  5. I got two hands raised and there both voting for RAY for Moderator.

    hey Now he's got a reason to tell all the Newbies where to go and what to do when they get there.

    In reality Ray has a great deal of knowledge to spread around food for thought so to speak

  6. Ray

    I said it before I'll say it again, You Break Balls but are there for the other guy even if it's just how to tie a NOT or school em about SPEED being so important. Myself I appreciate that cause I be a dummy as far as BIG WATER FISH.

    Sorry about your neck being hurt next time you might wanto use yer hips

    Musky POPS DAD OLE TIMER you know the one with cat like reflexes. I got a Fishfinder wid de boat I believe it's a Eagle fishhawk 840 think Bob got it with the boat ( no Operators Manual) we don't need no manuals on this boat, It can read the BALLS in the Water I have a hard time setting the sensitivity on it though!

    Found an X-4 backwards adaptable down speed and temp on internet 250$ Give advise POUR FLAVOR

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