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  1. Gator,

    I think the big fish are there, but they are deep in the cold water. I can't say of yet weather or not most of my big fish are coming on spoons or flasher/flies, seems to be half and half so far this year. But Deffinatey a full summer program is in order.

    We managed 2 big kings on Sat. One on a clean spoon off the rigger, and the other on a spin Dr./Fly combo behind a dipsey. Both fish came over 100 feet down in about 115 FOW. They were deffinately deep on Saturday. I'll be out agian tomarrow morning, 6-26, and expecting to see temps similar to last weekend. I'm Hoping to we can do good again.

    Lots of steelies out there too. We took a handfull bites up high too, like 45-60 down.

    I'm new to the Sandy Creek port, my boat is a 210 Sportcraft, Jolly II. I scan channels so if you see me give me a shout and say hello.


  2. Thanks Dale!!

    Great day for us on the pre-fish. I felt really good Saturday morning about our program, especially after taking that big fish not long after setting up. It was a tough bite for us for the rest of the day, and a lot of other teams. That can be frustrating when sitting on a good picture, and not moving rod.

    But... as always, I had a lot fun fishing on the Landing Zone, and can't wait to do it again.

  3. Dick,

    I calibrated mine in similar fashion to Glen's procedure, but I used the surface speed from my sonar instead of the GPS. Works really nice now, and even helped this past Sunday figuring out what was going on with the currents on the bar. 2.5 down speed, and 1.7 surface speed when we were trolling easterly.


  4. That's a good idea Motoman! I think there are even conversion kits out there to put a alternater on it to replace the stator.

    I've got the same engine in my sportcraft. I always check the antifreeze and oil levels before starting in the morning. I do have a jug of each up front to keep the fluids topped off. The second thing, as Ray K stated, when I'm running the engine I watch my temp gage as much as I watch my oil pressure. Hopefully that will keep me out of trouble. The engine runs good, and has no problem pushing my boat along at 25-30mph.

    This is my first I/O and it's been a real learing experience the past two season that I've had the boat. But the guys on here have been real helpful. Good Luck!

  5. Last summer not only did I see significant amounts of smelt in fishs' stomachs, the condition of the alewives were the best I can ever remember, and I've been fishing for trout and salmon since I was 4 years old (1978). I had a couple of alewives that were closing in 9 inches.

    I also remember during the "Boom" years it was a complete waste of time to go perch fishing and Walleyes were non existant. As Capt. Vince has pointed out, in previous posts, if it were not for the stocking of Pacific Salmon to contol alewives, those fisheries would still be non-existant. My uncle, a retired fisheries biologist, has said that the reduction in salmon stocking in Lake Ontario to thier past, and current, levels is a mistake. He has always stood by his research that Alewives will always do their own thing regardless of predation. Also a reduction in stocking would produce an increase in lamprey wounding rates, another trend that we have all seen in the past 10-15 years on the lake.

    With the reports that I've been reading on the smelt, niagaras, and alewives, I would expect to see a change in their body condition, seeing thinner, unhealthy looking alewives this season, and next season, until a big die off occurs where they will "right size" the population themselves. Not too mention that we may see a couple of poor year classes of perch and walleyes.

    Of course the DEC could increase stocking rates of salmon, and there by still maintain a great all around fishery, a WORLD CLASS FISHERY. But we all know that a lot of this is driven by politics, and not good sound biology. My not increase the stocking numbers to 3.5 million chinooks a year, but somthing like 30% increase from the current would be prudent. Especially to add to the wild population that is in the lake, whatever that number is.

  6. Chance,

    I'm currently finishing up a new canvas enclosure on my Boat. I did it myself in the basement, and made trips back and forth to the barn making needed adjustments. I do have a book with some good info in it on how to make a pattern, and even a homemade tubing bender. I could make copies of those pages or scan it and send to you if this is something you are looking to do yourself.

    I've got about $250 invested in materials, and that's for top, side windows, and drop curtains.

    Let me know if you're interest in doing it yourself.

  7. Hey Gene,

    I'm new to the Sandy Creek area this year, wife and just moved up to Bergen this past fall. I was out on Sunday in my little green boat for a few hours. I ran stick baits, #9 and 11 rapalas. Best color was perch. Given the conditions on Sunday I'd say if you stayed near the crick plume your were deffinately in the right place. Although the south wind was spreading the warm water aroun a little more, and also spreading the fish out. The west side of the channel had some decent color too, but the temps were a little cooler. I think you got the right progam to start with, maybe some adjustments, like depth, lead length, speed vs. lure size. I run a similar program on my big boat this time of year. I hoping to be in the big boat this weekend, 21' tan sportcraft. Say hello if you see me.

  8. I fished there on Sunday morning in my little green boat. The lake is really low.

    I'm hoping to get a shake down trip this weekend in my 21' sportcraft, but there is not a lot room to the end of the dock. It might be pretty tricky.

    This is my first year to fish out of Sandy Creek and not real familiar with the boat ramp. Where does the concrete ramp end?? I know some of you guys launch there with bigger boats than mine, just wondering what the hazards are with the low water before I try it.

  9. Smalltauk

    The 47LCs are the reels to go with, but make sure the rod you pick has the backbone to hold-up to the pull of a dipsey diver, plus the added stress of when a fish attacks your set-up. I've got Diawa Heartland rods on my boat, they're 9'6" MH. My dipsy rods take my biggest fish consistantly every year, and some of the strikes are pretty F'n violent.

    Also, if you're going to spend the money on the power pro, I would suggest spending a little more and going with a 1000' of 7 strand stainless steel wire. The wire line performs great and is a good producer spring, summer, and fall for salmon.

    You can search for more information on the site here. This has been a pretty common discussion in the past.

    Good Luck!

  10. As Chrome Slayer said the Penn GT 345 is the one to go with for 600' of copper.

    I have two Okuma CV-55Ls, one with 400' of copper and the other with 450', both with 300 yards of power pro backing. The reel with 450' of copper on it almost deosn't fit all of the copper.

    Not to mention the Penn is superior reel.

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