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  1. We decided to change them out ourselves as well as some clickers that went bad and Andy was very accommodating and customer obsessed. I basically told him the models we were changing the drags out on and said he'd take it from there. Order placed Friday and I received the drags and clickers yesterday which was a Monday. Great turnaround on the parts.

  2. Contact Mike's marina. I've moored my boat there for 8 years now. They have slips to rent by the week they also have 2 lodges that you can rent also. You'll be right on the little salmon River and it'll dump you out right at the state launch breaker wall. You'll by right near the "brown trout" hole , catfish creek , Selkirk shores and the salmon River. All good spots for early season brown trout fishing. Give Beth and Mike a call at

    315-963-3119. They can give you the rates if you are interested in staying there.

  3. This weekend at the Conference & Event Center Niagra Falls (Ny) is hosting the annual Greater Niagra Fishing and Outdoor Expo. Show dates are Jan. 22-24th. Be sure to stop by and see Tony at the Morgan's tackle booth. He'll be showing and selling Proking spoons, flashers and flies along with the Morgan's tackle brand copper. He'll have 150' to 3000' spools of copper in 30 and 45lb test. Tony Wiatrowski from Morgan's Tackle and Team Break Time will be giving a a seminar on " The little secrets the pro teams us to put more Salmon in the boat" on Saturday the 23rd at 4:00 and again on Sunday the 24th at noon. Be sure to sit in on the seminar and stop by and see what Proking and Morgan's tackle has to offer to put more fish in the box. Tell them Gotta Bite sent you or you saw this post on the LOU page and you'll get 10% off.

  4. The green dot spiny and Captain Valium etc. have the green dots painted on them. Do anyone know what time of paint that is and where can I purchase some of it. Automotive store, hobby shop, wall mart etc. let me know. Let me know if any one has any experience with it. Thanks.

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  5. SOLD.

    Cannon Mag 10 Downrigger for sale. It came with the newer boat I bought. It was used as the probe rigger for a Subtroll. I tested it on the boat it came with and it does work. But it does not have auto stop. I replaced it with a newer model that does have the auto stop feature. Asking $100.00 I will be in the Mexico bay area fishing as well as the ELOSTA picnic this weekend ( Please let me know if you are interested and I'll bring it with me as I do not want to ship it).Thanks for your interest.



  6. Old boat had tite lok rod holders and transferring them to the newer boat that has Cannon track systems no holders. I don't have access to my older boat until another week or so when I bring the new boat by to swap out some of the equipment. Looking to save time and trouble by finding out now if I need and adapter or not to make them work. Ultimately I'd like to upgrade to the cannon or trackstek systems but just looking to make it to the season on what I have in my arsenal.

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