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  1. I beleieve I may have talked to you or your friend a month or so ago on the gas dock at Mikes. I believe you're from Wilkes Barre or Dallas. Let me know if that was you or not. I personally am having one of my best seasons ever. I will be up for an extended weekend for the holiday. Give me a shout if you're at Mike's marina.

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  2. You guys had a steady pick all weekend. It's a damn shame that fish didn't hit the day before for your team the standing would probably been different. Awesome fish regardless. :yes: You guys seem to be stuck in the LT zone every time that we talked to you on Friday and Saturday. Congrats on you placement anyway. I'll see you up there this weekend or maybe you'll be seeing me from work. :lol:

  3. I attached a pic of a steelhead I caught this past weekend. Unfortunately I don't have another picture of it, but it was missing a fin where my hand is holding it on the bottom. Does anyone know where you can find a chart or listing of where the fish was stocked or came from? I'd like to have it for future reference to see how far the fish may have traveled from it's original stocking location just for the fun of it.


  4. I definitely let him know about it after I saw where we were. He was too busy texting his girlfriend as opposed to looking at where he was trolling. After I changed out the lures and realized where we were at I was preparing for shots across my bow, chase boats and helicopters to be sent out after us. :lol: I just will have to be driving whenever we are that close to the buoys so he won't get distracted and off course again. Thanks.

  5. Fishing Report Mexico Jun. 10-11, 2011

    Your Name / Boat Name:Gotta Bite




    Date(s):Jun. 10-11, 2011

    Time on Water:6-1, 6-1

    Weather/Temp:Mixed overcast, sunny, overcast again....

    Wind Speed/Direction:

    Waves: 1-2 to glass at times

    Surface Temp:


    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 6/3

    Total Boated:6/2

    Species Breakdown:All browns and possibly coho or steelhead

    Hot Lure: NK28 Dirty White Boy and Dream Weaver Beefeater glow, NK silver spoon w/ green tape

    Trolling Speed:

    Down Speed: 1.9-2.3

    Boat Depth: 40-80 FOW

    Lure Depth: 20 to 40 down




    Arrived in town with my son Thursday not expecting much action since we did well the week before and figured the transition was about to take place and have the fish all scattered. That was not the case after about an hour of trolling we found pod after bait pod some taking up the entire screen shortly after trolling through them rods started firing and we picked up a fish just about everytime we trolled through one. It seemed to always be when we trolled west. Anyway we ended up getting 5 of our 6 trout limit in no time. It would take another hour or so and a switch from the Dispseys to Leadcore and we had our 6th trout within 10 minutes of switching over. We landed that fish on a wolverince silver sreak Green dolphin spoon with the high sun shining down on us. Otherwise all fish we caught most when it was dark and over cast. Ran the Michael Jackson stinger off the rigger and the NK Dirty white boy off the braid dipsey and like last week that seemed to be the ticket in the overcast conditions. The other rigger and dipsey has the SS Beefeater glow and Stinger froggy glow with the beefeater taking the fish.

    Stormed early on Saturday morning and we found the fish scattered and very small bait pods that took us awhile to locate. A lot more boats were in there area and found that what had worked they day before was not really working until the NK28DWB fired off the Dipsey and my son had a nice 7lb brown boated. No sooner did we get the fish in the box when the Stinger double crush off the rigger go off to the races. The fish made several nice runs and mangeed to tangle my dipsey and rigger cable After many attempts and rod rodeo between the lines we were able to land this 10lb brown which was bigger than my biggest brown last weekend of 8.5lbs. Hopefully they will continue to go up in size with each week. ;) . We continued to fish with no action until we headed out into 80 FOW and we switched over to the Lead core since the sun got high and bite diminished for us. I decided to run a Smithwick rogue off the six color LC/ planer set up. We got a strike almost immediately my son fought it for a few minutes almost getting spooled one time by the fish's big runs. The line goes slack and we thought maybe we were broke off. We reeled it the line and lure to find one of the trebles broken off. I can only think it was a coho possibly since they we being caught by some other boats in that area that day, or maybe a steelhead. I'll never know. We fished about an hour longer after changing out lures with the changing conditions. No luck so we called it a day. Looking forward to getting back out on the water at the end of the month.

    My son caught this Northern right off the dock while I was getting the boat ready Thursday night. It was a good start to our trip for the weekend.


    Once we found them we would stay on them. They were feeding heavily that morning


    One brown trout spit out this gizzard shad in the boat after we landed him in the boat. The NK28 spoon was the perfect size to match the hatch as we ended up landing him on it.


    The results after Friday morning


    The big boy of the weekend for us. I'm hoping for bigger before the season is out.


