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  1. There is nothing wrong with Okuma copper/ LC rods and have had no problems especially for the price. Compared to the Talora copper rod price which was over $100. I don't see the reason to pay that much to run my "junk" lines.

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  2. I also use add dive bombs or torpedo weights with my lead core and copper set ups to achieve greater depths. It will produce for me when the fish seem to be shut down and I'm marking suspended fish out deep. Just factor the added weight and depth to your sinking line and that should give you and approximate depth of your lure. It's had worked for me when running flasher / fly as well as spoons. This way you'll avoid the need to buy another large capacity reel and additional line and backing. Good luck to you.

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  3. Has anyone used the Shimano TDR as a copper rod?  I have the 2- Okuma classic pros designed for Copper line, but was looking to see what others are using and if they have good luck with them as an alternative. Feedback is always appreciated. 

  4. Last year it seemed bigger was better for me. I Matched the hatch. I used more regular spoons in early season as opposed to smaller stuff in the beginning as in years past. The mag sized through our the remainder of the year. Usually I start small and worked my way up but the bait was bigger last year and that dictated my spoon selection.

  5. I found the numbers after scrubbing the calcium build up off . They are barely legible. I did find the manufacturer Mi. props and few other sites that you can buy from. I'd like to stick with the same make and model as the boat runs fine and I don't need to throw out bags to slow it down and fishing has been good the past few years . So if its not broke dont fix it. In this case the prop is in need of repair but how I have been doing on the lake is good. Thanks for the replies guys. I appreciate it.

  6. One of my most productive brown spoons is any type of frog patterned spoons. I run a glow frog or ice frog in the a.m. and switch to silver cupped frog patterned spoon mid morning . Also hard to be and NBK for all around fishing. Just about every species will hit that. Stick baits I like silver and black or gold and black in the clearer water. Chartreuse or fire tiger bright colors in muddied water. Good luck hope this helps you put more fish in your boat.

  7. I look forward to hearing your reports on the CW series. I may pick up the CW 153 for Browns and test it out.  I have a convector 20 that I'm not totally happy with so I have an excuse to replace it.  If I like it I may buy more. Right now I'm just leery of buying a model that is new to the market and hasn't been tested by fellow anglers yet. One reel won't break my bank. 

  8. I run primarily Okuma convectors on my boat in various models though out the year for trout and salmon. I have little to no complaints about them other than the line counters on a couple occasionally give me problems. I see Okuma is out with a newer model that claims to have a better line counter and a metal housing. Are the guts of the reel the same as my convectors that I am running now? Has anybody had a chance to test these reels yet and if so what are your thoughts on them? As always your feedback is appreciated.

  9. I've found that your basic white on white and green on green is a good starting point. I have a bunch other combos like the crazy **** fly behind a caramel dolphin flasher which also took a lot of fish for me over the years as mentioned above. If you are new to the game you can't go wrong with a dark green echip or spinny with a big weenie nappy monkey or green crinkle pattern. We always have that combo in the water and it will produce when others dont on a slow day. Also the white echip or spinny with a white glow or Uv patterned fly in the am and switch up to a hammer fly behind a white flasher or one in blue bubble as the day progresses. There are tons of patterns or variations that you will find will work but for you but for starters the white on white and green on green should get you some fish in the box. Good luck to you this season.

  10. I purchased a new GPS/ Sonar for my boat this year and its compatible with the Navionics brand SD lake cards. There are quite a few out there. Which one or model number do you guys suggest for Lake O. I pretty much only fish the east end so I'm not sure if they have one specifically for that end of the lake or the entire lake. It seems some even cover the whole east coast of the US. Your feed back is appreciated. Thanks.

  11.   Had a good weekend of fishing with a friend on the SR a few weeks ago fishing for Steelhead.  I was able to use a friends CP set up and was hooked after landing fish on his Okuma Sheffield all weekend.  I see that Okuma makes the Raw II also in the same price range. I was wondering what the difference was between the 2 other than the color and aesthetics of the reel. I picked up the Sheffield 13' 6" rod and want to get the reel for it. Hoping some guys have experience with both and can give me some feed back.  Let me know.


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