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  1. This weekend I noticed that I was getting a false depth reading on my screen. The other 2 rigger lines were accurate. The rigger with the Sub troll probe was showing up twice as deep and near the bottom in 110 FOW. I was thinking that maybe the other Raytheon thru hull may be interfering with it so I shut that down and the problem persisted. The transducer on the Raymarine C90W is mounted on the transom and I usually operate them on different frequencies. Does anyone know how to remedy this? Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks.



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  2. Bob those were developed and tested out on Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. I myself was using similar rigs from another tackle company last year that was hooverin' up the lakers for me. Now ProKing is in that market so I'll be using those this season. Unfortunately there is little in the ways of proprietary tackle these days. I've seen the rigs made by Gambler that you are referring to and they look good and I'm sure they are quality lures that will catch lakers. I'm just sharing what's new and available from ProKing this season. Good luck this season.



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  3. Does anyone have an old king marine auto pilot for parts that may have been on a boat you might have purchased or refurbished? My handle or engage lever broke last year and I had bigger problems to worry about getting the motor running properly. This year I'd like to fix the lever prior to splash down. Overall the auto pilot is just a glorified steering wheel lock so I'm not going in circles when we are netting fish. Hope to have a legit auto pilot in the next season or two but for now I'd like to get this taken care of. I did call the original owner of the company last year and he said he had maybe a handle or two laying around but he wanted top dollar for what is a cheap plastic part. If I can avoid going that route I will try and do so.


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  4. The toilet on my boat is the original one that came with it almost 30 years ago. Seat cracked, pimp handle stripped out last year and it has seen better days. It's almost cheaper to buy a whole new Jabsco toilet as opposed to replacing the seat and replacing the pump section. The feedback I read that it was easy to replace the whole toilet but that the modern day was made with much cheaper parts like most things seem to be these days. Has anyone done this with their boats both partial replacement or whole replacement. Also did you incur any issues while doing so. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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  5. Be sure to give the Pro glo series a try also. Mr. Green jeans has been taking fish everytime in out.



    All 3 Kings taken on the Mr. green jeans spoon in an afternoon of fishing solo for a few hours and it continues to produce this season as well. Prior to that it was the Dragon slayer mag spoon which was hit the season prior for me.

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