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  1. Cornelis,

    I wouldn't worry about splicing in mone line sections into your lead core so that you can run them at different lenghts from a release. When I run lead core it's usually when the fish are in the top 50 feet. To me the advantage with lead core when fish are up high is you can put the leadcore line right in a qaulity side planer release. I often run my 10 colors cores at different intervals from the release, like one at 4 colors, and the other at 7 colors.

    If you use a good side planer release, with rubber pads, it won't damage the dacron extorior jacket on the lead core, and you shouldn't have any problems with break offs.

    To me there is too much room for error once you start cutting and splicing and creating weak points in your set-up.

    I hope this helps, good luck.

    I hope this helps

  2. We have been seeing a lot of seeking activity around the house and on the farm accross the road. Quite a few immature bucks out sniffing around in the middle of the day the last couple weekends. Lots of scrapes still being visited, new ones showing up all the time, as well as rubbing. One thing we've noticed from trail cam pics, and bucks we are seeing while in the stand is that over half the bucks have already busted up their antlers. I've even seen 3 immature bucks with tines broke off, and the we saw one mature (3-1/2 Y/O) buck chasing last weekend that had his entire left side broke off just above the brow-tine. That has been the first of the chasing we've seen. I imagine there will be more this weekend.

    Saturday Morning will be cold, and should be good hunting. It's on like Donkey Gong!

  3. Family and I camped there this weekend. I took a walk down with my daughter on Sunday morning and both guys there each had a colored up brown. One guy caught his on an egg sack under a bobber, and the other on a rapala.

    No fishing for me, I had my hands full trying to keep my 3 year old daughter out of the drink, as well as my black lab. LOL

    Good Luck

  4. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name: Jolly II




    Date(s): 9-11-11

    Time on Water: 1:30


    Wind Speed/Direction:


    Surface Temp:


    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 10

    Total Boated: 7

    Species Breakdown: Steelies and Chinooks

    Hot Lure: Steelie Stomper

    Down Speed: 2.8-2.9

    Trolling Speed:

    Boat Depth:450-500

    Lure Depth: 20-45




    Just a quick Sandy Creek report. Headed out deep on Sunday afternoon to the 450 FOW mark. Not the greatest screen in the world, but fish were shallow and we were marking scattered schools of bait. Fished 20-45 down, the hot ticket for us was a 6 color core pulling a steelie stomper. The runner up was a white spinny pulling a hammer fly, a combo that has been producing for us the last couple of trips. We saw several fish swirl at the surface.

    Now for the stuffed steelie part. When I started cleaning fish I checked the stomachs, as I usually do, and these fish were absolutely stuffed full of 3 year classes of Alewives. Big 7-8 inch adults we've been seeing all summer, as well as 2-4 inch yearlings, and handfuls of young of the year that were 1-1.5 inches. A couple of these fish had well over 30 young of the year alewives, as well as 5-10 yearlings and adults stuffed in there with them.

    I don't post too much on here but thought I'd share that observation with you guys. It's always good to see schools of alewives on the sonar, but even better when you know that it represents several year classes.

    It's been one great season, and now it's coming to close. Already looking forward to next season.


  5. Hey Bob, sounds like a big night out. I little Bed, Bath and Beyond..... LOL

    I was out on Sunday night. The first big batch of kings that we were catching on the lake Labor Day weekend run up Sandy with all that cold water in close.

    We ran out 450 FOW, and ran the the same program I run in Late May and early June for Steelies and immature Kings, worked 450-500. Steelie bite was very good, 20-45 down, 2.8-2.9 on the down speed.

    Keep at it, you'll get into fish.

  6. Tuesday is going to be a completely different lake than Saturday morning was for us, but here is the short story

    Saturday was good for us in the 90-100 FOW range. 3 big fish on spin Dr/Atomic fly combos, green dolpohin SD/Hypnotist fly, and chrome green dot SD/ Hammer fly. NBKs, and DW Gators were our spoons, they took our smaller fish. First trip without a bite on the copper.

    I've been pretty much running those patterns, anything green, black, silver, since the beginning of July. Just different depths, the majority of our big fish have been on copper and wire dipsies.

    None that info should be a surprise to you Tom. You're a verteran on here, and know what you're doing. I'll be back out of Sandy this weekend again, trying to figure out what that wind from yesterday did to the lake. Good luck.

  7. Motoman,

    We fished out of Sandy on Saturday. Ended the day 8 for 12, slower fishing than what it has been for us, but still good.

    It was slow for the first hour for us on Saturday, only took one hit in that time. They seemed to turn on around 7:30 for us. Only 3 bites on riggers, all the rest were copper or dipsies. Steady pick until about 10:00, then it went dead, but finished up with a double on dipsies just before noon. We never got any deeper than 150, concentrated in the 115-130 range east of port.

    My probe was out of commission so I had no idea where temperature was, or what my down speed was doing. Just found fish, and concentrated on the hooks.

