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  1. I like the Ugly stik BW series for my down rigger rods. They are pretty durable . I have Tekotas and Catalina's that have been great but on the pricey side. Nothing wrong with convectors or even magdas. I have landed some of my biggest fish on those as opposed to the higher priced reels I have. I don't think you can go wrong with any of those. I have friends who use and swear by Daiwas and Penns. They all have there pros and cons.

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  2. I have some 20 or 25lb flea flicker on my Penn 320s and never have any issues with the line. I would run a leader of mono from a barrel swivel to the lure though. I haven't used those reels in a few years though. Now All my primary salmon reels now are spooled with 30b Berkley big game. I never had issues with fleas on that line. Just leader down if you want to fish browns during the peak of flea season. You should 'to have a problem.

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  3.  I run a mix of Tekotas, Catalinas and Convectors on my boat.  I am considering running a 4 dipsey spread later on in the season. I used to my convectors 30s as my reels sold them and moved up to Tekotas which i like alot. I never had problems with my convectors but sold them to lessen the hurt of the price of the tekotas.  I don't want to drop alot of coin on this second set of reels as I won't be running 4 dipseys that often. It seems the cold water has a slightly better gear ratio than the convector but I am hesitant to buy the cold waters as I have one currently and the drag got smoked by an Atlantic or Steelhead last year.  It peeled off 300' of line on its initial run off the rigger and the reel siezed up and the fish eventually snapped off after a dozen acrobatic leaps. Okuma was kind enough to replace the reel and sent me the spool from that reel that had my line on it. I like Okuma because they stand behind their products , no questions asked. I also heard that they had issues with the drags on the cold water series and they have since addressed them and they are better now.  Just wondering if I should stick with the old dependable and proven great lakes standard, the convector or move up to the Coldwater trusting they did make the improvements and get a pair of those instead.  By the way the reel that got smoked was CW153 and I'd be looking at the CW303 to run my wire. As always your feedback is appreciated.


  4. The turns will affect the speed and action of your lure. The ones on the outside of the turn speed up and the ones on the inside will slow down or even come to a stop depending on how severe your turn is. You can really notice the effects when your running dipseys. The rod on the outside will usually bend more as it's digging in and the inside rod will almost go slack until you complete your turn. Depending on the mood of the fish will determine is he his the inside or outside rod. It seems for me anyway that the outside will take more hits as the fish thinks the bait is fleeing and trying to get away. You still need to have the right color lure and depth etc but that little change in speed will trigger that strike. Good luck to you.

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  5. Alot of people complain about Okuma and some of there stuff is not as good as Shimano or Diawa. But Okuma  sure does  stand behind their products.  I use both Okuma and Shimano rods and reels and I think my catalinas I use are everybit as good as my Tekotas. I started off with Magda pros and when I fished more and got serious I upgraded little by little over the years.  Last year I bought a Coldwater 153 last year to try. The first time we used it my son hooked  and I into what I believe may have been an Atlantic as it ripped off 300' + line in 80 FOW off catfish creek on its first run. It was making big jumps behind the boat and we could seem to get any ground on the fish. On his second big run the drag seized up on it and we eventually got broke off. We were not happy to say the least. I called Okuma and I sent the reel back in and they sent me a brand new reel along with the spool from the reel that had my 10lb test still on it so there was no need to buy adiditional line.  I thought that was pretty nice of them to do. I am not sure if the other tackle companies would have done that.

  6. I can honestly say i Never had and issue with rods with the twilly tips. But I wanted to get smaller dipsey rods so they would be easier to move around in the boat so I went with the roller rods which were 8'  They worked great when the reel and were laid down paralell with the water , but if the rod moved  or twisted the wire would jump the roller and it cost me a few fish over a few seasons.  Needless to say I use the twilli tipped taloras with good success.  They are a little bigger  at 9' but no problems with the line jumping the rollers.

  7. If it was a Pro king flasher It most likely was a Dew Scumline flasher. We did well this past weekend on that color as well as their antifreeze and the other two flashers that we the absolute best was the Steph's flasher that the coho were smacking. We ran that one down 105 in 140 to 150 FOW. It has a pinkish, purplish red color due to the special tape and the way the light reflects off if it and the Snow White flasher. We ran that all day right off the bottom and it continually took hits and fish from sun up to Sundown. Woodys tackle has all of these in stock I believe as we lost a few this weekend on a one way salmon ride and had to restock.

  8. Mikey I usually leader down to 10lb fluoro for browns and 20lbs fluoro for salmon. Small spro barrel swivel to connect To the main line mono. As far as brand I've had luck with Seagur , triple fish and hi seas. No problems with any except the berkley vanish. Like most have brittle and found the line to break easily. Good luck to you and I'm sure ill be seeing you up in the Mexico area again soon. Good luck with the new boat.

  9. I'll recommend them to him. I use them with good success on lake as well. I think he's still in sticker shock from finding out what it all costs. From the rods, to the reels and holders etc. I think he has a new appreciation for fishing with me as all he had to do is show up and fish with me on Lake O and we caught fish. He Didn't have a full understanding of what all goes into it to get started in trolling.

  10. My friend wants to fish for browns at a lake back home in Pa with Dipseys . I know what I use on the big water will take the fun out of catching the browns. What do you guys use that will hold up to the constant strain of the dispey on the rod but will also allow him to enjoy the battle without skipping the fish across the top of the water? I am guessing a ugly stick would hold up buy wondering if anything else is out there.

  11. We fished Friday from the LSR to the buoys and back from 25 to 100 FOW. We took whacks on the dipsey. The one that was out 90' on counter and running a proking green killer took both hits. We then moved from 100 to 140 to go mud chicken farming and took 3 lakers in the last 2 hours before packing it in as the waves were building. Decided to go deep Sat. Morning to look for kings and some steel that might have shown up with that west wind. So We started in 300 FOW between the mouth of the big river and the stack and trolled south. Blank screen until about 200 FOW and got good marks at 40' down with bait and fish on and off until we hit 100. We then had to pack it in to come home . No hits or releases. Hopefully things will pick up this week.

  12. I have an assortment of black and green divers that I use primarily. I did have great luck with a purple deep diver and a lime green Luhr Jensen snubber. The longer sized Snubber. That pairing came out of the need for a diver after losing one earlier in the day. I believe I won both items in a raffle. Long story short that was top producing dipsey for both browns and kings for a few years until it was eventually lost. We called it the Fugly rig. It didn't matter whether I ran a spoon or flasher fly combo behind or the depth I ran it at. It was usually the dipsey that would take more of the hits. I may just invest in another combo like that this season just to see if it still produces for me.

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