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  1. Cormorants are only one part of the puzzle. The breeding program itself is another. While the fish is happily growing in their tanks and runways they are never exposed to danger like for instance a single walleye in the mix that they would have to learn to hide from. Also the feeding setup in the hatchery is made for the convenience of the workers not taking into account  the constant danger that fish need to learn about in order to survive in the wild. The very protected setup of pen rearing does not help this situation either.

    The end result is that when stocked fish are released ,they are literally "babes in the wild" and everybody comes over to feast on these dumb tasty morsels. The hatcheries would do well to research systems that might produce a more careful and wily hatchling.

  2. You only need a trickle charger to keep your battery charged. 30 amps is only used for a quick burst of power. When the charger cycles between charging and green, it means that the battery is fully charged. But if you only have nine volts even when the battery seems fully charged. there is something wrong with the battery. If you are lucky it is just low water level in some of the cells, but it is a bad idea to count on luck when you are out on the water, so replacement with a new battery would be the smart thing to do.

  3. On 4/14/2021 at 9:50 AM, geoice said:

    Here’s another question for you gentleman I am interested in either of these motors but here’s the issue, If we need any work done to the motor or any replacement parts who or where do we go? There’s almost no one that works on engines anymore

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    One of the members on this board is a certified tohatsu mechanic. He is in Buffalo

  4. 3 hours ago, fisherdude said:

    I have a 8 horse tohatsu the only problem I had is a fuel pump got week. I Would buy the motor again though. With the Socialist Party running the country I believe gas will be 5 6 bucks a gallon before Summer's over so as stated above either motor would work .


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    I will remind you of this post by the end of summer. What will you call the party that won the elections if what you believe turns out to be wrong ?

  5. 2 hours ago, HB2 said:

    And furthermore , we as representatives have been appointed  by our highly respected  federal government's . So that 

    Fact alone should make it clear we are highly qualified in our decision making . 


    There are some native species and water bugs that were in peril . So all the high water damage and the impending low water are a small price to pay to insure their survival. The loss of revenue of lake shore businesses and damage  from high water  has all been factored in .


    So in a show of good faith , everyone should get on board with this . And please give us the appreciation we deserve . We know better than you on this issue . 



    I am appointed to regulate the speed of the Niagara falls, by the king of Spain. So I know better than you HB2

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  6. 3 hours ago, jmyers8 said:

    Do they sell used or refurbished ones? I'm hoping to find a used one before going new.

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    I know about an almost new used one  (used only once) complete with a 12 pound torpedo. About a mile due north of the Oswego Harbor. If you can find it you can have it .

  7. I swung by I-Bay today to see what progress if any was made with the ramps. The news is good. The workers told me that they expect work to wrap up in 2 or 3 weeks. They also told me that the water did come up about a foot in the past 3 weeks. Right now all but the largest 3 axle trailers should (water level wise) be able to launch.

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  8. Agreed. They also in the past, performed electro shocking studies in Irondequoit back in the late 80”s with high success rates. I’d be surprised if it’s changed that much where the ecosystem wouldn’t still be favorable location.



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    The situation in Irondequoit Creek has improved. In some parts, the silt has been removed from the gravel beds making spawning possible again. Also, the small weir dam near the outlet into I-Bay was removed. But I think that the DEC will use fish that is ready to go into the lake as opposed to the smaller fish that needs to stay in the creeks for another year.



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  9. Great news ! I got the boat out of storage ! Earliest I can remember.




    Bad news ! I checked out the launches at Henderson and Stony. The water level is so low, I don’t know if I’ll be able to launch.


    Stony Creek



    I wanted to take a picture of the north side of the launch, but there were two kayakers about to get into a fist fight, so I passed on that pic.


    Henderson is terrible as well. Probably 5-6 feet lower than last year ( although last year was flood conditions)






    I think you’ll probably be able to see the end of the concrete ramp in this pic. It’s even with the shadow of the pole.





  10. Good luck on your next step to the south. Make sure to get a generator and some real good air conditioning. They say that that place gets real hot and real cold.

