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  1. It was through the channel markers out to the lake. The bay itself was 2 to 3 feet-ish.

    Was low water towards the end of ice fishing.

    I thought that last year after the channel was dredged that the channel depth was 4 to 6 ft?  So even with the level down shouldn't there still be 2-4 ft of depth thru the channel?
    For the gentleman that bottomed out with your jon boat, did you bottom out in the channel?  Farther back in the bay?  Or out in the lake past the last channel marker?
    Just curious.
    I have a 21 ft Crestliner and obviously am worried about launching/trying to get out in the lake to fish.
    Forecasts are for the lake to rise 11-12 inches by mid April, if that is any good news.

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