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  1. I was hoping that this was going to get around to j-plugs, cut plugs, etc. What was once a go-to bait is now a late fall afterthought, why ? I'd like to hear if plugs are finding their way back into the mix and when and how they are being used. ( I have noticed that the teams on Salmon Showdown seem to use them more often than we do.)
  2. LOTSA School and Niagra Fishing Show 'Just returned home from the Greater Niagra Fishing Show and the LOTSA Salmon School. Once again, both events were top notch. The Show continues to grow each year while maintaining the character of a true fishing exhibition. There was a great mix of local and regional vendors with products and services on all aspects of Great Lakes angling. The seminars that I attended were very informative and well presented, (the number of seminars and the variety of topics is incredible for a show still in it's infancy). The LOTSA school was terrific. The instructors were well prepared and used their considerable knowledge and experience to keep the presentation moving, which allowed for a great amount of information to be covered in a relatively short time frame. The presenters had a good chemistry and effectively passed along their enthusiasm along with their "secrets for success". My thanks go out to Joe Yeager, Tim Broumond, all of the LOTSA volunteers, as well as, Bill Hilts and his team for an outstanding weekend.
  3. Thanks Rick, LOMA II will be at the OOO and perhaps 2/3 of the KoO tourneys. John
  4. Just arrived home after the 10 hour trip from Pt. Breeze and the OOO. Great time despite the weather. My thanks go out to Rick, Bob, Paul, and all of those who work to put on this quality event. Also, a nod of appreciation to the many sponsors. Team LOMA ll is already talking about 2017.
  5. I generally watch the Showdown on their website. However, this season, only the first episode is available. Anyone heard of the reason that further episodes have not been released ? Luckily, the second and third installments have been posted on this site....Thanks Guys.
  6. I have attended the LOTSA Salmon School and Flea Market for the last four years, as well as, the Niagra show since it began. This year's school was outstanding, (I'd say the best that I've attended, and they all have been great). The Niagra Show is still growing and gets better each year. This year the exhibition floor was terrific (excellent quality and variety of vendors). I also had the opportunity to sit in on two of the hour long seminars, (Capt. Russ Gahagan on Tournament Tactics and Capt. Rick Hajecki on Fishing Electronics), both were informative and enjoyable. The Flea Market was off this year, but, I'm sure that it will rebound in 2017. Hat's Off to the LOTSA volunteers who work to make this awesome event all that it is.
  7. I have owned a V-20 since 1994, (boat is a '87). In my opinion, there is not a better 20' boat afloat. Although I no longer us it on Lake Ontario, it continues to serve me well. My buddy also has one, (a little older than mine, but in very nice shape) that we have used on Lake O often. These boats are stable, roomy, and handle rough water better than many larger craft. A crew of three is ideal, four is kind of tight. I only upgraded for more room.
  8. I have had the good fortune to have met and spoken with Capt. Carl on a few occasions at Oak Orchard. He was always very upbeat, approachable and helpful. A great example for all Lake O Capts. I wish him all the best in his new venture/adventure.
  9. Team LOMA 2 would like to thank the OOO Tournament Committee for another outstanding event. Despite our dismal finish, we had a terrific time and we'll be back. Rick, Paul, and Bob (along with everyone else involved) produce a class tournament and deserve a collective "Thanks". Great job guys, we appreciate your efforts. John, Jr, Phil, and Old Timer---Team LOMA 2
  10. Contact Capt. Earl Rutty, "Bag-Lady" out of Oak Orchard. Mrs. Rutty makes a very nice rigger cover. Bought mine at the Niagra Show in 2014. I assume that she's still in the business. Good Luck.
  11. Fatboy, I will be at Oak Orchard (fishing the Open) at the same time you plan to make your trip. I'll be happy to share any info with you. While my crew and I are by no means experts, if we have any timely tips, etc., I'll be happy to talk to you. You will find the folks at the Oak more than willing to help a newbie learn the game (although the Open may keep some lips tight). We will be docked at the Four C's. White/red Sportcraft 252 "LOMA 2". John
  12. Paul, Just got back home after my quick trip to the Oak. Good chatting with you at the marina. I checked out the Billy picture you posted, it looks like a killer. Can't wait for it's release. Good luck and good fishing, leave a few, I'll be back May 2nd thru 10th. John Fahey Rec Boat LOMA 2
  13. Paul, I spoke to the Bay Rat guys while at the Niagra Falls show and they said that a "Billy Baroo" was on the drawing board. I didn't know that it had been released yet. Undoubtedly, a soon to be favorite brown trout bait.
  14. 2 favorites; (1) Thunderstick in Firetiger (2) Bay Rat in Oscar's Revenge (very similar to the newer style thunderstick called "Erie Ugly" Very honorable mention; Thunderstick's Billy Baroo (discontinued and nearly impossible to find)
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