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  1. I bought the DR last year. The new X4 was not available at the time. I am completely satisfied with my DR and just changed the probe battery 2 weeks ago which lasted me the season 08, but that is based on usage so if you go every other day for a for hours at a time it would probably not last a season like mine did. Good luck with either S&T units help you alot. IMHO.

  2. I just invested into a copper set up. I have been hearing that you can run it off your planers. I know alot of people running it down the chute too. How many copper rods do do you usually run at one time? I know it's the way to go in when things heat up , just by the radio chatter, but I don't want to be crossing my rigger and dispey line with the copper line.

  3. I bought a depth raider last year and improved my catch by double. It's nice to know what's going on down there with the currents and the affect it has on your ball speed. I chose the DR because at the time the DR's battery life was longer than the Fish Hawk. I heard the new X4 has improved capabilities over it's predecessor. So I am sure you can't go wrong with either. Good luck.

  4. I wanted to play around with painting my own spoons. I was going to use some of my older non productive spoons to test. What type of paint works well and hold up the best and do you have to sand the spoons or prep it in order for it to take on the metal? I think it would be satisfying to catch one one one you designed yourself.

  5. I see that one of you fishes out of Mexico. I keep my boat at Mike's marina on the LSR. I was in the office the other day and saw that they had a sign for custom canvas work done in that area. Give Beth a call at Mike's (315 963 3119).I am sure she can give you that info. That deal that chinook mentioned sounded hard to beat. Especially that kind of craftsmanship.


    I guess you had to take the boat to them for a perfect fit as opposed to shipping the old canvas to use as a template? Let me know. I will be in the market in a few seasons myself otherwise I will probably take it to the local canvas guy that Mike"s is recommending.

  6. I just picked up some used Mag 10's. I run a Depth Raider and need to buy some coated cable. Marine general has 200' for $39.99 and 300' for $59.99. I am nost sure how far down the probe will be before it fails to send back a signal and secondly I don't think I would ever gtroll below 200' down for any reason. So is this a no brainer or would there be a perk to buying the extra 100' feet. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks

  7. Thanks guys . I missed the good May bite that was going on because I chasing turkeys down here in Pa. Hopefully I can get up again before the month is over. If not I'll be back up for the holiday weekend. Maybe the thermal cline will be set up by then.

    That guy holding the Bigger Steelie is not me for those who don't know me. It's my buddy's nephew. He caught the biggest salmon on my boat to date last year. Now he has the biggest steelie to date. He says I have to take him all the time now since whenever he's with me we catch fish. Kind of a good luck charm. I am afraid he's addicted now also.

  8. What is the big stigma attached to the lakers?? Everybody seems to put them down on this site. I have yet to catch a laker on Lake O. I fished for them yesterday for about an hour by putting the ball on the bottom. No luck. I have heard that they don't fight great but a big fish is a big fish. IMO

  9. Gotta Bite: Fishing Report




    Date(s): 6/12-13

    Time on Water: multiple

    Temp/Weather: 70's sunny

    Wind Speed/Direction: (NW at 8 MPH)

    Waves: (1-2 Footers

    Surface Temp: 58

    Location: 9 mile and mouth of the salmon river

    LAT/LONG: (GPS Cords)




    Total Hits: 8

    Total Boated: 5

    Species Breakdown: (3 Kings, 2 steel heads)

    Hot Lure: (Fuzzy Bear Buffalo Bill, Stinger Sunset set pink, Lemon Ice and Yellow Killer.

    Trolling Speed: (2.5mph)


    Boat Depth: 240 and 80

    Lure Depth: 80 and the rest off of the boads 20' to 40' down




    Got out around 6:00 am on Friday and it was slow . We were marking fish during the slow troll but not takers in 80 until we got to 240 then things picked up. My son got a hit on the planer board dragging a buffalo bill. The steelie was airborne like a like tarpon busting out of the water. Half hour later the other planer goes under and it was a small king

    that we released at 16". Another troll through and the real with lead core 10 colors and 50 yds out dragging a DW lemon ice and it was another small king at 16". Went back to camp for awhile. Came back out to 240' again to fish the evening from 4:00 to 9:00 and it was slow and the rigger down 80' with a NK yellow killer with no flasher, pops. I landed a 19" king. We threw all the kings back to grow some more.


