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  1. There is a fix for the pin issue:




    CaptSpike said:


    "So I looked the issue over and came up with a solution. I inserted a 4-40 x 1.5 long pan head stainless screw thru the roll pin with a my lock nut on the other end. Washers on each side as well. No way the pin will come out now. Profile is low enough that it shouldn't be an issue.


  2. Appreciate that info. Was fishing on the East side a ways above Meyers over deep water. I looked up to see a long boat with five or six rowers charging straight at me as they were sprinting from somewhere above the area of the Boy Scout camp towards the finish at Meyers. Did some “power trolling” at 5mph to get out of their way. We had a fish on. I never would have understood why they were insanely paddling straight at me without your post.

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  3. I messed up a pair of tires running them at 32psi.  Trailer tires are to be inflated to the maximum pressure indicated on the side of the tire. (normally marked somewhere between 50 and 65 psi)

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