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  1. Fenwick HMX 12' 6" Float Rod and Sheffield Okuma Centerpin Reel in almost new condition. Rod currently retails for $129 and reel for $219. Yours for $250 for the pair. I am in Irondequoit, NY. My name is Ed 585-314-1091. Great deal. I would also trade for quality firearms in part or whole. Thanks.
  2. I'll take any. Depth, temp, jigs, live bait, smell, taste, anything. Thanks!!!
  3. I fished on Saturrday. We boated 15. Biggest was 8lbs. We were not entered in the derby. I took one look at that fish at the weigh-in station and could not believe my eyes. I've fished on that lake for over 50 years and have never caught a laker bigger than 13lbs. I'm still shocked at the size of that thing.
  4. I have a 18' Tracker that I bought brand new in 2019. Nice boat. But there are some serious ergonomic design flaws. Cant completely open live wells when back and front seats are installed - huh? Can go to full throttle if driver seat is turned the wrong way - seat hits throttle upon rotation - dangerous Cavitates unless trim is set 95-100% full down Switches for power, bilge, live wells - almost impossible to tell if on or off. Two dead batteries to prove it. Simple stuff any engineer could look at and say - this sucks. Has full welded hull so that's nice. The Lund was just too much money for me. I know they're great. I also wish I could get a Honda or Suzuki. Not an option. Trailers they sell with the boat are awesome. Can load by your self easily.
  5. Pick up in Rochester or will ship for $10. $20. 585-314-1091
  6. Pick up in Rochester. $25 or BO. 585-314-1091
  7. Pick up in Rochester. $40 or BO. 585-314-1091
  8. Currently rigged with nylon braid. Pick up in Rochester. $85 or BO 585-314-1091
  9. I have a Seth Green rig that could be also be converted to a Copper rig. Pick up in Rochester. $125 or BO 585-314-1091
  10. What weight balls do you guys use? Could anybody tell me what is normal amount of angle our downrigger wire is at while trolling? Is there a simple way to calculate the actual depth of the ball based on the wire angle? Thanks!
  11. Chicong

    Genny Walleyes

    Never eaten anything out of there. I know what they did at kodak
  12. Tick tick tick. That's the secret.
  13. Chicong

