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  1. Thanks for the replies. I have tied more flys and patterns than I will probably use the next couple of seasons but I have been enjoying it. Scott B. you have some good looking and unique fly patterns :yes: . Definitely gave me a few other ideas than the clones I made of my favorite Big weenie flies and some old Atomiks that I still have.

  2. I have a bit of LBB in just about all of my flies. I haven't tied a caramel dolphin or a red black and silver fly. Thanks for the suggestions. I may give them a try. I have caught fish on a caramel dolphin spoon before so I'm sure it would work in a fly pattern. Just curios what condition I would use a the black, silver and red fly High or low light?

  3. I have been tying my own flies this year for the first time just to pass the time until fishing season. I have placed a few orders for materials and supplies with Gary at Big Weenie. I have tied 3 or 4 flies of each pattern that has worked for me over the years. I have most of the successful green and white patterns that are popular and have worked for me in the past already tied. I am at the point where I am having a mental block. I have a few other off color patterns too . I was just looking for some patterns or recipes from fellow tyers that I'm not even thinking about. I have a wide array different color materials etc. Just looking for some input. I am looking forward to landing some on the ones I tied. Your feedback as always is appreciated.

  4. I found that smaller is better early on. Go with 4"" and smaller in rapalas, storm, smithwicks and when it comes to spoons, Dream weaver SS, Scorpion sized stingers and little cleos work for me. You can catch them on bigger too , but overall smaller is better early season and fishing shallow. Good luck with your new addiction. :yes:

  5. Thanks for the replies . I'll check out the videos. I usually tie a improved clinch on most of my hooks but I know that's not what is used on the tournament tie for the rigs and I can't use that for the octopus hook above the . I have 50lb fluoro

    I'll be good on that. I figure I'll tie about 30 up and that should do me for most of the season.

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  6. I pretty much use the same lures, rapalas, storm jr thunder stick and thin fins, rogues and an assortment of scorpion sized spoons. Had some good luck with Cabelas real image stick baits, but the hooks break easily just replace them with better ones. Thanks for the feedback just was looking to see if there may be something out there that I was not aware of that I could me be using to increase my catch.

  7. Rod,

    I would have loved to have gone but had to work out of town for the weekend. I could have met on 81N near Wilkes-Barre since your coming up through my neck of the woods anyway. I am a regular customer of Jon's as well having a slip on the Little Salmon at Mike's Marina. It would have helped me ease the fishing fever that i'm suffering with this warm weather. Well maybe next year.

  8. I just thought I'd pass this on. It's something to do to beat the cabin fever. My friend, Ron Jacoby (Beginner's Luck) will be giving one of the seminar's and Pete Lahosky (Prime Time) will be giving the other. The also have a bunch of other fresh and saltwater fishing seminars taking place that weekend.

    Cabela’s Captain’s Weekend March 17 & 18,

    Saturday & Sunday Store Hours Fishing Dept.

    Cabela’s invites fishing enthusiasts to come join over 20 captains and guide services during our sixth annual Spring Great Outdoor Day’s Captain’s Weekend. Anglers will have the chance to speak with industry experts, book fishing trips, and attend several seminars presented daily by attending captains.

    Wire Line Dipsy Diver Fishing for King Salmon with Captain Ron Jacoby

    Captain Ron Jacoby has been fishing Lake Ontario’s Mexico Bay for 17 years and he has been a licensed Captain for over 10 years. Join Ron as he presents his highly informative seminar on King Salmon using the Wire Line Dipsy Diver technique. The King Salmon get huge on Lake Ontario and Ron knows how to catch them.

    Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

    Location: Second Floor Conference Room

    Salmon Fishing on Lake Ontario with Captain Pete Lahosky

    Captain Pete Lahosky, owner of Prime Time Sportfishing Charters, specializes in Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Trips. Captain Pete is also a six time Lake Ontario Challenge Cup champion with over 20 years experience fishing Lake Ontario. If you have a passion for lake salmon fishing then this seminar is for you.

    Saturday & Sunday, 11:00 a.m.

    Location: Second Floor Conference Room

  9. A friend had lent me his custom built rods to try for a few months last year that were built on 9' 5wt fly rod blanks. We landed nice sized fish on light weight line using these rods. These rods are pretty expensive to buy and I toyed with the idea of making my own. I came across these HT Charters choice rods on Fish 307. They are 10' noodle rods and extremely cheap. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these rods. I know you usually get what you pay for, just hoping this wasn't the case.

  10. I have been running 2 Okuma 8' 2 piece Convector rods thats guides are made to accommodate the larger copper line with out any hassle. They also have a triangular handle which is a nice feature. It seems to reduce the hand and arm fatigue for when the lures go for a nice long ride time and time again as you are fighting a big fish. Love using the copper. I like to hand that rod off to a buddy when it fires knowing it's going to be a little bit time before we'll get to see that fish. :lol:

  11. I'm looking at some refurbished 535's online and they claim all inland maps included with this model. Does that include the great lakes? Mainly Lake Ontario, that the only place I fish with this boat. The price is right at $449.00 but want to know if anyone has any of these and if they are happy with them. Please let me know. Thanks. :yes:

  12. Last year was the first time I was able to get out and fish the lake in April. We were able to get out for 2 days and did well both times out. I was amazed at the success with the scorpion sized spoons and small sized stick baits. I don't have too many small lures for early season browns. Just wondering what works for you early season and in shallow water (lures and colors). I'd like to add a few more lures to my arsenal. April can't get here soon enough IMO. :yes: Thanks for your feedback.

  13. Big Weenie has a bunch of supplies that you can order online. I ordered the materials and tied some this past weekend for the first time. It's fairly easy to do and fun as well. Looking forward to catching some on the ones I tied myself. That will be a while since I'm on the east end of the lake and they salmon tend not to show up up mid summer. Good luck and enjoy.


  14. There is a few good seminars during Captain's weekend at Cabela's in Hamburg Pa. That's probably a lot closer. They are very informative, but like chowder said, you are not going to walk out of there after an hour knowing everything you need to know about how to catch them every time out on the water. I'll send you a PM.

  15. I am thinking about upgrading from my B&W Hummingbird 565 to something in color and is high def. I am not sure if this can be found for under $500.00 but just looking to see whats avaialble and what alot of the budget minded are using. GPS would be nice but from what I heard and read having both on the same unit is not good since it makes the screen smaller and if one goes then they are both no good. I can get away with using my hand held for another year. That purchase may come in 2013.

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