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  1. Thanks for the info.  It has been a bizzarre year for sure.  The only consistent trip for me was labor day weekend.  I am very thankful to have 3 good days of fishing and limits of mature kings. I will be very interested to see what kind of runs show up at the dam this year.  It sounds like the river fishing is going to get interesting with the restrictions of the power supply company.  It never gets old catching kings. They truely are the beast of freshwater fish. 

  2. Who is going to be out this weekend?  I see strong south winds forecasted but was thinking about making my last trip up this weekend to fish the Oak Orchard this Friday and Saturday and possibly some pier casting.  Last year we made this trip and did really well in the morning and evening on J plugs and glow spoons.   I hear they are currently dredging the oak orchard river.  I think they dreged Olcott harbor last weekend.  Seems like reports have been really this week.  Has anyone got some insight on the bite?

  3. Fished both days out of Wilson offshore. We boated about 30 steelys between both days and lost probably the same amount. We also had a few small kings 10 to 15lbs in the mix. Caught a few on flasher fly but 98% came on all spoons. Caught one of my biggest in the boat in a long time over 14lbs looked like he was already out of his prime on the down slide. If his head matched the body he would of been well into the high teens. Its seems the average this year is between 8 and 10lbs. Very few kings caught a couple guys hit some kings but most people seems are like us may average one mature a trip


    That Steely was no joke man!!  I was lucky enough to see that monster up close and never saw such a freakish looking fish.  The head was as big as a mature king.   Nice work this weekend.  Hope to see you boys again in wilson!

  4. I didn't see anyone mention Ray's Tavern off I18.  Nothing fancy to look at from the outside but they sure treated us well. I remember we went there for Monday steak night in August.  They had a special with steak and two sides for 6.95.  Of course they were sold out by the time we got there after fishing but the bartender substituted an open face sandwich.  It was a huge portion and everyone was very nice.  I would go back again.

  5. Sorry I see that now in your report up above. That fish must have gotten lost with the blow earlier in the week.  Amazing how those browns can move in and out like that. I have actually gotten a few sheephead offshore before on spoons. You are the "big man on Lake O". I know who I would be booking with if I didnt already my own boat.  40 hookup by 2pm after a slow start is just crazy.  Those guys will never forget that day. 

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