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  1. I have watched Salmon Showdown online through Season IV, (and have become a fan). Where can Season V be seen ? Will it be accesssed on the Salmon Showdown website once the broadcast season is over ? Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. Guys, I've used Tuna Tom's three times this year and have been favorably impressed. Fast turnaround, quality workmanship, and amazing prices. From my experiences, Tuna Tom's is the only place for reel service and repair. He has worked on Penn, Diawa, and Okuma for me, nothing short of terrific !
  3. My thoughts and prayers go out to Joe and his family. Although we have never met, a fisherman and conservationist is a friend to all of us.
  4. I wear the Sea Bands every day on the water. They work great for me. First thing I do when getting on the boat is to slip them on. I've tried putting them on at the onset of sickness and they didn't help. 'Can't explain their effectiveness, but, as long as they do the job, I don't care how or why they work. My head and stomach trust in them and so do I. As much as I love to fish no fish is worth the torture of seasickness.
  5. Still waiting for the results of last weeks King of the Oak Tournament as well as the totals heading into the next event. Any headway being made ?
  6. My buddies and I travel 665 miles (one way) to enjoy Lake Ontario. What started out as a "one week a year" adventure has turned into 4 or 5 trips a summer. Sure, a ten and a half hour drive (12 towing a boat), can be painful, but, it's worth it. We're not even home from one trip and we're planning for the next. When folks at home ask me why I go to Lake Ontario to fish when Maine has so many lakes, rivers, and streams, I explain that "in Maine we measure a good fish in inches, in New York we do it in pounds !"
  7. (2) Scotty downriggers, model 1116, with all standard features; stainless steel booms, swivel mounts, dual rod holders,etc. These riggers came on a boat I purchased and I am a Cannon fan. Prior owner said that they were only a year old (last Aug.). I would describe them to be in "like new" condition, $800.00 for the pair, shipping arrangements are negotiable.
  8. The Oak Orchard Open was our first venture into "big time" tournament fishing.......it won't be our last. We had a terrific time ! Lots to enjoy and lots to learn. The sportsmanship and comraderie were obvious. The organizers did a great job. Congrats to Team Yankee Troller and all of the teams involved. Thanks for the hospitality.
  9. Still needing an observer for both days of the Oak Orchard Open. $100.00 per day. Contact me if interested and available; [email protected] (207) 745-1805 cell, (207) 990-3757 work Thanks for considering
  10. Fished out of Oak Orchard each morning for the week just pased. All in all, a terrific week of fishing and a good shakedown for our new ride "LOMA 2". Fishing was all inside of 20 ft. and mostly in 12 ft. or less. Brown trout were most cooperative with over 120 landed. Average weight was 3 to 5 lbs., but, we did catch several in the 8 to 10 lb. class. We also managed a couple of decent kings, many 3/5 lb. coho, rainbows up to 7 lbs., and a couple of 10 lb+ lakers. Our program was very basic with 3 lines on each planer board and 2 riggers set at 4 ft. Setbacks on the boards were 125, 100, and 75 ft., the riggers were set about 60 ft. behind the balls. Jr. thundersticks in green, firetiger, and silver and black were the ticket for us off the boards. Riggers were set with superslims; bud-lite, nbk, glow-frog, and mixed veggies. Every- thing was picked on at one time or the other. Although we did not fish deeper water we did see several boats trying their luck a little further out. Water temps and color were perfect for fishing in tight. Good Luck to All. Get out and give it a shot.
  11. Being new to the tournament scene, I have to ask, What is a calcutta ? Are they always run on the day prior to an event like the WHI, OOO, or Pro-Ams ?
  12. Observer needed for both days of the Oak Orchard Open. We are travelling in from Bangor, Maine and don't know any local folks whom might be available and interested. We will pay the going rate for your participation. If interested please call me at 207-745-1805. Thank You.
  13. Hi Guys, Long time, long distance member. Living in Maine, and only able to get to Lake O three or four times a year, this site is our connection to what's happening on and around the Lake. The sharing of information on the site is generous and always much appreciated. We will try to provide any information that we can while we are on the water. My buddies and I fish out of Oak Orchard as often as we can. Over the past several seasons we have fished out of a Red/ white Wellcraft V-20 named JUNEBUG. This year, we will be using a "new to us" 252 Sportcraft named LOMA 2. 'Give us a shout, we love to talk (almost as much as we love to fish). We will be giving the tournament scene a try this year. We plan to fish the Oak Orchard Open as well as a couple of the 'King of the Oak' days if we can work it out. Looking forward to a great year.
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