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  1. Go here http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/  They should have them under gold star "smoke silver glow".  Not sure if they are still made but the extended blue-glow Optitackle dodger at http://www.tackletheoutdoors.com/TackleStore/TroutSalmon/tabid/69/ProductID/326/List/0/Default.aspx?SortField=ProductName,ProductName gets a lot of play mostly for lakers.  Alderton dodgers (action dodgers) chrome with customized crush glow or glow slick on both sides.  Orange small Alderton (action)dodger for cohos.


    Stan, just sell the house in California and move to the shores of Lake Ontario!




    The population of the town I live and grew up in and am 5th generation of that town living on the same property, only has a population of 15 souls......I love fishing but you want me to put up with how many people ?  Can I have all my guns there ? What about my mortar is it legal there ?  or my water cooled 30 Cal ? I would have to dig all new tunnels and put in all new Spider traps. Is it really worth all that ?

  2. It is in Montreal.  It is not affecting American waters so I guess we have no control over the situation.  Stupid decision for sure.  It just goes to show the US is not the only country with screwed up politicians.....


    The real problem is these people are eating Taters that climate change has poisoned...Same thing scientists found effecting Washington D.C. decisions  

  3. Bob


    Not sure about the fishing right now, seems this 29 degree mornings weather is a bit cold for me lately....Might turn into an afternoon fisherman , but I can live with that..Snow all around us here which I hate to see. I love a low lake for two reasons, one saves on gas second the fish are in a smaller aquarium. besides the Liberals down south don't need any stinking water.




    Wife asked me last week why men die before woman.........I thought for a minute and said " it's because we want to "  

  4. Sure is great to see you on the board Stan.  Hope all is well out on the left coast. Keep in touch.


    Life is great once again, once the doctors found I was running around 2 1/2 pints low. Back to fishing again, getting my Tackle co. back next week, now to find two 20 year old's ( 1 Blond & 1 redhead ) to keep up with me. This getting old Bob is not for the weak of heart, 

  5. Which FL & size do you like for Rainbow Trout and Browns ?


    Bob painted me up some custom colors about 4 years ago for here in California, I have to say they have out fished any of the West Coast popular stuff on the market here.


    What was great he would not even start until I sent him pictures of the lake waters I fish here and Oregon. Some of the lakes are crystal clear you can see bottom at 50' others have a green tint with a visibility maybe 3' .

  6. I paint my balls to make them less visible for the reason that I don't want fish checking them out.  Use the White-tailed deer color principle.  Dark on top, green (like the water color) on the sides and a light coating of white on the bottom.  These color principals flatten the object out against the background colors and lessen the shadow under the ball.  Loose the steel downrigger cable to reduce cable hum noise.  Think about it .....how many of those majors staging off ports have been stuck by a hook before?  I would bet the ones that got away or released have a negative experience associated with noisy cables.  Add to the mix the pounding by the fleet during this time of year and you have a recipe for negative fish behavior.  When team Cold Steel went to braid downrigger cable I took notice as Oswego charters pound the crap out of the same water over and over putting tremendous pressure on fish.  Good enough for them......good enough for me.  Nicer on the hands too.  I have been using AFW green on my riggers for about 7 years and I will not go back to steel.


    You might be painting your weights thinking the fish can't see them..Did you ever think about the vibration they are putting out going through the water ? has to be worse than any color you could paint the weights

  7. My youngest son is in to Stock cars as well as Auto Cross racing....Mark, Hank what did I do wrong ? This car he has was in the India 500 last year.....He makes just to much money for a kid of only 32....This video is a brake in run. he says there only doing 125 to 140 mph when the light goes green, but video does not do it justice......Car will do will over 250 mph....All I wanted was a new truck good thing I am not holding my breath.


    L.A is for Los Angles California


  8. The Native Americans out West here are saying it's going to be a real bad winter, White man is stocking lots of firewood.


    There was a documentary on history channel last week talking about a new Ice age in the making....Weather is like politics


    Fact is the planet is a living breathing pile of dirt , rock and water, more volcanoes have erupted around the world in the last two years than any time I can remember. That has to have something to do with the weather according to my third grade teacher.  

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