    Back out this Sunday, hopefully fish and my electronics will both cooporate this time.

  8. I've fished out of a couple Center consoles when I was in high school. I agree with what John said above, not much protection from the elements.

    The other thing I would consider is with most CCs the console and seat is so far towards the back of the boat, it's right in the bussiness area when trolling. I think for trolling for salmon a walk around is a much better choice. Lots of room at the bussiness end of the boat.

    I think CCs would are better when set up for casting, drifting and spot fishing. Just my 2 cents.

  9. Jeff, I have some in my boat. In my opinion they are a waste of your money. I have the heavy tension releases and they can't hold then in the release fishing any deeper that 50'. What pain the arse!

    If you like pinch pad type releases, the Off-Shore brand is very good, heavy tension. Also Cannon has pinch pad releases that I think are adjustable, and are probably a quality product given the Cannon name. A little more money than the Gators, but well worth it.

    I have also ran Black releases and Roemers with good success.

  10. I used to run 20lb flea flicker with good results. I spooled on 200' on to each reel, and then tied a regular leader from the flea flicker to the spoon, so as to no affect spoon action when trolling.

    I did notice that the FF was twisted, which did affect its performance. The way I corrected the problem was to run it flatlined off the back of the boat with nothing on it to take out the twists.

    The first trip out after spooling the FF ont he reels, I would just leave the chute, put all the FF line in the water, and just run off shore, nice and easy, to my fishing spot. As we went out the water passing over the line pulled the twists out. Then just reel the stuff back in, tie on my terminal tackle and leader and go fishing. It performed alot better without the twists in it.

    I think it's spooled on twisted at the factory. No matter what I did when spooling onto my reels, it always got twisted.

  11. Nice Fish!!! That's awesome!

    I have to agree with Tim, that is not the typical looking Chinook. At my first glance I thought it was a giant coho for a couple of seconds, but looking a little closer it may be a Chinook-Coho hybrid. Not the typical spot pattern for Chinooks on the back and the tail. We know it's at least a wild fish, and a hell-uva one at that! Did I mention Tri-State Taxidermy. LOL


  12. Holy Buckets.... this makes no sense at all.

    A vessel at drift, not anchored or tie to a dock, is still underway.

    So basically they are going to target fisherman because we are the easiest to catch, we are either trolling or drifting (ie. underway). It's hard to catch sombody cruising from place to place going 15-30 knots underway.

    2 weeks ago the Rochester Yacht club had thier Scotch Bonnet Island race. A buddy of mine participated in that event and I asked him if they had to proceed with any border crossing criteria. He looked at me like I had a third eye in the middle of my forehead. He told me that they didn't, and that no other boats that he knew of had to do anything either.

    It's really too bad that things are so screwed up, because in the end it's the middle class guy, folks like us, that get hurt in the end, whether with an unexpected unfair fine, or a person's lively hood and income take a shot in the balls.

  13. Jeeze, there must be something going around. My 9.9 Honda kicker is doing the same thing. It's an older unit with a ton of trolling hours on it, but started running rough last year. Very similar to what is described above. I'm thinking it may be ethanol gasoline.

    After discussion with some of my buddies this past winter, having trouble with old farm tractors, I'm thinking it was the 2-3 tanks of untreated ethanol gas I ran through last year while running around in my little boat. I'm thinking of getting the carb rebuilt to start, and never again running untreated gas through it.

    I've been treating the gas for my big boat for over a year now, and starting this past spring every piece of equipement from the Ferguson tractor to the chainsaws get treated gas, and I just started doing the same thing from my old Chevy pick up.

    My $4 a gallon at the pump, but cost a lot more than that when you have to start fixing things.

  14. The idea with having heavy duty line going from the flasher to the fly is that heavier line is stiffer, and transfers the movement of the flasher/dodger to the fly. You may find that putting a 6" segment of 20lb mono between your flasher and fly well ellimate a lot of that movement, and could potentially mean less fish in the boat.

    My dipseys are set up with 20lb mono (stretches), not floro (poor stretch qualities compared to mono), from dipsey to flasher, with a coast lock snap swivel at the flasher. Basically this order: 30lb wire, snap swivel, dipsey, clear snubber, snap, 20lb mono, snap swivel, flasher, 50lb Seagar (I think that is what is on Atomic Flies), and the fly.

    You will have occasionally have break offs at the 20lb mono leader. You must pay attention to detail with your leaders and check them every time you catch a fish for knicks or burrs. In this game you have to pay attention to detail when it comes to everything. If you find anything questionable, retie it or replace it. That will keep you out of trouble 90% of the time. I also have my drags on my dipseys set as light as I can, then after the initial strike, little by little as needed, I tighten the drag when fighting the fish. That's generally drag procedure for me anyway.

    Hope this helps. I'm sure some of the guys will share thier program and ideas.

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