    Genny Walleyes

    Had a good evening tonight 5-9 on the Genny. Drove up to Seth Green Island and landed 15 or so Walleye. Night Crawlers on a small hook above a weight landed half for me. Also casted a bright orange lipless crankbait for the other half. Neighbor did well with deep diving crankbaits for the Walleyes. He also landed 4-5 smaller catfish on a float rig above a crawler. Anywhere upstream of Seth Green on the East side was really good. All released. There is a dude camping on Seth Green. Possibly homeless guy. But a fisherman so he's good with me. Alleged that he caught huge eyes in the morning on shrimp. I call BS. If you are a good Walleye angler unlike me, maybe you could do better. Good luck. Will try to post pics later.
  14. Good job! I think almost any way to wind up the copper will work as long as you don't end up with a rats nest. I use have salt water rods with Penn 49 reels. When I am pulling the copper, though, I always have the copper line in my hand. SOme of the old timers used these wooden loom like things with a handle on either side one on top and one on bottom. I also have a Victrola that works nice. I never liked the Sutton spoons for copper. Always seemed too light for me. I like the heavier Pflueger Record 4's, 4 1/2's and 5's (or copies) in all silver or blue and white combos. I also prefer braided wire to solid to avoid kinks. Finally on the Pflueger's I like the dangling hook versus the fixed but both work. Sometimes you can find those spoons cheap on Ebay if you spell the search wrong. A little hint for you.
  15. Thanks. You're right. Most of the Lakers we got were not that big. Maybe biggest was 6 lbs. It's a little hard for me to get down to 60 with the copper but I have a downrigger. Thanks for the tip on the bows. Could you let me know what lures, depth and speed for those?
  16. Launched at the north end 9AM. Battery dead. Go to auto parts store. Purchase and install new battery. Bam - $132. Fished north and south from the Christian Camp to Steamboat Landing and back unitl about 1230. Boated 20. Lost another 15. Method: Tackle: Ocean Roller Tip Rod, Penn 49L. Copper wire. I think it is .22 gauge. I like the braided wire but you can use solid. Lures: Pflueger 4. One with fixed hook. One with dangling hook. 4 1/2 and 5's work fine too. You can use Pflueger knock-off's and other brands as well. I used all silver but blue and white combo works very well too. Some people use mag lip type lures or something called a twin minnow. The intent is to get a lure that will look like a sawbelly aka alewive. No backing. No leader. Wire straight from the reel to the lure. Depth: 35 - 40' Presentation: Trolling, Jerking and Fluttering Motion bottom bouncing. Hold the line in your hand when you manipulate the lure. Speed: 1-1.3MPH. Slower seemed to be better. If you don't have electronics just go between the points north and south. Should be the same this weekend. We saw them on the graph before we got them. Make sure hooks are sharp and you have to be on the bottom. To get there I put out almost 75-90% of a full reel on the 49L. If you don't catch or hook something in 5 minutes, reel up and check your hook for a weed or zebra mussel. I've been doing this same method for 45 years and it always works. Your arm should be tired at the end of the day. Also spotted a ton of (smaller) fish in the 15-20' range but didn't try too hard to get them. There is a huge depth change in front of the camp so watch for that. Good spot on the incline. Good luck.
  17. I have one all set up. It’s. Penn 49L. With a roller fiberglass rod. I think I paid 100for it a while back. Sell for the same or would,trade for dipsy rods and reels. I live in a Irondequoit. 585 314 1091. My name is Ed
  18. We fished 7-1230 on Saturday out of Woodville. I used to own a cottage up by the Christian Camp. We ran the chute back and forth from the camp to Steamboat Landing. at least 6-7 times. Boated 26 and lost 10-12 more. Was fishing copper with Pfleuger 4's silver or blue white in 35-45'. Trolled with the Minnkota at 1.5MPH. It is a run I have made 100's of times and this seems to be one of my best. Only problem - no size. Biggest fish was 4lbs. I pulled in at least 5 that were less than <1lbers and killed a few because the hook f-'d them up too much. Oh well - constant action. They have been eaten. We brought a first timer and he is hooked. I agree. Launches were bad. Wonder if it is worse because so many launches on the big lake are closed???? Good luck.
  19. Boated 26 between 7:00 -12:30 yesterday. Used copper wire with Pflueger 4's dragging south from the Christian Camp to Steamboat Landing. 30-45' @ 1.5MPH Lost 10 more. Epic day. Only bad thing was that no fish was heavier than 4lb. Lot of fish but not big ones. Good Luck
  20. Not sure I am allowed to ask about a finger lake - but any idea how deep the Lakers are right now 6/7/19?
  21. It is not that complicated. If you want to see the equipment we use and are in the Rochester area, I can give you some spoons to get you started because they don't make Pfleuger 4's anymore. The key is trolling slow and be on the bottom. If you are not on the bottom you are wasting your time. My family has always kind of trolled and jigged the spoon as we were trolling to get more action. We have fished for 30+ years this way on the East side of Canandaigua Lake south of the Christian Camp to the next point south in 30-40' of water. We never even had a depth finder. Just went between one point to the next point. Right now is a killer time to go. As the water warms they get out deeper.
  22. FLX. Thanks for the info. We have been using like .022 guage copper line for years. No backing and no leader. Just copper. I have always wondered if that was such a good set up. What guage copper do you use? Leader size? We do not use level wind reels. Just open 49L's. that you have to level with your thumb when you are reeling up. We have donated a lot of copper to the bottom. It's just a family thiong we have always done since I was a little kid. Probably not the best way to skin a cat. You have probably snagged a couple of my lines if you fish the east side by the camp. Usually after the fish get out to 70 feet we give up in the middle of the summer. We have never been able to get to the bottom with the reels we have. Probably becuase we have not used any backing. That might help. Our frineds on Senenca Lake have used big pearl flatfish with copper and that seems to work. Personally I have not had much luck withn Suttons. The Pfluegers are heavier and seem to catch more fish. We're probably living in the stone age - any advice would help.
  23. First post here. Looks like a great site. My family has been fishing Canandaigua Lake for about 40 years. We have always used copper rigs for Lake Trout. I have caught and released many many fish. I am 43 years old. I would like to try using lead core line becuase the copper is effective but a paibn in the butt. I don't know what you would use to try the lead core. I have been using Penn 49L reels wiht roller tip rods with the copper. Udually use Pfleuger 4's and 5's wiht the copper. Lately have been using dangling hooks versus the fixed hooks. What should I sue as far as reels and rods and lures for the lead core? Also wondering about othert lures that might work wiht the copper whyile I am also trying the lead. Thanks for the help.
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