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  1. Hi guys I am from California and where the shuttle hawk came from. Gary Morales shasta tackle co. is a good friend of mine. The bad thing about them is your stacking two rods on one D/W. Then even if you set them a drifferent depths they are still in the same track. I have turned to your way of fishing with dipsy divers and steel line , planner boards and my d/r . I seem to catch more fish off the dipsy than my stacked d/r. rods on the shuttle hawk.

  2. Hi guys I am from California , have been fishing over 50 years. Just last winter I started to fish with Dipsy Divers and my Downriggers, My Dipsy divers started to pick up more fish than my D/R. then I got a okuma rod with rollers and that made a big drifferance. then to planner boards and I don't think you can get anymore stelth that that. Now it's time for copper. I just got my new Okuma rod and a penn 340GTGi and put on the backing and 300' of copper and ready to try it out. Can any one tell me what works better for Browns . Spoons , dodger & fly or stickbaits ? Sure could use the help from you guys , my friends out here think I have gone off the deep end.

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