    Saturday got a late start and it was slow and most people on the radio were echoing the same thing. We are back again in 240' dragging a the stinger SSP with the lead core rod. A big bang and the rod is double over and the line broke. It was like a seen in the movie jaws when he took the barrels under. We were waiting for the planer tp pop up near the boat. we were all laughing about it. Oh well there goes my OSP and Sunset Pink spoon, some big fish has taken it under water. I should have listened to everyone that 12lb LC was too light. A costly lesson learned. We ended up with nothing in the morning. Went out for a late afternoon/evening trip. We fished fron 6 to 10 and trolled from Mexico to the Mouth of the salmon and in 80 of water and fish all over the screen feeding. The right side planer is smashed and goes under. He almost spooled the reel. I was improvising with my ugly stick and pike reel. It worked though after a long nerve racking battle we finally netted the fish. That was it for the night. It turned out to be a decent weekend for us.


    This weekend I also picked up a set of "new to me" mag 10's and put them to use. I have been using my cannon easi trolls for 10+ years. Those electrics wont win any speed records but make things alot easier. I wish I would have switched over sooner.


    http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff2/ ... up2009.jpg[/img][/url]

  10. Colonel,

    What's your MOS in the Army? I am a prior USAF vet, myself. I will be rolling into town late Thursday afternoon to fish the weekend. I'll be fishing from the stack north to Sandy Pond and back for the most part. I hope to get on some fish myself. I was bitten by the same skunk also ,my only time out this year. Give me a shout on ch 68 or 69 and I'll let you know if we are successful or not. If you don't have a VHF I'll give you my cell# number via a PM. Let me know and good luck this weekend.

  11. Frugal: Frech word for cheap bas%%#@(. Like most people today I try and stretch a buck.

    Ray you are definitely one of the most active posters on this site and I'm sure you know your stuff by what I have read and seen The guide I went with swore by his thumper rod, but his boat was probably twice the width of mine, though which may be a factor. I have had some nasty tangles without a thumper and that was not fun, plus the fact I lost a ton of line and two out of three fish on my first triple last season. Maybe I can do without a Thumper afterall. I just wonder how I can judge the flashers action without it. My DR tells me speed at the ball but no telling how the flasher is moving down there. Just looking to put the odds in my favor.

    I have been fortunate not to have any eqt. failures or have a salmon smoke a bearing in one of my cheaper cabela's or gander branded eqt. I do have two penn 310 downrigger set ups, though that I started with over 15 years ago. I never really dedicated alot time to trolling. I would fish a few hours get nothing and would fish for smallies. something that I knew how to catch. It all changed after going with a charter 3 years ago. I was hooked after that and since then have been adding rods, reels, new fishfinder, bigger boat, Depth Raider and hope to upgrade from my easi trolls to electric down riggers next season. All in due time I will get to the level I want to be at. Unfortunately, I live down here in Pa where the fishing is OK at best, at least in my area. I come up about 6 times a year, last year was more and hopefully with my boat slip on the little salmon, I will be up even more. I appreciate all the knowledge gained from this website. I think its a great tool and I have met a few lou members and can call on some if I have a question. I do appreciate the offer to send me some gear for free. I couldn't ask you do that, but I would be glad to pay you if you wanted to part with some of the fishing gear that I may need and you no longer use. I'll send you a PM. Sorry about the long post, but like most people I am trying to put more fish in my box or at least get more fish on the end of the line. All your feedback is put use at one time or another. Thanks guys.

  12. Give a man a fish , feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. I am not a bible thumper but just believe that you get your kids interested, It's all good. My son has been fishing with me since he was 3. He's 16 now and driving. He can't fish enough and that kept him out of trouble. He can't wait to get up the big lake next week. I envy you having your own pond. I am sure your kids will enjoy it everyday. Congrats! Nice fish. He's set for life.

  13. Yea, It's me again. I can get a great deal on a 7' one piece ugly stik casting rod. It's pretty stiff and from some of the responses to my earlier post thats what I want to look for. Would that work well as a thumper rod? I would run wire off of it so I would have to put on a twilly tip like I did my Dipsey rods. Do you have any brand or model reccomendations otherwise. I am somewhat frugal (cheap) so keep that in mind. Thanks guys.

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