    Not as productive as Friday but still a nice catch


  6. I have a 23' sea sprite which i converted over to a fishing boat. It isn't huge but it does the job for me. One issue I have is net storage. I have it down in the cuddy to keep it out of the way and the rods and hooks getting stuck in it. Well when we have a good day it is crazy breaking it down and the popping it back into place in between each fish. I would leave it out but it then gets snagged, Sometimes I put it on top of the roof and if it's choppy it slides down into the boat or off the side which almost cost me the net. I think it's ridiculous to pay almost $75.00 for a rod holder to mount on my side rail, but not sure if there is a cheaper alternative or brand out there. If you guys can help me out with maybe what has worked for you, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

  7. Fishing Report Mexico Jun. 3-5, 2011

    Your Name / Boat Name: Gotta Bite!




    Date(s):Jun. 3-5

    Time on Water:4-8 pm/ 6-11 am/ 6-10 am


    Wind Speed/Direction:varied

    Waves: 1-3 and flat

    Surface Temp:

    Location:Catfish creek to the stack

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 3 /11 /6

    Total Boated:3 /11/ 5

    Species Breakdown: 5 kings / 15 browns

    Hot Lure: NK28 Monkey puke & SS green and white glow frog with silver cup

    Trolling Speed:

    Down Speed: 2.2 - 2.4

    Boat Depth: Majority of fish caught between 40 & 48 FOW

    Lure Depth: Average was 30 to 35 down with a few taken higher and one hugging the bottom




    Most of Friday was spent fishing from shore back at the marina catching bass and panfish. The lake finally calmed down so we got out around 4 and landed2 skippy kings and a brown and quit around 8:00 pm. Went back out the next morning and started trolling in 40 to 48 FOW near catfish creek and the screen was loaded with bait and hungry fish. We immediately took 2 doubles trolling when we started trolling eastward in the first 1/2 hour of the day. Surprisingly not many boats in the area for a Saturday. We continued to pick up one fish every time we trolled east. We had 8 fish in the box by 9:30. We couldn't get the 9th fish for the 3 of us until almost an hour later I decided to run a UV Thunderstick back 100' off the ball and dropped it low to the bottom as I headed out to deeper water since the bite slowed down. The rod fired and after a 15 minute battle and surprising jumps I boated a nice 24" brown that weighed 8.5lbs. I was hoping it to be my first Atlantic since I have yet to land one. It was a nice brown regardless, I'll take it.



    We went out Sunday for a quick trip since my buddy had to work later that day and we went right back to the same area. Not marking any bait but did manage to hook up within 5 minutes of trolling westward this time and I let my buddies handle the whole affair from fighting to netting since they say I yell to much I refer to myself as a motivational fishing coach :lol: when a fish is on, well needless to say they dropped the fish at the back of the boat. They should have moved a rod or two over and out of the way etc. and they watched a nice healthy brown spit the hook and swim away into the prop wash. :@ I watched it all unfold and the perfect hook up to landing record go away for the weekend. No big deal. We ended up catching more, 2 kings and 3 browns by 10:00 and headed back to pack up and head home. We released all but 2 small kings on the trip. it seems that since I switched to blacks releases my hook ratio has improved greatly, but with the added snap in my rods going off is doing a number on the fish's mouth also. Unfortunately they worse tore up along with a few browns.


    I heard mixed on the radio a lot not catching but some were. It seemed like the salmon were staged at the amount of boats that were in the area. At times it seemed as if you could walk across the lake, but no real conflicts or combat fishing going on. I am headed back up again with my son this weekend. I hope the weather will be cooperative.

  8. Ray,

    I agree on the color comments. You really can't go wrong most of the time with about a 1/2 dozen of the basic color schemes. I think the rest were designed to catch us fisherman because they look so nice. I'll pass on the spoon offer I definitely have more that don't catch than do catch fish consistently. ;)

  9. I was considering adding some to my spread to try it out. I was told I can use that in place of my dipsey diver on my wire rod for a more stealthy presentation. How many of you use them with great success? What are the down sides to them. I do have the whole family of dive bombs and would they accomplish the same without having to purchase the Tordeos as well. Also what model would be the best for summer time kings and steel head? Feedback is always appreciated.

  10. Thanks for those pictures Ray! Now I have a defense when my wife is yelling at me for having too much fishing tackle I'll show her your post. A lot of people have way more. I just picked up another 12 flashers pre-season on a steep discount that I haven't paired up with flies yet that I still have to add to the rotation. I'm getting there slowly but surely. By the way what model Plano box was that? It looks like it's a little better fit for the flashers and not as much wasted space?

  11. Exactly what Ray K and BF said. I have learned a lot from this site over the past few seasons. You may make a few friends too if you're on it enough. You'll save some gas and money by reading the reports and posting questions about anything you need to know and help you become more productive. Most questions have been asked before and you may find the answer by doing a search on the site, but guys don't seem to mind answering the same questions again. Just a warning that once you start catching Big trout and salmon, it becomes addictive and sometimes expensive. Good luck and hope you do well on the water this season. :yes:

  12. Try a Buffalo Bill pattern in a dream weaver super slim or Fuzzy bear spoon. It's chartreuse on the rounded side and reddish orange on the cupped side. My best producing spoon for steel head in high sun running shallow over deep water. Those bright colors seem to work for me in June and July the best.

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