    As for fishing, I have never seen anybody using down riggers or any of the other cold water fishing gear.  But I would take them and try. You may just start a new trend..

  11. Save your money and buy a B&Js Coleman cooler instead. They are about $30 dollars cheaper and are proven to be better.

    If you pay attention you will see that Costco sells a very limited choice of brands ( one or two brands of tooth paste instead of five brands). They sell only what is most profitable for them, not what is best.

  12. On 3/2/2021 at 6:13 PM, Dschaffer said:

    Good to hear!  Are you running it off of planers?  If so, how are you attaching the 19 strand to board?  Thanks 

    I sometimes run it off otter boards using rubber bands in scotty clamps. When in Owasco lake (solo fishing) I usually just run it out the back. In principle I treat it almost the same as mono(without stretch). My boat is fairly small -19 foot- and the main advantage that weighted steel gives me is its versatility. I used to have six sets of leadcore and 4 sets of copper on board and sometimes it caused me to feel that I was loosing control of the work place. With weighted steel I can do the leadcore jobs and the copper jobs all with just a few almost trouble free weighted steel rods with line counters.

  13. 2 hours ago, Legacy said:


    I wouldnt even attempt to use 19 strand as backer. Stick with braid and you can thank me later.

    Sorry , but I must strongly disagree. I have used 19 strand as backing for three years now, without ever a problem. Besides, according to Matthew (the owner of Torpedo)the sink rate of weighted steel carries over to the 19 strand. 200 feet of WS + 200 feet of 19 strand gets you down to 80 feet. This is because of the weight of the 19 strand and the very thin diameter of the 19 strand which gives it very little water resistance. I checked it at 2 mph pulling a magnum lure with a fishhawk TD and it is a fairly accurate statement.

  14. There is one thing that nobody mentioned in this thread. It is the amount of time that copper is out of the water because of yet another birds nest that needs to be unknotted. It takes a long time, a lot of cursing and nobody is happy about it. weighted steel hardly ever turns into a birds nest and if it does, it gets easily unknotted. Remember. any time a line is out of the water because of technical problems like a knotted line, that line is worthless.

  15. A few years ago I read an article about the cold water coming out of Lake Eerie being an impassible barrier which prevents the movement of salmon from the north shore from crossing to the American side. So the less ice in Eerie, the earlier the salmon will move south.

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  16. Sorry, I'm a sports fisherman, not a prophet, but it is my feeling that at this point there is a lot of natural reproduction in all sorts of creeks. This is up to the point where pen reared fish has become less crucial than it was a few years ago. Anyway, spring kings are more abundant after a soft winter and so far this winter is not terribly harsh, so my prophesy would be that ,yes, there will be spring kings,but they will not be of epic size

  17. You have not seen anything yet. It's just starting!!!!!!

    No , it’s not just starting. It has been going on for about 2 decades. News and opinion are mixed into an entertainment show because it is a very cheap way to provide an interesting vehicle for selling advertising to a very targeted market.
    If it is unbiased news you are after then you can always get public radio (npr) or bbc.

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  18. 6 hours ago, whaler1 said:

    Two years ago today my son and I picked up our current lake boat in New Jersey. No sea trial, didn’t even look under the shrink wrap. Bought it and trailered it home.
    The boat has been fantastic, no regrets. IMG_0253.JPG

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    Yes, but not every boat is a Boston Whaler.

  19. 22 hours ago, guffins fisherman said:

    The big igloo coolers from sam's are the way to go if you are a cold water fisherman. They are the only coolers that are long enough to hold the big kings and the big lakers. I just can't see paying for the Yetis, the RTICs, etc and putting fish stink in them forever. If you put fish in it once in a while, maybe someone can scrub every little nook and cranny to get the stink out, but if it has fish in it all the time, it will forever be a fish box.

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    I use the igloos as well. Usually there is a spring sale at BJs for $65 for the 150 quart coolers. As for cleaning, I usually first put in a 50 gallon garbage bag and then ice and fish inside the bag. So no smell. If you still want it cleaner, there is a product called "spray nine" It will get it clean and odorless.

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