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  1. NBK without a doubt #1. The other would depend on the sun or not. Caramel dolphin worked well for me last year but I was impressed with the NK Sea Sick Waddler. I used it on my last troll and took my biggest King of the season weighing in @ 25lbs and was in the water less than a minute. It was the last troll of the day over the holiday and have not been up since to see if it was a fluke or not.

  2. I am in the market for a new Dipsey. I lost one to a violent hit on the rod when it doubled over and went limp over the past holiday weekend. I must had a kink in the wire, drag too tight or something, but anyway for the price it's worth a try . You see all kind of gimmicks on these infomercials for fish catching gimmicks that rarely work. It seems like there are few positive testimonials on this thread. Why not give it a shot. I'm picking one up next time I'm in town. Time will tell if they will hold up or not. If not throw it in the pile with the banjo minnows.

  3. I just had Fat Nancy's spool my level wind convector for me this past weekend. They had talked about about using a micro swivel but ended up using and albright knot instead. I have another convector to spool but this one is a conventional reel not a levelwind. Could I get away with using these micro swivels instead of the albright nots and if so what knot would I use when tying the copper to the swivels? Let me know. Thanks.

  4. Gotta Bite: Fishing Report

    23' Maroon Sea Sprite




    Jul; 2. Fished one hour and landed a 12" brown on a Stinger Brown Trout spoon off the planer board. The waves picked up and we came in and were stuck in port until Jul. 5th

    Did not see any boats on the water from my camp at Selkirk. Fellow LOU member Rich D. called me to say they were catching some out deep and asked if I was coming out. I was a bit apprehensive since I was fishing with my wifes cousin and husband and they have very little big water experience. I was tired of looking at the campfire for the past two days and was dying to get on the lake. It was a bit bumpy on the way out but it paid off in the end. We finally go the the riggers down and poles in the water at 11:30.

    Time on Water 10:45-5:30

    Temp/Weather: Sunny and Windy

    Waves 2' to 3' evetually laying down around 4:00

    Surface Temp:64

    Location: Mexico Bay, 9 Mile point




    Total Hits: 6

    Total Boated 3

    Species Breakdown: 2 Kings, 1 Steel head

    Hot Lure: NBK Mag spoon

    Trolling Speed: 3-4 mph

    Down Speed: 2.1-2.5 mph

    Boat Depth: between 170'-240'

    Lure Depth: 140'-175'




    Dropped a dipsey rod with a Mi. Stingray spoon no flasher and within 5 minutes of trolling a large smack on the pole it was gone. I must have had a kink in the wire line or something. The whole rig was lost. Decided to just stick with 3 poles because of the waves and a few tangles due to the waves and undercurrent. I had a hit on a froggy glow down 165' and it was off ,after a few seconds. Things slowed down for an hour or so. Sun was getting high. Put a NBK stinger on and dropped it down 175' and had a hit almost immeadiately. My wife's cousin boated a 24" king after a brief battle. Riggers were slow for awhile. I tried a few proven steelie spoons off the planer. They finally liked a DW Steelie Dan. We took 2 hits before finally connecting and hooking up on the third. Again the wife's cousin got a nice fish. 28" Steelie it put up a much better fight than the king. Taking out line a few times before we could finally net it for her.

    We were on our final troll back I decided to make a change on the one rigger pole. I put on a just recently purchased NK Sea Sick waddler with a black spin doctor with white glow tape a green dots. I was talking to my buddy who was reeling in the planer board to change it out. I was just got done putting it down down to 175'. It was not even down there a minute and the pole popped and doubled over. I grabbed it and knew it was a a nice one. The reel was screaming out line. She made three nice runs. Almost spooled me on the first run. It took me about 20 minutes to get it in. It straightened out one of the treble hooks to. It came off in the net also. It's my biggest salmon that I have caught in my boat to date. I had it weighed at Woodys Tackle shop it was 25lbs and measured 38". I hope this is an indication of things to come later on in the year. Thanks again Rich for that call otherwise I probably would not have been out fishing.



  5. Two pedestal mounts $40.00 Only used for one season and paid $80.00. I upgraded to swivel mounts from the same manufaturer. He makes a good product and is half the cost of others in some cases. The Mounting pads available online to fit other mounting systems (Info below).

    Markies Mounts http://shop.markiesmounts.com/main.sc

    Riser with universal mounting plate

    A all aluminum 6" pedestal with a 1/2"x4"x6" plate welded to a 2" tube with a 1/4"x3"x4" plate welded to the bottom, it is powdercoated a gloss black for years of potection for the weather.It is drilled and tapped to fit most brand named down riggers.

    Sold seperately from the manufacturer

    3x4 mounting pad

    This is a aluminum 1/4" x 3" x 4" Mounting pad for all of Markies Products, will also slide into other manufactures tracks to accomodate Markies rod holders.

  6. Congrats on the browns. If I was only able to choose one lure to use it would be the NBK with Monkey puke being a close second. I am headed up tomorrow will be fishing same area. I'll be sure to try 50' of water. Last weekend they just seemed scattered. All the debris in the water didn't help much either. Not sure if you had to deal with all the plastic bags, ballon and junk that was in the bay last weekend. It was not fun.

  7. 2 Cannon Easi trolls with custom double rod holders and includes the factory single rod holders with them but you can not use them both sets of holders on the unit at the same time. These are great for someone just wanting to get into downrigging,. They have short booms. $150.00 for the pair. Shipping not included. I am fishing out of the Mexico bay area frequently. I can deliver or meet you there if you are interested.

  8. Legacy,

    I guess that product uses the same principle as the other trolling sinker I was referring to. The one I saw at Woodys tackle shop was as long as a pen, but looked like an actual finned bomb. I will be up there tomorrow to check them out. I may end up buying the one in the video or the one I am describing if they achieve the same goal. you can never have enough lures or tackle in you arsenal. Thanks for the video.

  9. Does anyone use these? I have seen them at Woodys tackle shop but never thought of using them until someone mentioned that you can drop you lure down alot. I would think it would eliminate the need for leadcore or enhance the depth of lead core or your copper line. It may be the ticket dor those smaller reels that can handle all that line. how easy to use or how effective are they?

  10. Thanks for the info. I just received my Convector 55 that I got off of ebay it was going top be my first copper setup. Unfortunately I am going to have to return it. It's a 55W which holds alot of line also and apparently this model does not come with a line guide and worm gear to guide the line evenly onto the spool. I emailed the A TOM MIK site about this since they sell the prespooled. He responded immeadiately to my question. I guess I could use it but would have to use my thumb to guide the line on. Too much trouble for me. I may have to pay a visit to Jon's or Fat Nancy's since he's all out of the convectors. :(

  11. I got a sweet deal on Okuma Convector 55W which is a saltwater reel and will be able to handle to copperline, backing and leader. I am not and Okuma fan but it will get me in the game. Although I caught fish on lead core , I also had it break off two weeks ago with a vicious hit, Granted it was only 12lb LC line but I never had a chance to play the fish and the line overall it seemed flimsy. I was just concerned about running too many coppe lines and tangling with my downriggers and dipseys. I plan on running 2 300' lines off each side. Just looking for another deal on a reel right now. I have the rod and the copper and backing, just have to find the right deal on the reel.

  12. Gambler,

    I would have to run the of my OSP boards. I hope they could handle the weight. I have one complete set up know and am looking for another deal out there. I just need another reel large enough to handle it. The Tekota's a bit pricey for me right now, but would use one down the chute until I can get the other. Do you have any luck using it now or is it better to wait until the thermal cline is set up? Let me know.

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