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  1. I've got the stock coated cable on my rigger for my subtrool. I usually take the time at the beginning of every season to strip off 5 feet of cable, and reterminate it. That's usually wear a lot of the abuse takes place, and I do this on all my riggers. For the depths we typically fish at on Lake Ontario, the coated cable works great, and I've never lost signal while fishing the probe deeper than a 100 feet.

    I had a chance to look closely at the new torpedo downrigger calble with the copper wire it in. It's a great idea, but it has a pretty larger diameter and would be conducive to blow back.

  2. Got a bunch of stuff from a buddy of mine that he has asked me to sell for him. This is all stuff that I already have so just sending it down the line. Everything is in good condition, with the exception of the downrigger rods, they are more like fair condition.

    NK 28s and Mags $60.00


    Not sure what these spoons are, I've seen plenty of them. $10.00


    Set of Super Ski Planer boards. These are the fixed style, they do not collasp. $50.00


    6 Roemer downrigger releases. These work fine, and are adjustable. $3.00 a piece or $15.00 for all 6


    5 downrigger rods in fair condition. 2 Fenwick Rigger Stiks, 2 Ugly Sticks, and one Diawa. These are 8' medium light action, probably best for planer board fishing, or walleye fishing. $5.00 a piece or all five for $20.00


    10 dodgers, single 0 size with one 00 size. $30.00 for all 10.


    If you are interested in any of these items message me through the site, or call my cell at 585-233-9163.


  3. What Skipper said above on speed is spot on!!

    As far as matching colors of flasher/flies to spoon colors, I don't. It's more important to keep track of what flasher/fly pattern or combo has been producing bites, and on what presentation, ie downrigger, dipsy, 300 copper, 400 copper, 500 copper.

    When running spoons I typically run a matched color set on each downrigger rod. For instanced a mag on the main line, and a standard size ran on a cheater/slider, or the same size and color and pattern, it all depends on what size and patterns have been producing over the last few trips out. Matched set meaning the same type of spoon (Stinger, NK, Dreamweaver, etc.) and same color/pattern.

    My choice of color and size depends on the time of the year, what I'm fishing for, what type or size bait are the fish feeding on and how deep I'm fishing. And usually my spoons are of different color/pattern on each rigger. As the day goes on, if the fish are prefering a certain pattern and presentation, I try to match that with another rod to produce more bites.

    I hope this helps.


  4. Like Gotta Bite I've got a ranger net on my boat which I bought at Dick's last year. I'm very pleased, and it didn't break the bank. I'd love to get a 2nd one on the boat with the rubber netting for smaller fish, just easier to get them out of the net, unhooked and back into the water quicker. See what Dick's has, 45-50 bucks.

    Before that I had a Frabill. It was not a good salmon net at all, the hop and net were ok, but the handle was total junk. I bent it several times just scooping through the water trying to net a fish.

  5. I made my boards with 5/4 X 8, and I cut the noses with a 45 degree bevell, at a 30 degree angle. These boards pull hard and have no problem tracking with a 450' copper.

    I think the difference is using the 5/4(1-1/4") thickness instead of the 1 inch. The 5/4 has more surface area at the nose causing more planing ability.

    Also, I didn't use cedar. I just used 5/4 pine from Home Depot, painted the tops blaze orange, and then put on several coats of poly to help make them water resistant.

    Total cost to make a pair, about 20 bucks.

  6. Hey guys!

    I live out in Bergen and wondering if any of you guys have any recommendations for a good outboard mechanic on the west side of Rochester to Oak Orchard area.

    I've got a 20 year old 4 cycle 9.9 Honda. I had trouble running it at trolling speeds this past season, and totally switched to trolling on the main after if quit running trying to gain on a big fish. I did try a few things myself but they didn't seem to help much. It's always ran like a champ up to this season, and would like to have it back up to 100% before March Brownie fishing starts, and help save on gas with the big rig.

    Thanks in advance.


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