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  1. Guy,

    You can fish for bass in the shallow edges along the west shore from Buck Point south. On the east side from Martins Point south to Burtis point in shallow water near the drop-offs. (on both sides). You can fish for perch on the north end just out of the inlet in 20- 30 fow using minnows. I usually troll for lakers from Buck Point down the west side to Fays Point. Laker bite is slow now though.


  2. First time using cowbells tonight. Slow fishing on Owasco, but did hook up this one on south end of lake in 80 fow. Chartreuse cowbells with a stinger (hot pink w/black eye) spoon. I was using Blacks releases and have had luck with them on lakers??? The cannons would either not release or get false releases.


  3. Nice fish... I was thinking of going down there, but decided it was too much trouble to launch at the village launch, as you described. One person I know in Cooperstown said there was a launch at the State park??? Don't know where that is thoigh.

  4. Nice fish Jeremy! I have to get out there sometine this spring...almost summer to try my luck. Just been to Fairhaven once 2 months ago and caught a brown and a small king on boards. Hangin out on Owasco mostly...went 2 for 3 on Wednesday night in the rain trollin for lakers.


  5. Went out trolling for lakers this afternoon on Owasco in the rain! Hooked up on the 23 inch laker in 60 fow using a silver flasher with a DW spoon (I think) Red and pink with black spots and a large black eye. The smaller laker caught on a nbk green spoon behind a silver flasher. Lost one other large laker at near the boat also on the green nbk spoon. Cold and wet day, but good to get a few fish.



    I'm new at this, so excuse me if I didn't have the correct types of spoons listed.


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