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  1. It doesn't take much for me to buy a new lures or try something new or gimmicky. Just curious if it's not the Marketing team creating a "need" for something that really is not needed because the regular size flies will also do the job as well. I'll pick up some and give it a shot. Thanks for your feedback guys.

  2. I don't believe I have even seen them for sale at my favorite tyackle shops around Pulaski and Mexico, but not sure if I ever really notice a "Coho" specific named fly. I may have to give them a try if I come across one. The next question would bet if you ran your favorite spoon in the same conditons would you have had the same success?

  3. I have seen on some of the vendor sponsored sites or links sections for coho flies for sale. They seem to be smaller versions of what most of us use, regular sized trolling flies from Atomik, Horse, Big Weenie and G-Fly to name a few. I boated one coho last year on a full sized fly, maybe if I downsized I could land more cohos instead of just kings (not that Kings are a bad thing). Has anyone used these with regular success by downsizing to this smaller sized fly? Just curious.

  4. I got some info on the Cajun Red Line from my local tackle shop. Shakespeare Fishing line who makes the cajun red was bought out by Stren who will market it under the blood red line who is now owned by Berkely who I thought was Strens main competitor. He also went on to name the other various fishing companies owned by Berkley. I guess they are now a huge conglomerate buying most of the US share of the fishing market.

  5. I have slowly been converting over to using moslty all spoons and flies while trolling for trout and salmon. Before getting a closed bow, there was a time when I had an open bow and trolled exclusively with rapalas, smithwicks etc. for bass and pike and had great success on lakes in Pa. and Canada as well. Caught some nice smallies and some big drum on Lake O with them, but never tried using them with my riggers or flatlining. I have a ton of them that hardly get used anymore Was wondering if anyone had any regular success using them instead of the status quo: Flies, spoons and meat.

  6. I was watching a deep sea fishing show this past weekend. They were using the cajun red line for some big game saltwater fishing. They were discussing it's excellent knot strength etc. I had read also that it will disappear in the water column regardless of it's red color outside of the water. I used Berkely big game in various line weights last season and was not disappointed. I need to re-line a few of my reels and was wondering if anyone uses this stuff on Lake Ontario and if you noticed an increase in hook ups or less break offs. I may just buy a spool if the line works well. The price seems to good to be true. Let me know please. Thanks.

  7. I bought one last year in what I believe was a 42nd colored fly. It had alot of movement in the water. but no luck with it. I also broke the cup or lip on it. I got kings on Atomik and Big weenie flies in similar color patterns not the Jitter. Not saying they are better, but the Jitter Fly cup or lip did not seem to make a difference. It can't hurt to buy one. You might have better results than me.

  8. Thanks for your service to our country! The worst thing to do is to not respect the lake. Like a few people listed before me it can get hairy,real quick. I have been on the lake in a 14' aluminum boat with a 9.9 and hugged the coast line. I only did that one time. I fished on the lake for many years after in an 18' fiberglass open bow run about that I had. It was good but always had to worry about the waves and the wakes from the large boats. I had a few close calls where I had the run the bilge for quite some time because I got some serious water over the bow. I have since upgraded to a 23' closed bow and even in that you have to be careful. I have seen the guys in the smaller aluminum boats out there when the salmon bite is on but I believe it was Clint Eastwood who said "A man's got to know his limitations". You can do it! Just have to be careful.

  9. That's good to know they are still open. I do spread my business around. It's just easy for me to exit pull across the street get gas, beer and a spoon or two and off to Mexico. For info I usually head into Port Ontario to find out what's going on. Mostly deal with Woody's when I'm camping at Selkirk or Little Jon's near the Mexico Point Launch. Speaking of All Season's what happend to Rick Peschi, Fishin' Ontario? He use to operate out of there are a river guide. I went with him once and caught alot of fish on the river. I saw him at the Mexico launch and told me he was getting married and the next thing you know his boat was for sale and his fishing show was no longer on the outdoor channel. Maybe he should have stayed single.

  10. I went to go to their website site and it's not coming up. I tried a search also to see if they have a new URL address. No luck. Did they go out of business? I have been going there for years even when it was a little gas station we would stop off to fill up on our way up to Newboro Canada on our annual Pike trip. Now I always stop to gas up when I get into town before I fish. Have the closed the store or just their Web Site?

  11. You have the Pine Grove Launch too near Selkirk Shores Camp Ground, but that is not a great launch for a large boat. That will take out to the mouth of the Salmon River. I used it quite often when I had my 18' Rinker. I have since upgraded my size of boat and rent a slip for the season. We usually stay at Selkirk shores. Now I just use it as a point to come in from the Lake to pick up the girls in the afternoon when we are done fishing and head over to Sandy Pond.

  12. I usually use Michigan stinger and equivalent sized spoons with good success on nice sized browns. Would I be increasing my odds and catches if I dropped down in size to their scorpion model or a smaller sized spoon overall or would I be catching alot more smaller fish by doing this?

  13. I just picked up some lighter trolling rod and reel combos at Cabelas yesterday and wanted to know what was a good line weight to use for browns? In the past I used my salmon rods and tied 15lb flourocarbon leaders on. It seemed to work but not much of a fight on those heavier rods. Would I increase my chances by going with maybe 10 or 12lb instead? I just don't want to go to light that if I hook into something with serious fight in it and loose the fish with break offs even if my drag is set right. Just wondering what has been working for you guys out on the lake with regular success.

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